What is a Stag Do?

A stag do is a party for the groom-to-be. Stag weekends for the bachelor have been around for centuries, so we’re pretty sure you know what they are. But, just in case, let’s say it again. A stag do is a special night or a weekend when the groom celebrates with his friends. 

What is a Stag Do? A stag do is a party for the groom-to-be. Stag weekends for the bachelor have been around for centuries.

History of Stag Dos

Stag parties have been around for thousands of years. They take on all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on the man getting married. What they all have in common is a groom to be, his friends, and a party.

What is a stag do? History of Stag Dos.

Ancient Origins of the Stag Do

The ancient Spartans probably started the whole stag party tradition off. They got a groom together with all his mates for a last night of freedom before his wedding. Bring Spartans, we’re sure there was a lot of drinking involved!

British Culture and the Influence in the Modern-day Stag Do

Bachelor parties became more popular somewhere near the beginning of the 20th century. Someone described one as a “jolly old party” in a Scottish journal. 

Of course, British stag parties have become pretty legendary. They usually involve a pub crawl, strip clubs, some humiliation of the groom, lap dances, and a full weekend of drinking. Modern stags are longer and more intense than those of the Spartans.

What is a stag do? Pub crawl, strip clubs.

Where does the term stag come from?

Stag refers to the male deer. This hairy beast has an enormous set of antlers, dominates his opponents with vicious head butts, and wins the female bird by being the toughest buck on the block. Stags are also thought of as noble leaders, virile (that means sexually strong), and even wise.

What is the difference between a stag and a bachelor party?

The term bachelor is pretty common in the USA and some other parts of the world. In terms of meaning, a stag party and a bachelor party are pretty much the same thing. But there is a big difference in how they are celebrated.

Similarities between stag dos and bachelor parties

Attendance at stag parties and bachelor parties usually means similar things: lots of drinking, men doing wild stuff, and some amount of poking fun at the groom. Both types of celebrations are friendly and should be pretty memorable.

Differences between stag dos and bachelor parties

European, and especially British, stag parties can be a much wilder event than an American bachelor party. Stag weekend organisers plan an awesome stag do, but the nature of the fun changes a little in the UK. The groom is more likely to be humiliated (in a friendly way, of course!), the whole party could wear matching clothes, and there might be a lot more drinking.

Which celebration is right for you?

We want everyone to have an amazing stag party. That means choosing dates, the destination, and activities to suit the groom and the bride. She’s not in charge, but this poor chap has to go back and get married to her! So plan a weekend that is at least sort of close to their normal lifestyle, morals, and idea of fun. 

Types of Activities Involved in a Stag Do

Stag parties have a reputation for being a bit wild. Drinking, games, and rituals are all characteristics of popular Stag do activities in the UK and Europe. Let’s take a quick look at the kinds of things you might include in your epic stag weekend.

What is a stag do? Types of Activities Involved in a Stag Do: Drinking, games, and rituals.

Night of Freedom and Drinking Games

What stag party would be complete without a night of freedom? Throw in a few drinking games and you’ve described the classic stag night. Drinking games like pub golf and beer pong make sure everyone is having a good time. Just remember to keep an eye on the man of the night. He needs to be ready for a wedding!

One classic element of a stag do is the night of freedom and drinking games. This involves hitting the town with your mates, bar hopping, and participating in a variety of hilarious and sometimes cringe-worthy drinking games. Popular options include pub golf, beer pong, and flip cup. Just remember to pace yourselves and keep an eye on the groom-to-be. You want him to have fun but also make it to the wedding in one piece!

FUN FACT:Did you know that the 2011 film “a real-life stag actually inspired The Hangover Part II do gone wrong? The movie’s co-writer, Craig Mazin, based the screenplay on his own disastrous bachelor party experience, which included a lost groom-to-be and a run-in with the police!

Wild Animal Hunts, Paintball, and other Outdoor Activities

If the groom-to-be is an adrenaline junkie or loves the great outdoors, consider incorporating activities like wild animal hunts, paintball, go-karting, or even bungee jumping into the stag do. These activities can be a fun way to bond with the guys and create lasting memories.

Just be sure to book these activities in advance, as they can fill up quickly during peak season.

What is a stag do? Wild Animal Hunts, Paintball, and other Outdoor Activities.

Relaxation and wellness 

For a more laid-back stag do, consider heading to a destination like Budapest or Hungary, known for their incredible spas and wellness retreats. The groom and his mates can enjoy a day of relaxation, soaking in thermal baths, and receiving massages before hitting the town for a night of fun. This option is perfect for those looking to unwind and recharge before the big day.

What is a stag do? Relaxation and wellness.

Unique and creative ideas

If you’re looking to think outside the box for your stag do, consider unique and creative stag do ideas like a whiskey tasting, a cooking class, or even a weekend getaway to a remote cabin. The possibilities are endless, and the key is to choose something that the groom-to-be will love and remember for years to come.

What is a stag do? Unique and creative ideas.

Epic Packages for an Unforgettable Experience

Many stag do companies offer pre-organized stag do packages that include everything from accommodations and transportation to activities and nightlife. These packages can take the stress out of planning, and ensure that the weekend runs smoothly. Just be sure to do your research and choose a package that fits the groom’s interests and your budget.

PRO TIP:To help keep the stag do within budget, consider setting up a group fund where everyone contributes a predetermined amount. This can be used for group expenses like activities, transportation, and food, ensuring that costs are evenly distributed and avoiding any awkward conversations about who owes what.

Female Chickens or Other Mischievous Acts

While some stag parties involve strip clubs or lap dances, it’s important to remember that not every groom-to-be will be comfortable with this kind of entertainment. If you’re unsure, consider more lighthearted and mischievous acts like hiring a fake policewoman to “arrest” the groom, or organizing a surprise “roast” where friends and family poke fun at the groom-to-be in good humor.

What is a stag do? Female Chickens or Other Mischievous

Modern Stag Party Planning

The modern stag party has some advantages over organizing an entire stag weekend several decades ago. Companies like Stagmadness can help you plan and execute an epic stag package everyone will remember for years to come.

TRAVEL TIP:When planning a destination stag do, research the local customs and laws to avoid any unintentional faux pas or legal troubles. Some destinations may have stricter alcohol consumption rules, noise restrictions, or specific dress codes that you’ll need to be aware of to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Pre-Organized Packages to Make Planning Easier

As mentioned earlier, stag party packages can make planning a stag do much easier. These packages often include accommodation, transportation, activities, and even food and drink, allowing you to focus on having a good time with your mates.

Matching Clothes and Accessories to Make it Memorable

To add an extra element of fun and camaraderie to the stag do, consider matching clothes and accessories for the group. This can be anything from custom t-shirts and hats to full-on costumes. Not only will this make for great photos, but it’ll also help you spot each other in a crowded bar or club!

What is a stag do? Matching Clothes and Accessories to Make it Memorable

The Rise in Popularity of the ‘Stag Hero’ or ‘Stag Lads’

With the growth of social media and the desire to create epic stag parties, the concept of the ‘stag hero’ or ‘stag lads’ has become increasingly popular. These groups of friends go all out to make their stag parties unforgettable, with elaborate pranks, over-the-top activities, and plenty of laughs.

Wrap Up

Now that you know what a stag do is and you’ve got a few ideas, it’s time to move on to planning. Get in touch with our stag party experts to help you start planning the most legendary stag getaway ever!

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