Whether you’re planning an entire stag weekend or just a single stag party, we’ve got you covered. Stagmadness is your perfect partner for finding the best activity ideas, exploring awesome stag destinations, and getting everyone back home in time and in shape for the wedding day.

In this article, we’re going to show you the outline of how to plan a stag do based on our years of experience creating the most “Stag-Tastic” weekends on the planet. Let’s get started!

What Makes a Good Stag Do?

A stag weekend is a little more than just scheduling one round of drinks after another in one bar after another. There are so many more things you could do to make a truly epic memory for your mates. Here are some things we think work together to make a brilliant experience:

  • Everyone needs to have fun. This means creating different kinds of activities. Sure, you and your mates might go and get hammered somewhere. But you could also try go-karting, gambling, or adrenaline junkie ideas like bungee jumping or Bratislava’s Dog Attack. Get something for everyone.
  • Bonding is a huge part of a good stag do. Make sure to include some time between drinks when your mates can hang out, chill, and talk. Limo rides are a fun way to have some time that is a little more chill.
  • Safety is another thing to think about. We’re not “Safety Sallies” or “Negative Nellies.” But nobody wants the groom turning up for his wedding with a freshly broken arm or liver poisoning from waaay too much cheap vodka.

If you get these three things right, you’re going to have a great stag party people will talk about for years. 

What Makes a Good Stag Do? Planning a stag do

Establishing the Basics: Pre-Planning

Before you start with more serious planning, you need some idea of what you’re getting into. You and the groom will want to grab a beer and make some initial ideas for how it’s all going to go, who is going to pay for it, and which mates get on the guest list.

Let’s take a quick look at the pre-gaming you need to do before you start the real fun.

Chat about what the groom wants

What does your mate actually want to do? That’s a huge question! Getting it wrong could lead to a lot of cringe moments. For example, if your mate is a shy kind of guy with strict morals, dragging him through one strip club after another is probably not the best idea. Likewise, don’t take your adrenaline junkie friend to a spa weekend.

Here’s what you could do: Ask the groom to give you five things he’d be totally up for and five things he would regret for the rest of his life. You don’t have to follow his list, but it will give you a good idea of what he wants and doesn’t want.

Sort out a budget

The wedding is going to make a dent in your mate’s finances. Don’t let the stag do become a worry. Instead, talk about the budget and make a plan for how much spending is allowed. You don’t need to spoil any surprises, but you do need a clear idea of how much to spend or plan to spend.

PRO TIP:When you’re planning a budget, work out what you should spend the most money on. If a nice hotel is a top priority, then plan less expensive activities and book a great hotel. If nights out are super important, spend more on those and stay in a cheaper hotel. Make a budget that reflects what you want to spend money on.

Decide on the guest list

All your friends might want to come, but this might not work out. There are a few reasons to narrow down your guest list:

  • A smaller list is going to make planning much easier
  • Less people means fewer scheduling conflicts
  • Bonding is a big part of a stag weekend, so choose people who get on well
  • With these things in mind, talk with the groom about who to invite, who to exclude, and then get started with the invitations to the luxury stag do.

With these things in mind, talk with the groom about who to invite, who to exclude, and then get started with the invitations.

FUN FACT:The average stag party size is going up from 13 to 16 in 2023. More blokes are making friends!

Pick your stag spot

Where you go is a huge part of planning your stag do. Our professional team can help you plan an epic time in any of the top eight stag do destinations. Your destination makes a difference with the weather, activities, and budget. We can help you have a great time anywhere, but it’s smart to pick a spot you already think you’re going to love.

TRAVEL TIP:When you’re planning a budget, work out what you should spend the most money on. If a nice hotel is a top priority, then plan less expensive activities and book a great hotel. If nights out are super important, spend more on those and stay in a cheaper hotel. Make a budget that reflects what you want to spend money on.

Pick your dates

Don’t get the groom to the church looking terrible, feeling hungover, and acting the fool. Instead, pick a date two to six weekends before the main event and create your stag do then. Be sure to think about the weather, number of guests, and what could be happening at your destination.

Pick Your Dates -Planning a stag do

Organizing the Details: Planning a Stag Do 

Now it’s time to get into the details of getting everything organized. These are the big picture things you’ll want to think about. There could be many more things that come up as you go along. We recommend using a list, spreadsheet, or planner to make sure you cover all the details.

Finding suitable accommodations

Staying in the right place can have a big impact on how your stag do goes. There are at least three kinds of accommodation:

Hotels: You know what a hotel is and how it works. These are usually more conveniently located but you’ll have to plan all your meals.
  1. Hotels: You know what a hotel is and how it works. These are usually more conveniently located but you’ll have to plan all your meals.
  2. Self-catering accommodation: Rent a house or apartment for the weekend to have your own crash pad. You could save money on food bt might need to do more housekeeping.
  3. Hostels: Cheap and cheerful hostels are the way to go if you’re on a budget. The accommodation might not be 5 star, but you’ll save money to spend on having fun.
finding suitable accommodations -Planning a stag do

Whichever you choose, make sure it suits your budget, is easy to get to, and is available for your dates.

Planning activities and entertainment

No stag do even gets off the ground without some fun and amazing activities. Even if you’re just going on a bar crawl, there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. Here’s some things to think about:

  • Include some real variety. Drinking 24/7 for the weekend sounds appealing until you’re hugging the toilet and praying for the headache to go away. Do some other stuff, too.
  • Plan things that give your guys a chance to bond. Budapest has some amazing pools and public baths that are a huge favorite. Swap up your pace for a good time.
  • Include a mix of budget-friendly activities. It’s good to have a headline main event. But you can fill up the weekend with interesting and fun memories without breaking the bank, too. 

Arrange transportation

Flights are the obvious thing to get done in this category. But there’s more to plan. Here are three quick things to think about:

  1. Airport and hotel transfers
  2. Local, regular transport like buses and trains
  3. Special events, such as limos

You can book a lot of travel in advance. This is much better than doing it in the middle of a fun weekend.

Arrange transportation - planning a stag do

Managing logistics and communication

Let’s get boring for just a moment. You could save yourself a major headache if you spend some time planning an itinerary, organizing contact information, and making some kind of emergency plan. Write it all down, make sure it’s clear, and then give everyone a copy.

Gather the funds

Nobody wants to take money off their friends, but this is a major thing to get done. Make everyone pay up before you go, so no one has to worry about funding the trip. You could arrange a payment schedule to cover deposits and travel. This makes everything a little more affordable. But the basic rule is simple: this is a pay to play event. 

Make a checklist of what to pack

We can assume everyone is a grown man since they are going on the stag do. So you don’t need to tell them to pack a toothbrush (except Stink Steve – he might need a reminder). But you might be the only one who knows all the activities. Give everyone a heads up about anything special they need to pack like swimming trunks, sunglasses, or rolls of dollar bills for the strippers.

Planning a stag do - Make a checklist of what to pack

Making It Happen: Execution

Now we’ve got to put this master stag plan into action. This means making sure everyone is in the right spot at the right time. Let’s walk you through how to get it done and make it look effortless.

Coordinating with vendors and venues

If you’ve got a small stag party, like six guys, then you might not need much coordination. But if there are ten or twelve of you—or more—then you should plan in advance. Tell vendors and venues you are coming, when to expect you, and make reservations where necessary. Keep everyone’s contact information in your master planning document so you can make adjustments as you go.


Ensuring safety and security

Visiting the accident and emergency room at the hospital is not part of anyone’s idea of a great stag do. So plan for keeping everyone safe. Visit safe places, avoid doing dangerous stuff while blindly drunk, and keep your belongings in a safe spot. A little bit of thought beforehand will keep everyone safe and happy.

Planning a stag do. Ensuring safety and security.

Managing group dynamics

A bunch of blokes can’t fall out during a stag weekend, can they? Well, yes. Money pressure, different expectations, and general tiredness can all bring out the worst in people. The best way to manage all this is to plan a great weekend.

Planning chill time, managing the budget properly, and picking events that match everyone’s preferences will prevent most conflicts.

Prep for the morning after

Let’s face the facts: at some point you’re likely to be very, very drunk. That means the morning after is coming. Plan ahead with some hangover remedies, a light schedule, and even consider a massage or spa experience for the afternoon. 

Getting Help: Working with a Stag Do Agency

Why use a Stag Do Agency? It’s simple: they know what they are doing. Local talent, experienced tour guides, and a support team that knows how to take care of drunken parties of men will make your life much, much easier. Stag do companies can also save you time and money during the planning phase.

Finding the right agency

You’re here on the Stagmadness website, so we think you’ve already found the right agency. But, just in case you want to know why, here’s what makes us the best:

  1. We’ve got a great reputation with a high review count and score on Trustpilot.
  2. Our local teams know their cities incredibly well, so our local knowledge will help you and your party.
  3. Every one of our tour guides knows how to help you have a good time. They won’t party with you but they will make sure your party is a real stag party to remember.

Working with the agency to plan your stag do

Once you start working with us, we’ll be in constant communication with you. We’ll help you pick dates, plan events, reserve your spots, and organize your travel. We can help you customize your trip to fit your budget and entertainment choices, too. 

Understanding the costs and services

We try hard to make sure you know what everything will cost before the event comes and have cheap stag do ideas. Take a look at each event and the description and make sure you know the costs. If you’re not sure, just ask. We are happy to explain what you’re paying for and when you might want to plan for extra expenses.

Wrap Up

Getting called on to plan the stag party is a big privilege and responsibility. Your best mate trusts you to make an epic stag weekend to remember. Follow our guide so you are the boss with the most epic party ever.

Of course, you could take all the pressure off and get in touch with us. We’ll help you cover all the details, find the best spots, and make sure everyone has a great time. Reach out to our team at Stagmadness today to get started.

Veronika Tomasikova

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