TOP 10 imperishable stag activities in Bratislava


Are you planning a bachelor party? Do you need some ideas and tips? We are introducing ten excellent program opportunities to spend on a bachelor party in the central Slovak city, called Bratislava. It’s worth the time and it is the perfect place to try out with the team.

Why is Bratislava a good target from the list of foreign capital cities for a bachelor party? The answer is easy. Flight tickets from any city are cheap, beers are incredibly delicious. Not to mention the outstanding nightlife, which is unique with lots of program availabilities and are the best for a bratislava stag.

After you decided the place, second most important action on the list is planning. You can't just make a bachelor party without pre-scheduled programs. If you are lazy and the team travels to Bratislava without any design T-shirts, tickets, plans or gifts it may end badly. Just imagine, this is your best friend's (hopefully) single bachelor party, and you are almost the only one who can make it perfect. You know him and his taste the best, make it unforgettable for him. Believe us you will get your reward soon. Moreover, with predetermined programs, you can avoid the conflict within your team.

1. An unmissable part of the city center are pubs

Slovak beers are something incredible, because of the advanced beer culture in the country, which is an important field of their culture since the 15th century in the country, to mention Corgoň or Zlatý Bažant. In the city center, when you go out to find bars and pubs, you need to know what to eat and drink, the Corgoň’s taste is a little sour with a hint of bitterness in it along the low amount of alcohol. The Zlatý Bažant has a really unique taste, the smokey malt flavor is mixing with the bitter taste of hop, a real slovakian beer which is a good choice.

Microbreweries and pubs are offering a full scale of craft beers. For sure it depends on your taste. There are many required programs during a stag do, but the most required is the bar tour: it is a good preparations to consider which bars you will visit, in addition to go to the best ones. The Monastic Brewery, the Fabrika - with the Beer Pub, the Staromestianska Pivotek and with the Urpiner Pub you will get the best bars: all of these places can be found at perfect locations, there is a wide range of unique selection of special beers. Further on, if you are happen to be hungry, you can choose from the local specialties at all four bars.

2. Jump from a bridge that has a UFO-shaped cupola

Want to get some action and adrenalin into the stag weekend? How about getting the groom - or the whole team - to jump down into the Danube river from Bratislavas’s most famous bridge? Of course within an organized bridge swinging team’s program. Precisely this idea is for those who are brave enough and open-minded to try out new things. This program is about to jump from 20 to 25 meters high. Don't worry, overhanging under the Danube is safe. If you want to get some fun and excitement for the groom, find someone in the team who will start to shout that the rope has torn apart. For sure it will be a memory for a lifetime for the groom, and it will take a few seconds until he realizes that he is safe.

3. Test a tank!

Every little boy is dreaming about becoming a soldier, or at least childhood has it own periods. The soldier period is one of those. Are we right? Besides that, it is an unforgettable experience to try out and drive an old classical tank. You can not do it everyday or anytime. It is the peak of the experiences.

4. Extreme water sports: adrenaline and team building at one time!

In Bratislava, you can try some water sports. Some active program before drinking can be useful and exciting, anyway here you can find extreme sports that you can't try anywhere. If your team is small, you can try the white water rafting, of course with a guide on board. However, if you have experience with rafting on wild water, you have to opportunity to go for a hydro speed route: before the parties you will conquer the rivers together.

Let's keep in mind that this program is perfect in that case if the team love sports and water. Team sports experience is always good to get the team together, so while you are grabbing the first drinks it will be a plus for everyone.

5. Everyone against the groom: paintball, airsoft, and laser tag!

Team game, like paintball, airsoft or laser tag is always a good choice for a stag do program on a weekend in Bratislava. You will have the option of doing these activities bot indoors and outdoors, so if the weather is rainy then it is time for some team competition. If you are looking for some extreme conditions: you can fight with zombies during laser tag. Yes, that’s right, with zombies. It is important to know how much pain can the members endure, not everyone likes to be cowered in blue and purple bruizes - it will be enough to find out where you got the other ones after a night. You can boost the spirit of competition with a few games: If one half of the team loses, they will pay for the first round in the pub after the game (or for a few rounds of beer).

6. The spirit of competition is rising: quad bike and go-kart

For the lovers of speed and racing it is a good idea to go for a run either on quad or go kart in Bratislava. You can participate in it with the whole team, it is an extreme program but safe at the same time. It is best to plan this for the first few days of the stag do, because it is also good for team building: so if there is anyone who does not know the others so well, it is a nice way of getting to know each other for all.

Note that these are very popular programs, so you will have to reserve a spot for your group, possibly way ahead. Anyway, the competitive spirit is something that we can use during the party to make it unforgettable.

7. If you plan to travel to Bratislava during the winter, do it!

During the winter there are a lot of program options to choose from, because they are available in winter, as well.If the groom loves winter and snow, then you can combine the stag do with skiing so it will be more perfect. From Bratislava it is an hour and a half to get to the mountains of slovakia. You can also try a sledge race or snowball fight as team building or stag do programs. You can also try a snowmobil and how it feels to leap with it, just like in a real action movie.

8. Should you hire a stripper in Eastern Europe?

The usual question: Should you hire a stripper or not for the stag party. Most important thing what you have to know, it is the wish of the groom. If he does not want to enjoy the time of a lap dance then skip these kind of programs. If he is okay with it, then it is a must during the stag weekend. It is not an everyday experience, it heat stuff up and the Eastern Europian dancers are really talented - in everyway.

The erotic programs can be wrapped in some action full situations where you can get the groom a bit stressed out: getting arrested by an officer, which in the end turn out to be a sexy lap dance. You can already see the surprised face of the groom in front of you? Worth it, right?

You can also try the following types at us:

  1. Sexy Strip Show, which takes 15 mins and it is a part of a sophisticated program, called Riverboat Cruise. During this premium program, you can hire a private boat and cruise on the Danube with the dudes.
  2. Lap Dance Club Tour is a guided tour, where you can check more dancers and choose a winner of the night. It goes with reserved tables and extra fun. The only rule is not to consume too much alcohol to get some memories for the to-be grandchildren.

9. „Pikant Scenes”: Mud wrestling

If you would like to schedule an erotic program, that includes mud wrestling too, where two naked ladies are wrestling together with the groom, while you are listening to good music and cheer to them. Don't worry, this program is more rather an erotic show than a violent situation. Usually, the beer is in the price. When you are getting ready to go, give some ideas for the groom to put on a clean - properly covering - underpants, because for him, the dress code is going to be only that during the mud wrestling. Don’t tell hime more, let him be excited.

There are two types to choose from: girls in bikinis or naked girls. It is up to you and your taste on what to want. For sure this is one of the most epics of all programs.

10. Casino and all night long party

The nightlife in Bratislava is insane: wild, full of memorable things - if you can remember - and colorful. Because of that every kind of group can find the place that is perfect for their needs:

  • The underground and hipster world will find its center at the Fuga or KC Dunaj club
  • The hard rock and metal heads best location is the Majestic Music Club.
  • Or if you are more into electronic music the best spot is Radost Music Club!

You will find a club for all kinds of music genres. Luckily at most places English is widely spoken.

Let's say that it's a great way to go to the casino for one night, where is a dress code and you can try roulette or poker. The most well-known casinos are Bratislava Club Cezar, Banco Casino, and Grand Casino Admiral. Don't forget Fortuna at home!

Decide: find the best options for the Bratislava stag activities!

As you can see you can choose from a full scale of programs: sportprograms, all night drinking, erotic and adrenaline full stag party programs - all of these waiting for you in Bratislava! In the end, you should consider the budget what you should spend on the bachelor party, the time and the optimal number of participants. Don't forget to ask the groom's preferences, as well! Have a great time in Bratislava!