Smashing Stag Party: Things to Do in Bratislava


It’s always fun to travel abroad and discover new places. Most of us like to know what to expect and what to put on the bucket list beforehand. When you’re on a stag do, it’s even more important to get to know the visited city to be able to organize the best stag do ever. To make your life easier, thus your weekend unforgettable, we collected the most popular attractions, pubs, restaurant and even some secret ideas.

The city in brief: get to know where you’re going!

There was a time when almost all the stag dos were organized in Bratislava, and this phenomenon hasn’t changed so much. Not surprisingly! There are plenty of reasons to visit the city, but before we’re diving more into those activities what could be relevant for your crazy stag weekend, let us clarify the basics.

First of all, Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. As the country joined the Euro-zone in 2009, the official currency is Euro, so you’ll get along well with that. The city is located extremely close to the borders of Austria and Hungary. Watch out, in case of a tough stag party you may find yourself in another country!

Bratislava is easily approachable by low budget airlines; however, the airport is 9 km far from the centre. The population is around 420 000. If you would also care about making new Slovakian friends, then come up with the topic of hockey and football, as those are the favorite sports of the locals.

Be Brave: the 72% Tatratea

When it comes to drinks, the Slovakian menu is quite impressive. Although, don’t be surprised, because most of them might be stronger than what you’re used to drinking back home. Either you prefer lighter beers or strong spirits you’ll quickly find from both for your taste.

Zlaty Bazant, Steiger, and Kachelman are just some of those beers you can’t stop drinking after the first sip. Any of these is entirely unique and functions as a perfect refreshment during a hot, sunny day. Even when you’re on your sightseeing tour with your stag do team, it must be one of the necessary accessories.

Let’s say, you don’t only want to fill up your stomach with beer, but try something else. We all know what’s left there: the good, old, killer spirit which gets you in a good mood immediately. Fortunately, the Slovak nation has a pretty wide range of these things.

Slivovitz is probably their most popular traditional drink. If you like the taste of plum that’s even better, but add 40% alcohol to the fruity liquid. Bentianna is another good one, which doesn’t contain any artificial flavourings and additives. So to say it’s healthy, especially if you count with its essential ingredients: herbs and honey. The locals mostly consume it before and after meals, so basically anytime, anywhere.

Tatratea beats easily all of the previously listed spirits! As you might have figured it out, this is tea-based booze filled with herbals. The strongest variety is 72%, so whenever you feel cold guys, don’t be ashamed to ask for a round. This great spirit originates from the high altitudes of the High Tatra Mountains and aims to warm up the hikers’ heart.

When it comes to bars, Bratislava city is quite well equipped. The more touristy places generally remain busy until 4 am at the weekends. All of them have free WIFI, as the owners sooner or later realized how important it is to our generation. Bad news for the additives is that smoking is forbidden within the bars. After all, a short walk out to the garden ain’t hurt nobody, right? Another useful information: take enough cash with you, because not all the bars accept credit or debit cards.

Lemon Tree Skybar should be the first destination where you’re leading the crew. Apart from the high-quality food and the uncountable kind of cocktails, this place offers you the perfect panorama. According to the returning (male) guests, for some reason, the bar attracts unbelievably hot girls - if that counts anything.The bar is open to the public between 12:00-01:00 from Friday and Saturday, and 12:00-00:00 from Sunday to Thursday.

Drink in gallery Andy’s cute, tram-shaped bar is absolutely worth a try, too. The interior design - as the name implies - is based on the famous Slovak American, Andy Warhol’s artworks. The atmosphere is always pleasant thanks to the cheerful bartenders as well as the available weird board games. Looking for something local, don’t go further!

Taste the Slovak dishes!

Locals gobble meat and potatoes. Okay we’re (partly) kidding, the Slovakian cuisine is much more complicated, so there’s a lot to explore. Pork with dumplings, for instance, is quite a favorite dish which, by the way, matches perfectly with a cold jar of draft beer. Sheep cheese with grilled vegetables is also a favorite one that is also perfectly suitable for the veggie friends if you’d invite any.

Cabbage soup might sound you a bit odd; however it’s on the top of our list. Generally, it’s served warm, together with some slices of fresh bread. Either after or before a hard night it works like medicine, probably due to its many ingredients such as boiled potatoes, ham, paprika, black pepper, mushrooms, and garlic. You can’t go wrong with schnitzel either, called Vyprážaný rezeň in Slovakian. Similarly to Austria, you’ll get a decent size of fried pork with mayonnaise-based potato salad or breadcrumbs. Perfect choice if you’re not too creative with your order.

Now it’s time to decide where actually to try these amazingly gourmet food. Prašná Bašta has unmatched vibes with its live jazz music and avant-garde style. Definitely not the place to get wasted, but a decent warm-up might work out in this elegant place. By the way, this place was the meeting point for the local artists and authors. Reštaurácia Hrad is situated really close to Bratislava castle. From its terrace, probably you get the coolest panorama of the city, so don’t forget to stop by at least for a beer or two. If you get hungry, then pick from one of the specialities such as duck or beef stew, yummy.

We assume, during your stag weekend, the main focus won’t be the fancy eating out, though. If you agree with that, then visit NYC Corner or Nice Fries, you gotta eat after all. Both are insanely excellent street food places at relatively reasonable prices. Pulled pork, hot-dogs, and other goodies will nicely fill your stomach!

A city that will throw you overboard

During the days while you are in Bratislava, don’t forget to see some exciting and well-known places. While you are at it, you can combine your cultural trip with some exciting programs for the groom. Go around together, and point out tasks to do at each place. Here are some ideas, what to see and what to do there.

The Old Town of Bratislava: The place where majority of visitors spent their time, it is compact, charming and full of interesting places like the main square – Hlavne Namestie – including the courtyard of the old town hall (Stara Radnica) as well as the national theatre and St. Martin’s Cathedral. Get the groom to take some selfies with random people or just wander around in it, because the streets and the area is a really fantastic place to just experience. If you happen to plan the stag do during winter, around Christmas time you are lucky as the Old Town is full of Christmas markets.

Bratislava Castle: Above the Old Town and Danube river you can find the Bratislava castle which might have a spectacular location, but itself it looks more like the table standing upside down. Over the centuries Bratislava Castle played an essential role in the history of Central Europe. However these days the castle is still under reconstruction after the fire occurred in the 19th century. It is regularly open to visit and serves as the museum with some interesting exhibitions.

Blue Church: The Church of St. Elisabeth, better known as the Blue Church, is a perfect example of the nouveau architecture of the region. It looks as if it is from a fairy tale, both from the inside and outside - it actually looks more like a wedding cake than a place of worship. Next to the church, you will find another beautiful building – the school also designed in art nouveau style. Both here and at the castle you can get the groom to collect some things from random people just for fun!

The Statues of Bratislava: If you need some green spaces when you just want to lay around from hangover, the best spot is the sculpture park which resides behind Grassalkovich Presidential Palace (White House) is a little haven away from the crowds. You’ll find a striking contrast between traditional and contemporary sculptures which is also an excellent program, to make to groom to go around and find the ones you tell him to do so. Apart from the park, you can also see interesting statues around the city. The most famous ones are, Cumil - a slightly cheeky persona along with the others - whose upper body peeks out from the sewer – popular opinions include cleaning the sewer and naughtily looking up women’s skirts. Schone Naci – A Poor yet excessively eccentric man with his top-hat. And last but not least, a bronze statue of a Napoleonic soldier that commemorates the siege of Bratislava from 1805 to 1809.

UFO Bridge: Love it or hate it but this is probably the most recognizable symbol of Bratislava. Officially this is the SNP Bridge (Slovak National Uprising), but everyone claims it to be UFO Bridge, thanks to the structure located on top of it. If you want to turn things up, and you are brave enough, how about getting the groom - or the whole team - to jump down into the Danube river? Of course within an organized bridge swinging team’s program. Visiting cultural stuff is not all that boring!

Risky games which should be avoided!

For a period of time, Bratislava had become one of Europe's most popular stag party destinations for stag dos. The primary wave has run its course as prices have risen and various public incidents turned many locals hostile. When you hear Bratislava stag operators talking up the city, be careful. Relatively calm groups will also have a hard time getting into many bars and clubs. Do not destroy the weird outdoor statues because as you do at home, the people of Bratislava take it very personally, as do the state and city police these days. Do not swim nude in the fountains - public nudity is a serious offense. Watch out for the useful warnings provided by the UK Embassy in a campaign effort hoping to preserve friendly relations between the two nations.

3 things you must do in Bratislava!

So the top 3 things you can’t miss out when you visit Bratislava:

  • Taste the bryndzové halušky!
  • Try the Tatratea and try at least 3 different Slovakian beers!
  • Make a selfie with the statue of Cumil!

All in all, Bratislava is a superb city for a stag do if you pay attention to the wonders of the city, and respect the laws. The food is incredible and also the programs what you can do for a stag party that never should be forgotten. Take your cameras, vlog, take pictures and have fun as the groom is only available in this kind of nature for the last time of your life - let’s hope not!