Phase 1: Set the Stag Do Foundation

Every epic stag do starts with a solid foundation. 

Don’t have any ideas at all? Maybe start with “What is a Stag Do?” 

Think of this as the mission control for your unforgettable weekend. Let’s make sure you’re prepped for success by gathering your crew, locking in those dates, and nailing down that all-important budget.

PRO TIP:Create a shared online spreadsheet or document for the stag crew to track costs, timelines, and important details – it’ll keep everyone on the same page and avoid miscommunication.

Build Your Stag Do Crew

Start by drawing up an initial list of the groom’s nearest and dearest—those must-haves for unleashing the mayhem. Consider inviting close friends (key people), family members, maybe even a few of his good-natured colleagues. Remember, a smaller group is often easier to manage and ensures everyone knows each other.

Build Your Stag Do Crew

Pro tip: Chat with the groom; maybe there are some old friends he’d love to reconnect with!

Lock In the Stag Do Dates

No point planning crazy adventures if half the crew can’t make it. Work with the groom on his availability and consider potential conflicts for everyone else. Aiming for a few months in advance gives guests time to save, clear their schedules, and get those vacation requests in. Don’t forget to factor in travel time if you’re heading further afield!

Determine a Realistic Budget

Awkward conversations about money suck the fun out fast. Before anyone gets too excited, have an upfront chat about how much everyone can realistically contribute (individual payment). This way, you avoid planning a champagne-and-caviar weekend on a beer budget and prevent any uncomfortable surprises down the road. You should also talk about who pays for the stag do. Take it easy and the friends will be sure to chip in.

Pro-tip: Leave some wiggle room for unexpected costs – better to have a little leftover than come up short.

Phase 2: Choose Your Stag Weekend Destination

The destination sets the tone for the entire stag weekend. Are you guys looking for a vibrant city scene, a relaxing countryside retreat, or a thrilling adventure abroad? Choosing the right place is essential to creating those legendary memories. Thankfully, there are many great European Stag Do locations.

Phase 2: Choose Your Stag Weekend Destination

Stag Do Vibes: City or Country?

Does your crew thrive in bustling crowds (city lads), or prefer a chilled-out escape? Consider what the groom would love – maybe a city break packed with bars, clubs, and activities, like Prague or Amsterdam. Or perhaps he’d enjoy a countryside getaway filled with outdoor adventures and cosy pubs, somewhere like the Lake District in the UK or the Scottish Highlands.

Pro tip: If the groom’s a foodie, factor in places with great local cuisine and unique dining experiences!

We love Budapest for stag parties. Here’s why:

If you don’t believe us, then check out these Budapest stag do reviews.

Home Turf or International Adventure?

Staying local can mean less travel hassle and more time for fun, making it the perfect stag option if time or budget are constraints. Explore lesser-known cities or towns with a cool vibe within driving distance. But, taking the stag do abroad opens up a whole world of possibilities! Think sun-soaked beaches in Spain, buzzing European party cities like Budapest, or even unique cultural experiences in Morocco.

Pro tip: Consider the time of year—shoulder seasons can offer great value and fewer crowds.

Research the Perfect Stag Destinations

Now the fun begins! Start digging into potential stag destinations. Think about the activities you envision and make sure your chosen spot can deliver. Browse blogs, online forums, and reputable websites like Stagmadness for inspiration. Examples: If the groom’s an adrenaline junkie, look for places offering rafting, bungee jumping, or mountain biking.

Pro tip: Check if any festivals or major events coincide with your dates – could be epic or best avoided, depending on your group!

Phase 3: Plan Epic Stag Do Activities

A stag weekend is all about making memories, and the activities are the heart and soul of it! We’ve spent years gathering the best stag do ideas. From hilarious pranks to adrenaline-charged adventures, let’s get started with planning a stag do lineup so epic everyone will be grinning from ear to ear.

Phase 3: Plan Epic Stag Do Activities

Tailor the Activities to the Groom

This is his send-off, so what makes him tick? If he’s an adrenaline junkie, look into high-octane adventures like white water rafting, paintball, or even skydiving. Maybe he’s a sports fanatic – could you organise tickets to a big game or a day at the races? Is he a bit of a foodie? Find a cooking class or a craft beer tour! The key is to personalise stag do activities to make them special.

Plan Stag Do Challenges, Pranks & Night of Freedom

No stag is complete without a healthy dose of friendly humiliation! Brainstorm hilarious dares, silly challenges, and good-natured pranks. Remember, the goal is laughter, not cruelty. Plan an epic night out (or several!) filled with bar crawls, club hopping, or whatever suits your style. Throw in those classic drinking games for guaranteed antics.

Plan Stag Do Challenges, Pranks & Night of Freedom
FUN FACT:Did you know the tradition of stag dos dates back to ancient Sparta, where soldiers held a celebratory feast for the groom-to-be before battle?

Schedule Downtime & Drinking Games

Even the most hardcore party animals need a breather! Factor in some chill time at a pool, a stroll around town, or maybe even a round of crazy golf. Remember, the stag do isn’t a marathon, it’s a weekend-long celebration. And if a quiet pint is more your style, research some awesome pubs or craft breweries – add those drinking game cards for a twist!

Pro Tips:

  • Variety is key: Mix high-energy activities with chilled-out options
  • Be realistic: Don’t cram too much in, and factor in travel time between activities.
  • Book ahead: Especially for popular activities and destinations, avoid disappointment!
  • Assign tasks: Get the other guys to price activities or find the best spots.

Phase 4: Conquer Stag Do Logistics

The fun stuff’s planned, now it’s time to nail down the details! With solid logistics, you’ll transform those epic plans into a smooth-sailing stag weekend that everyone will rave about.

Stag Do Accommodation: How to Choose the Best Venue for Your Mate's Big Weekend [2024]

Book the Accommodation

Where you lay your heads can make or break the trip! Consider the size of your group, the vibe you’re after, and your budget. Hotels offer convenience, hostels keep it cheap and cheerful, while renting a house or apartment is great for larger groups wanting their own space. Match the stag do accommodation to the party size, budget, and theme and you cannot go wrong.

Pro-tip: Look for places close to the action, or with easy access to public transport if you’re further out. Considering a couple of nights will definitely add to the experience.

Organise Group Transport

Getting from A to B hassle-free is key, especially if you’re changing locations. Research flights, train prices, or maybe even a minibus hire (especially fun if the journey itself is part of the adventure!). Don’t forget to factor in airport transfers or taxis to your accommodation. In these modern times, use apps, compare prices, and book ahead where possible. Here’s a few things to remember to book:

  • Flights ✈️
  • Trains 🚂
  • Minibus Hire (great for the journey too!) 🚐
  • Airport Transfers 🚕
  • Local Taxis 🚕 (if needed)
TRAVEL TIP:If you’re flying abroad, pack a change of clothes and essentials in your carry-on luggage, just in case your checked bag gets delayed!

Assign Roles to the Stag Party & Consider an Event Stag Organiser

You’re not a superhero—share the load! Delegate tasks to the stag party—someone to research transport, someone to find the best bars, another to be the ‘treasurer’. This keeps everyone involved and reduces stress on you. If your budget allows, consider using an event stag organiser. They do the heavy lifting, saving you precious time and tapping into insider knowledge for an unforgettable weekend.

Phase 5: Make Your Stag Do Unforgettable

Those personal touches will make this stag do one for the history books! Here’s where you can go the extra mile, creating memories that’ll be talked about (or laughed at) for years to come.

Phase 5: Make Your Stag Do Unforgettable

Stag Do Swag & Accessories

Get the crew kitted out in matching t-shirts, hoodies (hoodies stag), or ridiculous fancy dress costumes for maximum impact. It’s a fun way to bond, create hilarious photo opportunities, and maybe even score a few free drinks!

Want a few ideas? Consider these:

  • Matching t-shirts with funny slogans
  • Silly hats or wigs
  • Customised temporary tattoos
  • Inflatable props for hilarious photos

Hilarious (But Not Mean) Dares & Evidence of Stag

Amp up the amusement with a list of dares tailored to the groom – silly, harmless, and guaranteed to cause some blushing (and belly laughs!). Don’t forget to capture the evidence! Photos and videos will immortalise those priceless moments.

Here are a few dares and challenges to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Wearing a silly costume in public
  • Singing karaoke to a cheesy song
  • Photo challenges with strangers
  • Trying a new (and maybe slightly weird) food
Hilarious (But Not Mean) Dares & Evidence of Stag

Personalise the Experience

Think about what makes the groom unique. Does he have a goofy nickname? A favourite sports team? Weave in some personalised elements throughout the entire stag weekend—from the dares to the decorations—for a truly unforgettable send-off. This is your chance to make it an ultimate stag!

Here are a few ways to personalise the experience:

  • Themed activities based on his interests (sports, movies, etc.)
  • Personalised gifts or souvenirs referencing inside jokes
  • A celebratory toast highlighting his best qualities
  • Playing his favourite music throughout the weekend
Themed activities based on his interests (sports, movies, etc.) Water rafting.


Think the stag planning is overwhelming? Let the experts at Stag Madness take the reins! We know organising an epic weekend can be stressful, so tap into our years of experience. We’ll handle all the details—from finding the perfect destination and booking awesome activities, to sorting out transport and accommodation—leaving you free to focus on making unforgettable memories with the groom. Ready to start planning the ultimate stag do? Contact the experts at Stagmadness and let us help you sort it out.

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