Krakow Nightlife Tips for Having the Time of Your Life


So you have decided to take a break from your everyday life and have a wild couple of days. If you’re considering going to Krakow, you’re definitely thinking in the right direction. The city is known as one of Europe’s party capitals, so there’s no doubt that you can have a good time.

Krakow is filled with youth and positive energy. Many students and party animals love exploring everything that it has to offer. The best thing about this is that exploring is easy, since pretty much all the good places are within walking distance. To give you an idea of what Krakow nightlife has to offer, let’s go over some of the most popular places to visit:

Best Bars and Pubs for Prepartying

If there’s one thing that you’ll have trouble making up your mind on, it’s the bars. The reason for this is simple – there are many of them and they’re all amazing! If you need a warm-up before you lose your mind in a club, there are many places where you can try some of the best beers you’ve ever tasted, along with many other drinks. As an added bonus, they’re far cheaper than in the UK.

1. Ursa Maior

If you’re looking for a bar that offers a folksy and somewhat medieval vibe, this can be a perfect destination. Located in the very heart of the city, this bar offers up a unique atmosphere and experience. It’s famous for its craft beers, so you’ll have an impressive selection of fine Belgian-style beers to help you get the party started.

2. Forum Przestrzenie

If you’re into being lazy by the river while gathering your strength for the night, Forum Przestrzenie is the place to go. It has become very popular among the locals and tourists alike, because it allows you to completely empty your mind while you’re sipping on some of the tastiest drinks. Whether it’s homemade lemonade, or one of many alcoholic drinks, you can enjoy the rich taste while chilling in a lounge chair.

3. Eszewieria

Eszewieria is a must-see for everyone that enjoys something different. As soon as you step inside you’ll get the feeling of being in a hauntingly beautiful medieval castle. A blend of candle lights, art, and plush armchairs creates a rather unique atmosphere. The bar is located in Józefa Street, the heart of the famous Kazimierz district, which is filled with interesting things to see.

4. Absynt

Prepartying is sometimes more than just chilling with a couple of beers. Everyone that thinks that they need something stronger to get them in the mood of letting loose should check out this bar. If you do, you’ll see absinthe made in the way you’ve probably never seen before and get to choose from a wide variety of different colours and tastes. Absynt is also located in the Kazimierz district, which means that you don’t have to head straight over there but rather visit a number of other bars on your way to the club.

The list of great places for prepartying certainly doesn’t stop here. These are only some of the pubs and bars you must visit while you’re in Krakow. If you feel like meeting new people and getting the most out of bars and pubs, you can sign up for a pub crawl.

Clubs Where You Can Party All Night Long

Aside from unique bars, Krakow is famous all around the world for its nightclubs. It’s safe to say that this is the city that never stops partying. The night scenes are crawling with students, tourists, and party animals. A great thing about clubs in Krakow is the sheer number of options. No matter who you are, there’s a high chance that there will be something for you. What makes these clubs even more attractive is the fact that the drinks are often reasonably priced, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have the night of your life. To give you an idea of the best places to visit, here are some of the best clubs in Krakow:

1. Shakers

Shakers is one of the most popular dance clubs in Krakow, and there are many reason for this. Its modern interior paired with great energy and music will ensure that you forget about the time when you’re there. Another thing that makes it amazing is that there’s something different every day of the week. Mondays are reserved for house parties, Tuesdays for low prices, and other days for different things that will make you want to come back.

2. Alternatywy

If instead of flashing lights and fancy leather sofas you consider yourself more of an underground type, Alternatywy can be a perfect choice. The club itself is underground, and the whole vibe matches this atmosphere. You can get cheap, delicious shots and great beers and go wild to the best hits of the 80’s and 90’s.

3. Prozak 2.0

The effect that this club has on you reflects its name perfectly. Since it’s among the oldest clubs in Krakow, it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss. You can get lost in fantastic music played by some of the best DJs. The party doesn’t stop until the morning, and often lasts even longer.

Why Not Party on a Bus?

Instead of taking a bus to the party, why not bring the party to the bus? Pasty Booze Buses are an experience that you won’t want to miss. No matter if you’re into karaoke or celebrating a wild bachelor party, this bus can be a perfect choice. You get 1.5 hours of bus tour, which includes unlimited vodka, whiskey and beers, great sound system, and even a striptease show.

If you want to learn more about these tours, you can find more information here.

If You Enjoy Singing

If you’re one of those who grab them mic every chance they get, you’re in luck, since Krakow has some amazing karaoke bars for you to show off your skills. There are very few better ways to have a good time with your squad than singing (or at least trying) to your favourite songs while the beer is flowing. Here are some great karaoke bars to visit:

1. Coyote Bar

This is a place where you can go to chill and sing your heart out. Every night is karaoke night, so you definitely won’t miss it. If you haven’t tried the Polish apple cider, this is the perfect place to do it. Everything is reasonably priced, and you can also shoot darts, dance, and overall have an amazing night.

2. Reaktywacja

If you’re into singing with a bunch of happy people in an underground bar, this is the place to go. The bar looks pretty much exactly like you might imagine it to look – rustic interior, amazing drinks, and plenty of happily drunk people having a great time. It’s in the very heart of the city, so the party doesn’t have to stop there.

Striptease Bars - Adding a Bit of Spice to Krakow Nightlife

If the reason for going to Krakow is a bachelor/bachelorette party, there’s a high chance that you’ll eventually end up in a striptease bar. And why wouldn’t you? However beautiful it might be, a wedding is a stressful event, so why not give yourself a chance to let loose?

It’s not something that you do very often, so it can be a great spontaneous experience. All you have to do is show up and enjoy nice drinks and beautiful women/men, and chill with your friends. And no, you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on striptease bars, since most of them are rather affordable.

If this interests you, you can find different options here.

Trying Polish Street Food During the Night

It’s safe to say that meals rarely taste as delicious as after you have partied for hours. If you find yourself exhausted and drunk, there are many places where you can go for a late-night bite. There are many different types of food to choose from, but if you really want to experience Krakow, traditional Polish food might be a great idea.

No matter what kind of food you’re into, rest assured that there is something that you’ll enjoy. Here are some great places to visit:

1. Starka

For everyone that still wants a lively atmosphere after partying, Starka can be a perfect place. The cosy interior is usually filled with people in a good mood, and the food is simply amazing. From traditional Polish dishes and salads to vegetarian meals, there’s a perfect late-night meal for pretty much everyone.

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2. Przypiecek 24h

This folksy place is great for everyone that wants to see what Polish cuisine is all about. It’s on the edge of the Old Town, and the décor will make you feel like you’re at home. One of the main things that this place is famous for is Polish dumplings, which offer a delicious blend of different tastes, and you can get them anytime during the night.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Krakow Nightlife

As you can see, Krakow has a lot to offer in terms of having a great time. The nightlife is simply amazing and not something that you see everywhere. There’s no doubt that you’ll bring plenty of good memories back with you.

If you’ve never been to Krakow before, you could use an advice or two to make sure you have a great time. Here are some things to know:

  • Learn some basic Polish words – Polish people are generally very welcoming, so you’re almost guaranteed to have fun if you spend some time with the locals. The language doesn’t have to be an issue if you learn the basics, since they’ll probably love teaching you more.
  • Do a pub crawl – As we’ve said, a pub crawl is an amazing way to experience the best bars and clubs in Krakow. You’ll definitely have an amazing time and meet some new drinking buddies.
  • Specify your drink – You need to be clear about the drink you want, or else you’ll end up overpaying for them in the club. By default, they’ll serve you the expensive options, unless you tell them otherwise.
  • Avoid drinking in public – If you drink in the middle of a street, you’re likely to face some pretty hefty fines, so just don’t do it, or at least hide your drink well. Considering the number of places you can go for a drink, drinking in public really isn’t necessary.