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Why Riga for a stag do you may ask? When looking for a stag do destination abroad, we’re sure there’s two things at the top of your list, budget and something uniquely bizarre, and for that, Riga is the perfect place for a stag do weekend. Nobody thinks “stag do” and then thinks of the capital of Latvia (let’s be fair, most will wonder where Riga is) so we’re sure the idea of heading off to the capital of the Baltics will go down well with the lads if you’re up for an adventure!

Choose Your Stag Do Activities

Go on a brewery tour, embark on a huge bar crawl, or rent a party bus. There are so many things to do that you'll never get bored. Pick out plenty of activities and our stag experts will organise them into the perfect stag weekend for you.


Anyone can search Riga Nightlife and plan a weekend, but we as experts know that planning a stag do is not an easy task for a best man. When it comes to making decisions, and getting a bunch of guys to agree on what to do in Latvia, where to go to party in Riga... let’s be honest, it can become somewhat of a nightmare. Fret not! Our team of experts on stag do activities in Riga are here to take the pressure off your shoulders. Let us take the lead, we’re hand in hand and we’ll help you plan the perfect stag do in Riga!


There are so many fantastic fun-packed activities in the Latvian capital, that you’ll be spoilt for choice! A great way to start your weekend is definitely with a guided pub crawl, that way you’ll get to check out the top bars and pubs of the city without getting stuck with where to go, as our English speaking guides are absolutely fantastic and know all the best bars in Riga- and more importantly, which bars to avoid!

A trip on a private yacht is a must, as you’ll have your very own boat to yourselves, and will get to experience the beauty of the channels of the city.

Riga shooting is always a crazy idea to try with the lads shooting Pistols, AK47s and Shotguns is a blast, and the super fast go kart track is a huge favourite. Wanting to truly impress your friends with some cool, unique activities? Then go for the most unique activity to Riga the Olympic Bobsledding or the Summer bobsled. Definitely give the Quads a try if your looking for a tour! Or even better, get your best friends blood pumping with an adrenaline rush in a free fall simulator, getting him prepared from jumping into married life. No stag do is complete without a prank and our favourite prank in Riga, goes without saying is by far the stag arrest. And after a good laugh and a lot of partying, to recuperate after a stag night then a day trip to the beach is just the way to relax after a long night out.

Last but not least, there are a few good gentleman’s clubs in Riga, don’t be shy you can ask us which ones, we organise stag parties, and we know strip clubs or lapdance clubs are often just part of it, we just make sure you go to ones that are good and safe and you don’t get ripped off.


Let’s talk Riga bars and booze, trust us, you don’t want to leave Riga without trying their infamous Black Balsam! When drank in its “raw form” it is definitely not for the faint hearted, but head down to the Black Magic bar for a truly magical black balsam experience. They serve the drink in multiple different ways that make it a truly enjoyable drink, and the ancient apothecary theme makes it the most unique place to try it. Careful though, at 45% alcohol, it can easily kick the night right into second gear!

For the big boys that love the idea of guns and war times, grab the lads and head down to the outskirts of the old town, where you’ll find The Armoury Bar. Decorated with all kinds of armour, real life guns and bullets, and with a wide selection of booze we’re sure the guys will love it!

Be sure not to leave Riga without a trip to the HHC: Hardcore Hangover Club. Its name says it all! Don’t put two feet in unless you’re prepared for a hard core night of fun and a tough morning. We recommend ordering a tray of Hektors shots. A cheap Latvian drink that will give your taste buds a run for their money.

Boys will be boys, for all you gamers at heart, head over to GameStation bar. You play. You drink. You love it! The great thing is, it’s open ‘til 04:00 AM on weekends so it’s a great place to wind down after a long pub crawl in Riga.

For the wine connoisseurs, be sure to keep your eyes open for places serving “house wine” as Latvia is home to the world’s most northerly outdoor vineyard in the village of Sabile, calling for delicious grapes and even more delicious wine!


With a capacity for 600 people, Studio 69 is huge with multiple floors and dancehalls. It’s a classic nightclub with dance music and glitter and fake snow lavishing the dancing bodies of hundreds of people hungry for a good time. This club is high end, so dressing up is essential if you want to get in with the crowds of elegant fun loving guests. There’s even a small strip club in the basement making it feel like a real Russian playboy club, That’s definitely the place to go if you want to get away from the party goers. For the full VIP experience, you might want to order a VIP table with bottle service. As Studio 69 is considered by many to be the best club in Riga, make sure you get Queue Jumping and VIP entrance or you’ll be in a line all night.


Start your day off with a delicious bagel in Big Bad bagels in the new part of the city. It’s not very Latvian, but very delicious and a good way to recover from a hangover with it’s high carb content! The staff are friendly and it’s only a short walk away from the Art gallery.

After all of your fun activities during the day, you’ll want to shower and head out for some grub. It’s an ancient rule that you should never drink on an empty stomach, and Riga is a great place to please your palate. We recommend you try Asinsdesa (blood sausage) together with Rye Bread, available all around town as Latvians love their Rye bread! We also love Lidojosa Varde, The Flying Frog. Its name is hilarious, the restaurant itself has interesting architecture as it looks like somewhat of a cave, and the food is to die for! A good tell-tell sign that it’s the place to be, is that its always full of Latvians, so be sure to book in advance to get in on the fun.

For all you cheeky lads looking to satisfy your stomach and your eyes at once, be sure to enquire about our VIP Steak and Strip show. We’ll be sure to give you a juicy steak, and an even juicier performance from a stunning Latvian lady.

If you want a traditional Latvian meal that’s a great option, and if your looking for something worthy of the “Last Meal” on a Stag do one of our favourites is the Medieval Feast.


Latvia is located in Northern Europe, at the East shore of the Baltic sea. It’s Capital, Riga is quite a small city at 304 km ², home to around 650,000 people. Unlike larger cities, the air is clean, as most of Latvia is covered in green forests and Riga itself is a very green city. As Latvia has many stunning beaches along the coast, be sure to pack your swim trunks if you’re heading out on a stag weekend to Riga in the summer.

The old town (Vecriga) is the definitely a top spot for you and your friends to visit. It’s a beautiful place over 800 buildings in the Art Nouveau style, with carvings of mythological creatures and flowers, interesting doorways and a great place for people who enjoy photography!

Riga was rebuilt in the late 1990s, as most of the town was destroyed by the Germans in the World War II. Now Riga is renovated and still keeps it charm from the early days. To clear your head from a hangover, take a walk in the park through Vermanes Garden, the oldest public garden in Riga and enjoy the beauty mother nature has to offer.

We would however leave all the sightseeing of Riga for a next trip with the missus, rather than during a stag weekend.

Latvia’s national sport is no other than Ice Hockey! Dozens of Latvians play in the NHL and KHL, and the team spirit can be felt around Riga, as the fans are the most passionate. If you’re into Ice Hockey, don’t miss a game whilst in Riga!


Riga is now on the top 10 „up and coming cities” list especially for stag weekends, and there’s no doubt why! With so many budget airlines flying there, such as Wizz air, Ryanair, and the original “Air Baltic”, it’s only a stepping stone away from the U.K. with a flight time of just under 3 hours. It boasts with bustling nightlife and charming streets, so we’re sure it will give you guys a stag do to remember. Let us guide you and put together a great stag weekend in Riga.


The best time to visit Riga is between May and late August as the average temperature is around 18°C, in July your looking at highs of 25°C, in the winter it gets really chilly from November to March the average is below 4°C. No matter when you go, during a stag weekend dehydration won’t be an issue.


With parks and green covering over a fifth of the city, Riga is definitely best explored by foot or by bike. We strongly believe the only bike necessary during a Stag do in Riga is the beer bike! So if you want to see the old city in Riga add fun and beer to your sightseeing trip!

It’s Public transport system is a little complicated if you’re not used to hopping from tram to bus to trolleybuses, but at least it’s cheap. You can buy a ticket valid for 3 days for the routes operated by “Rigas Satiksme” (buses, trams and trolleybuses) for only €10! Head over to rigassatiksme.lv to check out your public transport options and ticket prices more in detail.

Taxis can be pre-booked– be sure to ask your guide for a trustworthy company! – or hailed on the street easily, however this is not advised. A good tip to know: taxis have a standard 5 Lat fee when passing through the old town , as this is a pedestrian area, so there is an entrance fee at the taxi, which you should find written on the doors of the vehicle.

You won’t really need to worry about transport though, because all of our activities in Riga include your own private transfer.


Everyone appreciates the effort when you try to speak the local lingo, Stagmadness has you covered as we’ve put together a list of useful words and phrases to make sure you have a shot with the stunning ladies on this stag weekend in Riga. We can of course write them down, but you’ll have to fend for yourself when pronouncing them. Get some practice in before your trip here: https://www.17-minute-world-languages.com/en/latvian/

Chin up, an accent is always sexy!

Hello/greetings: Sveicināti
Good-bye/see you again: Uz redzēšanos
Cheers!: Priekā!
My Name is: Mani sauc
I don’t understand (Then just speak English and hope for the best!): Es nesaprotu
One beer please: Vienu alu ludzu


Save yourself the trouble of looking for hours for a good hotel at a good price and let us help you book in great accommodation for you and your stag party.

If you’re willing to go all in with accommodation, leave it to us. We’ll make sure you sleep like kings in the Latvian capital. We have some of the best hotels on board, ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars. If your staying at our Hotel specially designed for stag dos transfers will be easy with all activities. So just let us know what kind of Hotel or apartment you’re looking for and your budget and we will find the perfect accommodation in Riga.

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