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You want an unforgettable Stag Do in Bratislava for your best friend? You want to get the most out of what this small city can offer? And do you also want to enjoy every moment rather than organizing it? Mate, you've arrived to the right place!

With all the local knowledge about this pearl of Eastern Europe we give you the perfect plan from scratch. Your Bratislava Stag Do venture will be waiting for you right at the airport.

'Ok, but what is this city about?' No, it is not a tiny Prague. Bratislava is one of the still unconquered hidden gems that deserves and gets more and more attention. Well, the great variety of top quality Slovakian beer is one reason. Blava, as locals name it, is situated on the river Danube, has excellent gastronomy, cheap shopping and a UFO blinking down on you all the time - not to mention the superhot and superkind girls all around the city. Instant dates, hard parties and next day chilling: Bratislava is reaching out for you.

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Go on a brewery tour, embark on a huge bar crawl, or rent a party bus. There are so many things to do that you'll never get bored. Pick out plenty of activities and our stag experts will organise them into the perfect stag weekend for you.

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The small city of Bratislava is a historical gem with solemn and bloody memories. The capital of Slovakia was the coronation site of the Kingdom of Hungary and has always been a strategically important hub since it's bordering two other countries, Austria and Hungary. Bratislava is a colourful meltpot of many nations and religions like Slovaks, Hungarians, Czechs, Austrians, Jews, Serbs - that makes a broad range of interesting faces and apparently some of the most beautiful girls in Europe.

While walking here you can still feel the heritage of generations who lived their whole life behind the iron curtain, however freedom of speech, thoughts and love is now stronger than ever before.
With 500 000 inhabitants Blava is still the biggest in Slovakia - the city centre, both traditional and modern, is always buzzing with open-minded youngsters, cool-tempered hipsters in misty pubs drinking ridiculously cheap beer. At nighttime the downtown goes crazy: glittering clubs and flattering chicks will escort your path, and fortunately our guide will ensure that you will not get lost.


If your first thought is that a Bratislava Stag Do is too far from you and your friends, let's count a bit together. With at least two different budget airlines you can fly directly from England to your stag party scene in 2 hours and 15 minutes. It’s only a quick 20-minute cab drive from the airport to the heart of the city, then boom! bang!

You are already there, in the middle of an Eastern European party heaven. Basically public transport consists of buses, trolleybuses and trams. You buy your tickets for a certain period of time (15 minutes to 7 days) that remains valid even when you change vehicles. But don't think of hour-long rides. Don't think of public transport too much anyway. There's only one important detail: after midnight only night buses operate in Bratislava that run approximately every hour.

Oh, and the climate. It can be described as typical continental whatever it means. In the summertime the temperature reaches 20-25 °C sometimes even 30°C, so it is sunny and dry at daytime.


Reading this part is not compulsory, however very much recommended. We know that a stag do with friends is not about visiting museums, churches or exhibitions although Bratislava has plenty of them too. We have picked some easily accessible sights, though, just to make mom and dad satisfied too. Follow the path of the Schöne Nazi, the city's famous citizen, and stroll along to observe these must-see attractions including beautiful young ladies at every corner: First of first pack up your flock of males, and have a cold pint. Secondly go to the Main square (Hlavné Námestie) to take some selfies with the symbolic statues spread around the area (The Watcher, The Paparazzi and The Schöne Nazi himself). Go up to the Old Town Hall and get an amazing view on the Main Square and the Castle. The catacombs of St. Martin's Cathedral is quite spooky but you can cool down amongst the old monk's bones on a hotter afternoon.

After greeting the dead move on to the grandioze Michael's Gate then check out the Primate's Palace. Luckily during your tour wherever you are caught by thirst there is always a pub nearby. You only have to shout the word 'pivo' and someone will invite you inside. Don't ever be dehydrated or rather "debeerized", it's just not worth it. After the prompt revitalizing your troops can easily climb the Castle hill and occupy the top for an amazing view.

Take a high five with the great Slovakian monarch, Svatopluk, then check the baroque garden. Not as fancy as its sister in Versailles but suitable for a hide-and-seek with some local Katarinas, if you find some. Next head downwards on a narrow cobblestone path to the Danube embankment, give some admiration to the UFO bridge, then walk up to Hviezdoslav's Square and get lost in the colorful mass of the promenade for a while. We could continue this virtual tour, but to sum up, it is quite recommended to go with a pro local to get all the knowledge needed about Bratislava if you're coming for a short period of time. Probably that'll do for the cultural part.

Full stop.


Rule No1: in Bratislava there are no don'ts. So let's get down to the to-do list right away!

Slovakians neither have thermal baths, nor great classical composers. What they have instead is a broad variety of perfectly crafted beer. In Blava there are not much things taken so seriously as beer. The art of beer-making takes place at different levels from tiny microbreweries like Zámocky Pivovar, Mestinasky Pivovar or Starosloviensky Pivovar to the biggest manufacturers as Kaltenecker or Zlaty Bazant.

And where there's beer there's hunger too. Luckily traditional Slovakian cuisine is a perfect match to drinking beer. If you add some tasty local food to your pints go to the Bratislava Flagship Restaurant. First try the homemade cabbage soup with pork and sausage – a perfect choice for a tired stomach - and try the slovak platter too. It's a selection of the best like bryndzove halusky or kapustove strapacky. Don't even try to pronounce it, just ask for the slovak platter. For a more brave applicant, a bowl of tripe soup or baked pork knuckle is an ideal choice too. We already mentioned the UFO staring at you all the time from that bridge. Actually that's a more pleasant place than Mordor so you can give it a try and book a table there to enjoy fine dining and the perfect view above the city.

Slovakia’s wine making tradition dates back to centuries too. Nowadays Slovak winegrowing territory is divided into six regions. Each of them has its own history and natural conditions so it's definitely worth exploring all of them. A wine tasting experience is waiting for you.

Although Slovakian football was not too significant in the last decades the national team shows some promising signs of progression nowadays. Thus, during all international football derbies pubs and cafes are filled with loud supporters clinching glasses and topping down hundreds of pints. The only question is: where are the cheerleaders? But don't worry, the answer will come on two perfect legs soon..

In case you are a beerlover coming here is a must, most probably during the Craft Beer Festival, but in the summertime the whole city is a festival scene anyway. Don't miss Uprising Festival in August.

You all know the old Slovakian saying 'what happens in Bratislava stays in Bratislava', don't you?

Empowered by these words let's move on to the dark side of Blava. As already mentioned the city is not too big and luckily the party quarter is quite concentrated, so it is very easy to get from one place to another. You can do it by foot, crawling on your knees, in your pal's arms or in any other unconscious, silly ways of walking. Bratislava nightlife is crazy, in your Bratislava Stag do you can exercise all the party forms you tried already and also get some totally new experiences. Your Stagmadness guides will help you to choose the right place to start with then you're free to go and discover.

While partying hard you will definitely need some phrases for blending in and get a chance to party even harder. Here are the most essentials:

Hello - Ahoj
Ako sa mas - How are you?
One beer, please - Jedno pivo, prosim.
Thanks - Dakujem
Good - Dobre
I love you - Lubim Ta


You can literally find any accommodation for your Bratislava Stag do that fits to your needs. And you don't even have to search for it. Our local team knows the best of the best you only have to point at one of them. There are 4 criterias you must take into account when choosing the right mansion to your gang: location, quality, services, price. The hostel boom reached this country too so there's plenty offers from the cheapest and party wise most promising ones. The hostels are center-located so you can walk home if morning catches you in the downtown.

If you want to be only by yourself apartments are a the best choice. They are well equipped, all with kitchen and fridge to cool your six-packs. The rooms are mostly double-bedded.

Bratislava is cheap. And you only live once. Why not go for a super cozy hotel, then? Although Stag do-s aren't very welcome in luxury hotels we have a couple of aces in our pocket on a very reasonable price. Take it!

Floating on the Danube is a chillin' experience. Having your crib on the Danube is insane! Now you have the chance to live royal and try this limited edition accommodation.

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