How to Choose Stag Do Outfits

Choosing your outfits doesn’t have to be a stressful part of planning a stag do. It should be fun and an opportunity to showcase your style. Firstly, it’s important to consider the size of the team and the activities planned. This will help streamline your options. Everyone has a unique style and body type, so being inclusive of everyone’s comfort level is important. Secondly, the theme of the entire stag do will hugely influence the sort of outfits you are considering. Finally, remember that accessories can add a unique touch to your outfit, and last but not least, the groom’s outfit needs special attention as it should be somewhat distinctive.

How to Choose Stag Do Outfits

Consider Team Size & Activities

When choosing outfits, it’s crucial to consider the size of your team and the stag do activities you have planned. A large group may favor matching t-shirts for identification purposes. If some activities like paintballing or white water rafting are involved, you need outfits that can get dirty or wet. Consider whether activities require protective clothing, such as life vests or helmets, as these may affect your outfit choice. Always aim for an outfit that won’t hinder your enjoyment of the planned activities, like a golfers stag or sexy stag.

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Decoding the Theme

Decoding the theme is pivotal when picking your stag do outfit. Understand the inspiration behind the theme to make a fitting wardrobe decision. You need to pay careful attention to any directives or clues embedded in the theme.

For example, if the theme is “80s Retro,” think about popular fashion trends during that era. Opt for neon colors, athlete’s headbands, or legendary band tees. When the theme is well-understood and embraced, individuals can fully participate, enhancing the overall vibe and fun at the party. These stag do themes can make hilarious stag costumes and classic stag costumes achievable and a lot of fun!

When deciding on a stag do outfit, it’s beneficial to the range of stag themes that have proven successful over time. These include “Superheroes”, with everyone dressing up as their favourite hero, “Retro” with vintage shirts and accessories, and good old “Uniforms” theme with army, police or firefighter attire. Other well-liked themes are “Pro Athletes”, “Pirates”, and “Wild West”. Remember, regardless of the theme, your outfit should be fun, but also comfortable and suitable to the activities planned.

Popular Stag Do Themes and Outfits

Comfort is Key

Choosing comfortable stag party costumes & accessories is absolutely essential when it comes to staging successful stag do parties. While it might be tempting to be very stylish, comfort should never be overlooked. Remember, you’ll probably be wearing this outfit for multiple hours, engaging in various activities, and possibly dancing. Aim for outfits that look good but won’t cause discomfort after a couple of hours.

Prioritising Comfort

Comfort should be a top priority when choosing your stag weekend outfit. No matter how hilarious or outlandish your costume may be, if it’s not comfortable, it could ruin your night. Look for outfits made from breathable materials that allow easy movement. Remember, you’ll be wearing this outfit for several hours possibly while participating in various activities, so comfort should not be compromised. Comfortable footwear is also crucial, especially if lots of walking or dancing is planned.

TRAVEL TIP:Even in a fancy costume, pay attention to your shoes. Sore feet will ruin any great day or night out.

Balancing Style and Comfort

Balancing style and comfort might seem challenging, but it’s all about making smart choices. Start with a comfortable base: think along the lines of loose t-shirts or breathable polo shirts. Choose trousers that offer a blend of comfort and style. Your footwear should be practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish too. Finally, lean on accessories to amplify your outfit, but don’t sacrifice comfort for style – it’s a party, not a fashion show!

The Power of Accessories

Accessories are an essential part of your stag do outfit. They can add that extra flair to your ensemble, making it more memorable and interesting. Be it shiny beads, playful hats, sunglasses or themed insignias, the right accessories can take your outfit to a whole new level. Let’s dive into how you can use accessories to enhance your stag do outfit.

The Power of Accessories

Adding Oomph with Accessories

Creating a visually interesting ensemble often comes down to the right accessories. Novelty items like party glasses, colourful wigs, or theme-related props like inflatable guitars for a rock-star theme can inject some fun into your outfit. Even something simple like a bandana or a brightly coloured tie can add a dash of whimsy.

Making a Statement with Accessories

Accessories also provide an opportunity to make a personal statement. For instance, custom-made badges or t-shirts displaying in-jokes among the group or relating to the groom’s interests provide a personal touch to the outfit. This way, accessories don’t just add visual appeal, but also contribute to the camaraderie and spirit of the stag do.

Dressing Up the Groom

Planning a special look for the groom is one of the highlights of the stag do. This is his special night before he ties the knot, so ensuring he stands out is important. You can do this by choosing an attention-grabbing outfit or adding a distinguishing accessory. Let’s dive into how to make the groom the star of the party.

Dressing Up the Groom

Making the Groom Stand Out

The stag do is mainly about the groom-to-be, and making him stand out is a fantastic idea. This could involve having him wear a distinctive outfit or just adding a special accessory, like a hat, crown or sash that announces his groom status. Another way to make the groom stand out is to have everyone else dress similarly, and his outfit be different. This can also serve as a fun way to identify your party group in a crowd, especially in very public venues.

Considerations for the Groom’s Outfit

When planning the groom’s outfit for a stag do, there are several factors to look at. Start with thinking about the groom’s personal style and comfort. Remember, he’s the star of the party, so he should feel comfortable and confident in what he’s wearing. And, it should be something that aligns with the party’s theme and activities.

As the party is also a tribute to the groom’s bachelorhood, his outfit can be a bit outlandish or quirky. You could opt for embarrassing stag costumes , a bold printed shirt, or even a dash of unusual accessories, provided it fits well with the theme. Just make sure not to make it overly embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Considering the Budget

When planning a stag do party, one cannot overlook the importance of budgeting. The amount of money you have to spend on outfits influences the type of costumes, accessories, and themes you can consider. By planning ahead and considering the cost, you can ensure that everyone can afford their outfits, promoting inclusivity while still allowing for fun, creativity, and style. 

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PRO TIP:Consider having cash on hand, especially in common currencies like Euros and Dollars. You never know when you’ll need it.

Budget-Friendly Stag Do Outfits

Choosing budget-friendly outfits doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun or style. Keep an eye out for sales, or consider bulk discount stores where you can find matching shirts, pants, or accessories for less. Pre-made stag do outfit sets can also be cost-effective, as they often come with matching shirts and accessories. Always remember, a memorable outfit doesn’t need to break the bank.

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Budget-Friendly Stag Do Outfits

DIY Stag Do Outfits

For those keen on crafting, creating DIY outfits for your stag party can be a fun and budget-friendly experience. Get creative with plain t-shirts: fabric paints, markers, and iron-on patches can transform them into unique, personalised pieces. You could also experiment with DIY accessories – think bandanas, hats, or homemade badges. Remember, the goal is to have fun and create memorable outfits that reflect your group’s spirit.

Taking the Weather into Account

When planning a stag do, it’s crucial to take the weather into account when choosing your outfits. Factors like venue, season, and weather forecasts play a significant role in the selection. The last thing you want is to be sweating in a heavy costume or shivering in a skimpy outfit. Do your research, and be prepared to make last-minute changes if the weather forecast changes unexpectedly!

Dressing for the Weather

When planning your stag do outfit, it’s impossible to ignore the weather. If it’s a summer event, consider light clothing, preferably cotton or linen, as they are breathable fabrics. Board shorts and tropical shirts might be in order for a beach-themed event. During colder seasons, go for layers that you can easily pile on or off depending on the venue’s warming options. Rainproof accessories could also come in handy for a stag do in rainy weather. Always check the forecast before the event.

Adaptable Stag Do Outfits

Adaptable stag do outfits provide excellent versatility, allowing you to switch up your look depending on your surroundings or weather changes. Opt for outfits that are layered, lightweight and are easy to add or remove components. For instance, a plaid shirt that can easily be tied around the waist when not required, or a hat that can be worn in various ways. Remember, it’s all about using an outfit’s adaptability to cater to different circumstances.

Deciding on Matching Outfits

Matching outfits can add a fun element of uniformity to your stag do. They offer an immediate sense of camaraderie, making it easier to identify your crew in a crowd and making for great group photos. However, they also come with a set of considerations. In this section, we’ll analyze the pros and cons of having matching outfits to help you make an informed decision for your stag do party.

Deciding on Matching Outfits

The Pros of Matching Outfits

Matching outfits for a stag do can create a strong sense of unity and camaraderie among the group. They’re not only fun, but also make for memorable photos and can help the team bond. Additionally, matching outfits can enhance the theme of the party and help everyone feel included. Lastly, they make it easier to spot group members in a crowded place, ensuring no one gets lost during the festivities.

The Cons of Matching Outfits

While matching outfits can be fun and photograph-friendly, there are also downsides that need to be taken into account. Firstly, they can sometimes feel forced or even constrict individual style personalities. Secondly, it can be difficult to settle on a theme that works for everyone’s comfort level and body type. Lastly, matching outfits could potentially increase costs for party members, especially if they are required to buy new items for the occasion.


What should I wear for a casual stag do?

For a casual stag do, opt for comfort and simplicity. Consider jeans or chinos paired with a smart-casual shirt or polo. Footwear should ideally be closed shoes, like sneakers or boots, especially if you are partaking in activities. Don’t forget to add a unique accessory, perhaps something that symbolises your friendship with the groom or the group. Adding such personalized elements can elevate even the most basic outfit and make you feel part of the event.

Can I wear a fancy dress to a stag do?

Absolutely! In fact, fancy dress is almost a staple at many stag dos. The choice to wear a fancy dress depends largely on the theme of the party and the preferences of the group. However, remember to ensure that your outfit is comfortable and appropriate for any activities planned. Also, consider choosing an outfit that won’t cause discomfort or embarrassment to others present at the event.

FUN FACT:Bubble football is #3 in the top 10 list of the most popular stag do activities. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go!

Should everyone wear matching outfits at a stag do?

Whether or not everyone should wear matching outfits at a stag do is largely dependent on the group’s preferences. Having everyone wear the same outfit can make for some great group photos and add a sense of camaraderie and unity to the event. Plus, in venues full of people, it can help keep track of your party. However, it might be restrictive for those who have a unique personal style or if someone feels uncomfortable with the chosen outfit. It’s best to discuss and agree as a group beforehand.

Can I wear my normal clothes for a themed stag do?

Absolutely, you can wear your normal clothes for a themed stag do, but ensure to add a touch of the theme to blend in. For instance, if the theme is pirates, incorporate a few pirate-themed accessories such as a hat or a fake hook. This ensures you stay comfortable, yet are part of the fun. The key is not to deviate too much from the theme. Remember, it’s about making the groom’s night memorable!

What kind of accessories can I wear for a stag do?

The accessories you can wear for a stag do largely depends on the theme of the event. For a superhero costume party, for instance, you might wear themed masks, capes, or gloves. Novelty sunglasses, hats or wigs are other great options. Don’t forget small details like themed cufflinks or tie bars. Just remember to keep it comfortable and suitable for the activities planned. An inflatable dinosaur may seem like fun, but it might not be practical for a pub crawl.

Should I consider the weather while choosing my stag do outfit?

Absolutely, yes! Weather plays a vital role when choosing your outfit. If it’s going to be cold, consider adding layers, or if there’s a chance of rain, ensure you have waterproof accessories. Conversely, if it’s going to be warm, pick a comfortable yet stylish outfit that will keep you cool. A good rule of thumb is to always prioritize comfort and practicality over style when the weather might be extreme. After all, you don’t want the climate to deter your good times.


Choosing the perfect stag do outfit doesn’t have to be stressful. By considering your team’s size and activities, decoding the theme, prioritising comfort, adding accessories, creating an outstanding look for the groom, paying attention to your budget, and also taking into account the weather, you can ensure a memorable party. Whether your crew decides on matching outfits or not, the most important thing is that everyone feels their best and gets in the spirit of the event. In the end, it’s all about having fun together and making great memories.

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