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Berlin has been long famous for its extraordinary night life, so it’s no wonder people are so keen to experience a Berlin Stag Do! With the likes of Kalkbrenner heating up the electronic music industry, it’s quickly becoming one of the top Stag Do destinations in Europe! If you like to party, love German lager, and are up for having the time of your life, Berlin is definitely the city for you! Let us help you with planning the perfect Stag Do weekend, and let the fun begin!

Choose Your Stag Do Activities

Go on a brewery tour, embark on a huge bar crawl, or rent a party bus. There are so many things to do that you'll never get bored. Pick out plenty of activities and our stag experts will organise them into the perfect stag weekend for you.


The reason you should plan your stag weekend in Berlin is quite simple: Berliners are born knowing how to party, this city is the heart and soul of Hipster lifestyle, and its clubs and bars are the envy of other cities in Europe. Beer-lin is home to delicious German beer and simply bustling with youngsters hungry for a good time. As there’s a wide range of techno clubs, rock pubs, underground secret parties, and interesting themed bars, there really is something for everyone! If you’re looking for a unique destination for your stag do and a way to forever remember the good times, Berlin is calling!

Of course it’s not just party and games on a Berlin Stag do, as Berlin has some incredible landmarks blossoming with history and a trip to the world famous Berlin Wall, is a must. Visiting Berlin should be at the top of your bucket list if you’re a fan of street art and an all-genre music lover.


We’re pro’s on things to do in Berlin, and when it comes to planning a Stag Do abroad, especially on a Berlin Stag do you will have so many options that we will give you advice rather on what to narrow it down to for such a short stag do weekend! Whether you have a detailed idea of your weekend, or are stuck on activities to do in Berlin, we can assure you’ll be able to relax with the rest of the stag party, and truly enjoy Berlin. We’ve got you covered with everything from specialized Berlin Stag do Bar Crawls, to Brewery tours with delicious German beer tastings, adrenaline packed tank driving or relax and have some fun on our legendary party boats and river cruises, before you head into the Berlin nightlife.

What we especially help you with, is getting a group of guys into a Nightclub. Not so easy! Contact us now and start getting familiar with the activities, we’ll have the perfect Stag weekend in Berlin organized in no time!


Even though techno originated in Detroit in the mid 1980s, Berlin now prides itself in being the Capital of Techno in Europe. Attracting the biggest names in Electronic music, and with that, young party goers that can’t wait to enjoy Berlin. Of course if Techno isn’t your thing, you can always head down to West-Berlin and get a taste for some famous Berlin Punk, head bang to the deep beats and eat some delicious street food, currywurst.

As much fun as enjoying a night out in Berlin can be, the history behind these immense clubs is quite interesting. When the Berlin Wall came down, illegal parties were held in abandoned cellars, bunkers and run down industrial buildings during the 1990s. The backlash of the Cold War is still evident in Berlin, adding to its charm and making the city that much more intriguing. The best thing is, they’ve kept their “illegal” style and techno clubs have no closing time, they simply swing into afterhours, making it possible to party non stop all weekend which is definitely a huge plus when on a Stag Do in Germany.


Berlin is home to almost 3,5 million people, giving you more than a slim chance of making new friends and meeting lovely ladies on your Stag do in Berlin. And also the fact that 50 % of Berliners are single. Or at least not married! So how do you get there?

There are really cheap flights to Berlin from the UK with multiple low cost airlines, and with a total flight time of just under two hours, it’s right on your doorstep!

You’ll be pleased to know, that Berlin has great public transport, everything being reliable and quick. Hop onto the S-Bahn which is the German equivalent of the underground. As it operates all day all year round, even early morning, it’s the perfect choice for getting back to your accommodation after a night out. But be careful because here’s a “fun” fact: 1 out of 3 people in the Berlin jail are those who tried dodging buying a ticket for their fare, so make sure you have the right ticket! Taxi fares are very fair in Berlin, so if you’re stuck with a way to get home or just don’t feel like riding the Bus in the early hours, hail a cab without destroying your wallet.

Of course the best way to get around like a true Berliner is renting a bike. With so many sights to see, places to go, beer to drink, you’ll want to get pedalling to be sure you can get as much into your weekend as possible!

The climate in Berlin is kind, giving you the best of all seasons. Summers are warm enough to enjoy a t-shirt and flip flops while sipping on an ice cold German beer, while winters can drop down to below Zero, all the more reason to try some German mulled wine and walk around the snowy streets of Berlin.


When on a crazy weekend away with the lads we can understand you probably won’t want to visit all the sights of Berlin, as there are more historical and creative landmarks than we can count, but we don’t recommend missing out on the most important sights.

Starting with the Brandenburg gate the iconic symbol of unity and peace between Germany and Germany. This is the gate where Ronald Reagan in 1987 commanded the last leader of the Soviet Union: “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”. After the famous falling of the Berlin wall in November of 1989, in December Helmut Kohl, the West German Chancellor and East German Premier Hans Modrow, finally opened the border crossing. And if your wondering where to go for New Years eve, join about 1 million people each year celebrating and popping the champagne at midnight.

The Reichstag Building will be your next stop just past the Brandenburg gate. This building is home to the German Parliament since its reconstruction in 1999. Following the Bundestag you will want to go see the famous Memorial of the Berlin Wall. This 1.4 km long wall extends as a memory to the division of East and West Germany and its border until it fell in 1989.

When it comes to wall art however, Berlin is one of the leading cities in Graffiti, and although the city spends annually over €35 million cleaning it up, the battle is won by the street artists.

And of course during the day your main stop of a Berlin Stag do has to be the Berlin Beer Festival, stretching a total of 2.2 km it’s the longest beer garden in the world!

Believe us when we say it’s worth it! The touristy photos will definitely come in handy with the wives and girlfriends at home, to prove it wasn’t all just clubs and partying on your Stag do in Berlin.

Berlin Party Scene
Berlin is famous for its party scene. In fact with over 50,000 people dancing in clubs every weekend, the club scene alone could match the size of towns some of us grew up in. Here are some of the top bars and clubs on a stag do in Berlin. But be aware it is difficult to get in to clubs if you are a group of guys, especially if you are already under “influence”.

The top techno club in Berlin, famous not just with those living in the city but rated with “excellence” in the internationally accepted rating sites

Kara Kas Bar
Founded by a mexican artist this bar is the oldest underground bar in Berlin. With great cocktails and draft beer this bar favours all types of music from Dancehall and Hip Hop, to Dance Classics and Rock all the way to Electro and House. On the weekends you will find a party for all tastes!

Techno Club in an old industrial building. Great experience but very difficult to get in.


A trip to Germany is never complete without trying some delicious traditional Wiener Schnitzel. The best is served at the food court at KaDeWe, so be sure to take a pit stop and grab a bite there. If you’d like to try something special, with a great history stop at Krasselt’s Imbiss. It began as a cart in Berlin market in 1959, and was loved by so many it grew to become what it is today, the best place to eat Currywurst in town! Its only ranking competitor would be Konnopke's Imbiss on Schoenhauser Allee. Thankfully, it’s not well known by tourists, so you’ll get the real Berliner experience!

And our top favourite restaurant for stag dos in Berlin would have to be Berliner Republik. Every day from 5 pm the show you the “beer exchange” the regular supply and demand of beer prices. So you will want to watch the screen that shows the beer index and order at the right moment from the list of 18 beers. Other than beer, it’s also famous for amazing food and rustic ambiance.

Drink your weight in beer!

It is estimated that the average German drinks around 110 Litres of beer per year! Of course on your Stag do in Berlin, I’m sure you can easily top that in a few days with your friends. It’s no secret that Germany has some of the best beer in the world, and in Berlin you’ll be spoilt for choice. One of the first German words to remember is Späti (meaning open late) a store found on almost every street to buy beers and anything you might have forgotten.

Favourite German Beers
The Erdinger Hafeweizen: classic wheat beer brewed in Bavaria.
Sternberg: this is the cheapest beer and also tastes as such, don’t expect much, but it costs around 50p and everyone’s drinking it, so when in Berlin….
**Augustiner:**a more expensive beer but loved by beer snobs too. It has kept its original design and boasts a full flavoured Bavarian beer.
Berliner Kindl Weisse: Berlin’s most popular beer has a distinct sour tasted and also come flavoured with raspberry syrup or green woodruff.
Warsteiner: with over 260 years of brewing history this bitter beer and 4.8% alcohol has become one of the most popular beers in Germany.

You may know schnapps as a sweet liqueur, but Germany likes it strong! These high alcohol shots were typically consumed after a meal to aid digestion, but as they’re delicious and range from 30% - 50% Alcohol content, your night will surely be a good one!

If you’re visiting Berlin in winter, be sure to grab yourself a mug of Glühwein (mulled wine) at the “Weihnachtsmarkt” or Christmas market, it’s bound to warm up your body after a tough night of partying in Berlin.

Drinking on the streets and in public areas in Berlin is generally allowed, however unfortunately due to some misbehaviour, it has been banned in Alexanderplatz, so be sure to finish your beer before heading over there to check out that area.


If you’re stuck for stag do activities in Berlin, fret not! Our team of experts knows exactly what Berlin activities are worth doing during your weekend! Checking out the coolest bars and clubs in town can be a challenge without knowledge of the area, with many small side streets and underground clubs, it can be difficult to know where to go. With our private pub crawl you’ll be sure to visit the top parties in Berlin and won’t run the risk of getting lost. No one knows the city better than the locals, and all of our guides are lovely local English speaking girls that will be sure to show you guys the time of your lives! Top activities in Berlin for a Stag do include an amazing Riverboat Cruise or rather a Party Boat and the Beer garden where you’ll get to chug down a few delicious German lagers, while seeing the sights that beautiful Berlin has to offer. Challenge your mates to a race on the fastest go kart race track, guaranteed to test your speed limits and get some competitiveness going amongst the boys!

If your going on a stag do to Berlin in the autumn then the Oktoberfest is the experience of a lifetime. The first Oktoberfest tent with its famous blue and white Löwenbräu decoration opens usually around September 1st with live music and the typical Bavarian foods from pork hacks to Bratwurst and Apple Strudel, and the numerous “Bierfest’s” continue till the end of October. Let us know when your stag do will be and we will help you choose the best Oktoberfest for you.


It’s always charming when a foreigner at least tries to speak the local language. If you’re looking to sweep the locals off their feet with your sexy accent, here’s a few phrases you should definitely brush up on before attending your Stag Do in Berlin:

Hello my name is..: Hallo ich heisse..
Excuse me: Entschuldigen Sie mich
Cheers: Prost
Thank you: Danke
you're beautiful: Du bist wunderschön

And the most important of all: Noch ein Bier bitte!: Another beer please

Ich bin ein Berliner!: I’m an idiot and I can’t think of anything better, than the saying Berliners hear every tourist say every day!


We’ll make finding Stag Do accommodation in Berlin easy. Let us take the load off your shoulder, let us know what your preference is and we’ll help you find something that suits your group best. There’s a large selection of high end hotels, booming with history and stunning architecture, comfortable city centre apartments and young, fun and laid back hostels in Berlin if you don’t want to spend too much of your budget on a pillow. Whether you’re looking for something luxury where you can relax on this boys weekend away, or just a place to crash before heading out into nightlife again, accommodation in Berlin is plentiful. Whatever your budget or preferred room style, we’ll find something perfect for your stag do in Berlin.

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