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Is Krakow good for a stag do? Well, if you’re looking for a destination where vodka is as cheap as chips, you can party every night of the week, and the girls are drop dead gorgeous, then a Krakow Stag Do is going to be legendary. When planning an unforgettable Stag weekend abroad, things can get a bit overwhelming, but fret not, our team of experts know all the tips and tricks on how to make sure you look good in front of your friends by planning the perfect Krakow Stag Do!


The city centre thrives when night falls and you can hear buzz of youngsters enjoying themselves into the early hours. As everything is in walking distance, it’s easy to get around without having to worry too much about public transport.

Make the most out of your trip with pub crawls and vodka shots! Be sure to take advantage of the knowledge of our local guides, who will ensure you make the right twists and turns on the streets of the Old Town and Kazimiers, we will hook you up with a guide, so all that’s left up to you on the weekend, is to experience Krakow at its fullest.


Warsaw may be the official capital of Poland, but Krakow is definitely the Party Capital. It’s not all just fun and games, as it’s also got a huge amount of history, so make sure you check out the top sights and get familiar its bohemian beauty.

Situated on the Vistula river Krakow has always been free and independent. The city is rich in fairy tale architecture and spectacular spots - and the best bit of all is, you don’t have to waste valuable party time, as you can easily tick it all off all in a one-day stroll! The main square is spectacular and always full, making it a great starting point for your weekend in Krakow.

St. Mary's Trumpet Call, a major symbol of war times, can be heard every hour from St. Mary's Basilica. Legend has it that it stops short because the original trumpeter was killed by an arrow when trying to warn the locals of the enemy approaching. Also be sure to check out the Polish “leaning tower of Pisa”, where you can fool your friends into thinking they’re too drunk, when they look up and you insist that it’s not bending!

Next stop on your list should be the Castle, home to an award winning exhibition with Leonardo da Vinci's Painting: Lady with an Ermine. The painting is one of the only four portraits of women painted by Leonardo. It’s a real show stopper, grabbing the attention of thousands. The old fella must have known something about catching the beauty behind the stares of women...

Market Square is one of the biggest medieval open areas in Europe. Grab a beer, sit down, tune in, and just watch the people go by…The city is filled with students and party-goers so you won’t be able to avoid bumping into great company during your visit, which we’re sure neither you or your mates will mind!

Despite its tragic role during WW2, the rich Jewish culture that has thrived for hundreds of years is still very much alive and well; you’ll find numerous synagogues, a huge annual Jewish Culture Festival, the Galicia Jewish Museum and more. The neighbourhood was one of the main settings for Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List, so don’t be surprised if it feels a little familiar if you saw the movie.


As a famous polish poet once said in Krakow “days are longest in June, hottest in July, and most beautiful in August”.

Krakow has a humid continental climate that is influenced by its far inland position which means that there are significant differences between seasons. In the summer temperature often exceeds 25 °C even 30 °C while winter drops to -5 °C in a cold night even under -15°C, Lucky there’s enough vodka around to warm you all up!

The great thing about Krakow is that you’ll always have a good excuse to drink! In Poland hard drinking has been part of the locals’ everyday life for years. Be sure to test your limits trying a variety of Polish wódka. (pronounced voodkah) Best served and downed in one go, feel the burn and take it like a man.

Make sure to try Żubrówka: this is the kind of special vodka that you MUST try if you visit Poland!

Beer is just as common and it’s always the perfect beverage to wash down all the local spirits. It has been brewed in this area for thousand years and is just as mindblowing as German Lager.


Flying to Krakow is easy, as you can book a flight from almost every bigger UK city, and you're there in less than 2 and a half hours. Getting from the airport to the city centre is just as swift as hopping on a plane. With so many options, you’re spoilt for choice. Ride the bus, take the train or ride comfortably by booking a private airport transfer or even a Party Bus. Taxis are also available at the airport, but there a few dodgy ones out there so choose carefully...

Krakow doesn't have a metro system, however there are plenty of tram and bus lines in service to get you around. There are single, double or time-restricted tickets that apply throughout the cities zones for all trams and buses. Should you find yourself waking up in a stranger's bed outside the city, fear not! There’s also a night bus operating back to the centre on weekends.


What are the best stag do activities in Krakow?

Obviously on a stag night your going to party like crazy, so to start out the pub crawl you have to do it the Polish way, - with a Vodka Tasting.

If you’ve ever thought about white water rafting, then Krakow is the city to try it at, as the Venue is the famous Olympic Centre

As far as the gorgeous Polish beauties are concerned, what better way to get to know them up close and personal than watching them oil wrestle together and toward the end also invite the stag to join.

Starting the Krakow stag do must be done in style, beginning when you arrive at the airport. Walk up into an insane Party Booze Bus filled with drinks and drop dead gorgeous erotic dancers.

And finally when your heading to the east of Europe behind the old iron curtain a country full of secrets and mystery, this is your chance to shoot some of those really big boy weapons: from AK- 47s to M16s and Magnums, it's all there.


There is some serious hype around Krakow, and it’s no wonder why. The nightlife is amazing, girls are smokin’ and there are more dancing clubs than stars in the sky. A perfect list for a night out. If local hearsay is to believed, the highest density of bars and clubs are in Krakow. The list of bars and clubs are endless, but we know our way around so trust our recommendations and get your weekend on the right track! Amongst the favourites are of course: Four Music Club and Frantic Club, and later on also the Lapdance Clubs. Rather than fending for yourselves and risking not being allowed in, or going to the wrong Gentleman’s club, make sure you ask our guide for help.

In the heart of Kazimierz you'll find one of the coolest cocktail bars of the city called Sababa. If you want to be treated right and try the best cocktails in town prepared by the friendliest bar tenders, you could start your night here! Just a few blocks away from Sababa, is Alchemia , an all-time favourite spot for tourists! This infamous establishment reigns in Kazimierz giving a unique atmosphere with its mismatching chairs, mystical candle lights, and booty tapping in the darkness. The basement holds concerts almost every night with all kinds of music genres, so good - you’ll want to break out your blue suede shoes!

Z ust do ust, meaning from mouth to mouth, is as quirky and cool as its name. The fun starts when you have to pass an “out of order” toilet in order to find its secret entrance, making it unique experience to say the least!

Near the Main Square the bar Bomba na Placu (Bomb on the Square) has been hosting some of the cities noisiest and most crowded dance parties for years! If you’re looking for a wild night, you should definitely head here!

Last but not least, no Krakow Stag Do is complete without a trip to the strip club! But unfortunately when nightlife and strip clubs are the heart and soul of a city, tourist traps can be found everywhere. Be sure to stay safe and trust your guide with recommendations, we’ll give you guys a truly memorable experience!

To sum up, here are the brief rules for partying during a Krakow Stag do:

  1. Be careful with "lost girls" on the street - they might scam you
  2. Don't drink in public
  3. Don't fall asleep on the street after dozens of shots
  4. Don't fool with security - they're tougher than you!


Of course it’s not all drinking, and the best way to avoid a hangover is having a full stomach. Either you can go for some high quality healthy food, or make the most of your holiday and indulge in some delicious “junk food.” It’s easy to grab a bite to eat while roaming around town, but we’d have to recommend some traditional Goral at Morskie Oko, where you can enjoy a Zur Polskie soup with a highlanders potato pancake complete with goulash and sheep cheese.


A good way to get friendly with the locals, is learning their language, and take it from us, an accent is always sexy! Brush up on your Polish now to be sure to get special treatment from the lovely ladies:

Na Zdrowie! means Cheers!
Dziekuje (jen-koo-yea) means Thanks
Jak masz na imię? means What's your name?
Kocham cie means I love you

and if you're fed up just switch
Czy mówisz po angielsku? (Do you speak English?)


Krakow's range of accommodation is extremely varied. There are thousands of places waiting for you to stay from hotels of big chains to modest budget hostels. There's no shortage of small hotels in historic town houses or private apartments either. Poland is not expensive and you can get luxury for a really great price.
But if you’re just looking for a place to crash, Hostels and apartments in Krakow are a great choice. If your looking for a cheap hotel in Krakow centre, then let us know and we will hook you up with one that’s accepting stag dos. That way you can splurge on booze and activities during the day.

Regardless what you decide, a Krakow Stag do is definitely a great choice!

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