Cortile Sky Bar & Pool

Situated on a high vantage point overlooking Budapest, Cortile Sky Bar & Pool offers a luxurious dual experience—a serene infinity pool by day and a chic bar by night. This venue serves as a perfect setting for anyone wanting to enjoy the city’s southeastern vistas. The bar is open daily from 12 pm to 10 pm, offering patrons plenty of time to savor the view.

  • Location: 1066 Budapest, Dessewffy u. 14
  • Entry Fee: Free entry, subject to booking. Pool usage for non-hotel guests costs 10000 HUF per person, including a welcome drink and towel service.
  • Hours: Open every day from 12 pm to 10 pm

Stag Party Pick: With a unique mix of entertainment and relaxation, including an infinity pool and stunning city views, Cortile Sky Bar & Pool sets the stage for an epic stag party.

360 Bar

As the name suggests, 360 Bar gives visitors an awe-inspiring 360-degree view of Budapest’s skyline. This rooftop venue is the city’s highest and offers a wide selection of cocktails and a vibrant atmosphere. While it’s open from 5 pm to 12 am on weekdays, the bar extends its hours on weekends.

  • Location: Specifics not available
  • Entry Fee: Not specified
  • Hours: Open from 5 pm to 12 am on weekdays, with extended weekend hours

Stag Party Pick: If a sky-high party with breathtaking vistas and diverse drinks is what you’re after, 360 Bar won’t disappoint.

FUN FACT:Budapest is known as the “City of Spas,” boasting over 100 thermal baths, but its rooftop bars offer a different kind of relaxation with unparalleled city views!

Liz and Chain Sky Lounge

Liz and Chain Sky Lounge brings a taste of Italy to the heart of Budapest. With Italian-themed food and cocktails like their signature Malfy Negroni, this rooftop bar is a gastronomic paradise. It’s open from Wednesday to Sunday, between 5 P.M. and 1 A.M., and advance booking is recommended for special occasions.

  • Location: Apáczai Csere János utca 4, Budapest, HU 1052
  • Entry Fee: Not specified, but a 12% service fee is added to the listed prices
  • Hours: Open from Wednesday to Sunday, 5 P.M. to 1 A.M.

Stag Party Pick: For those looking to combine Italian flair with rooftop views, Liz and Chain offers a uniquely elegant setting for a stag party.

SOLID Rooftop Wine Restaurant

Nestled on the 7th floor of Hotel Rum, SOLID Rooftop Wine Restaurant specializes in an extensive selection of organic, natural, and biodynamic wines. The bar pairs these wines with scrumptious Hungarian cuisine and offers a panoramic view of Budapest. Although the entry fee is not listed on the website, the restaurant is a classy choice for wine lovers.

  • Location: Királyi Pál utca 4, Budapest, Hungary
  • Entry Fee: Not mentioned
  • Hours: Specifics not available

Stag Party Pick: If an upscale experience with an extensive wine list and stunning views sounds like your kind of stag party, SOLID Rooftop Wine Restaurant is the place to be.

Liebling – Hidden Rooftop Bar

Located within the bustling INSTANT-FOGAS complex, Liebling offers a sanctuary from the high energy of Budapest’s nightlife. The bar specializes in a broad range of dishes and beverages, making it a versatile venue for any occasion. Open from 6 pm to 6 am, Liebling caters to both early evening cocktails and late-night revelry.

Liebling - Hidden Rooftop Bar - INSTANT-FOGAS complex
  • Location: 1073 Bp. Akácfa street nr. 49-51, Budapest, Hungary
  • Entry Fee: Not provided; call in advance for details
  • Hours: Open daily from 6 pm to 6 am

Stag Party Pick: With long opening hours, live music, and a diverse drink menu, Liebling is a go-to spot for stag parties.

High Note SkyBar

Perched beside the stunning Basilica, High Note SkyBar offers both captivating views and an eclectic menu. This rooftop venue is a luxurious setting for those looking to savor modern cuisine and cocktails while soaking in the scenery.

  • Location: Information not provided
  • Entry Fee: Information not provided
  • Hours: Not specified

Stag Party Pick: For an upscale celebration with panoramic city views and a diverse drink menu, High Note SkyBar is an excellent choice.

Leo Rooftop Bar

Situated in the heart of Budapest, Leo Rooftop Bar offers an extensive range of both traditional and international flavors. The venue is divided into two parts: a ground-floor bistro for dining and an 8th-floor rooftop bar for cocktails and small plates, all while enjoying stunning views of landmarks like the Danube River and Buda Castle.

  • Location: Budapest 1013, Clark Adam tér 1
  • Entry Fee: Not specified
  • Hours: Not specified; reservations set for a 2-hour time slot

Stag Party Pick: With panoramic views and a luxe atmosphere, Leo Rooftop Bar is tailor-made for high-end stag parties.

TRAVEL TIP:If you plan to bar hop between these rooftop venues, consider purchasing a 24-hour Budapest travel card for unlimited public transport access to get the most out of your night.

MemoRise Skybar

Nestled atop Hotel Memories Oldtown, MemoRise Skybar offers a mix of local and international cuisine, all enhanced by breathtaking views of the Citadella. Open from Wednesday to Saturday, this rooftop bar offers a variety of events and an extensive drink menu.

  • Location: H-1056 Budapest, Bástya utca 33
  • Entry Fee: Not provided
  • Hours: Open Wednesday to Saturday, 5 pm – 10 pm

Stag Party Pick: MemoRise Skybar’s expansive views and vibrant atmosphere make it an excellent choice for stag parties.

St Andrea Wine & Skybar

Located in the historic center of Budapest, St Andrea Wine & Skybar promises an unforgettable rooftop experience. The venue offers a meticulous selection of fine wines and cocktails, paired with light bar foods, all enveloped in an atmosphere of sophistication and charm.

  • Location: Information not provided
  • Entry Fee: Information not provided
  • Hours: Information not provided

Stag Party Pick: For an elevated experience accompanied by a wide selection of beverages, St Andrea Skybar is a definitive choice for a classy stag party.

The Sky Garden Rooftop Terrace

Situated atop the luxurious Mystery Hotel Budapest, The Sky Garden offers panoramic views over the city’s iconic landmarks. The venue specializes in cocktails and light bites and is open from 3 pm to 11 pm, making it an ideal choice for both day and nighttime celebrations.

  • Location: 1064 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 45
  • Entry Fee: Information not provided
  • Hours: Open daily from 3 pm to 11 pm

Stag Party Pick: The Sky Garden’s intimate yet posh ambiance makes it a top choice for stylish stag parties.

Intermezzo Roof Terrace

Located in the opulent Hotel President, Intermezzo Roof Terrace is a sensory delight set against the backdrop of Budapest. With panoramic views that stretch across the city’s landmarks, this bar offers both visual and culinary treats. Enjoy light snacks or hearty grill dishes, along with an exotic cocktail menu.

  • Location: Hotel President, Hold u. 3-5, Budapest, Hungary
  • Timings: Open daily from 14:00 to 22:00
  • Specialty: Ideal for capturing the cityscape while savoring diverse flavors

Intermezzo Roof Terrace is perfect for a stag party that aims to combine luxury with a feast for all senses.

The Duchess Rooftop Bar

Situated in Matild Palace, The Duchess offers an enigmatic blend of aristocracy and mystery. The bar, which describes itself as a ‘secret liquor library,’ provides panoramic views of Budapest that are especially captivating at dusk. Enjoy meticulously handcrafted cocktails as you soak in the city’s skyline.

  • Location: Váci street 36, 1056 Budapest, Hungary
  • Specialty: Exclusive handcrafted cocktails
  • Ambience: A blend of mystery and aristocracy

The Duchess Rooftop Bar is ideal for a stag party that seeks an elegant yet mysterious atmosphere.

The Private Rooftop

Nestled in the heart of Budapest, The Private Rooftop takes exclusivity to a new level. This versatile venue is ideal for hosting private parties, specialized events, and even rooftop yoga sessions. With unbeatable panoramic views, it offers a unique blend of sophistication and privacy.

  • Location: Hermina út 63, Budapest, Hungary
  • Versatility: From private parties to rooftop yoga
  • Pricing: High-end, signaling an exclusive experience

The Private Rooftop is perfect for stag parties that prioritize privacy and personalized experiences.

PRO TIP:For the best experience, try to visit rooftop bars during sunset hours. The twilight lighting makes for magical photos and enhances the city’s already stunning skyline.

White Raven Skybar & Lounge

Perched atop the Hilton Budapest hotel, White Raven Skybar & Lounge offers a fresh perspective on Budapest’s iconic landmarks. Overlooking the Danube and the historic Matthias Church, the bar serves innovative cocktails inspired by the seven deadly sins. This spot offers an atmosphere punctuated by sophistication and allure.

  • Location: Hilton Budapest hotel, Castle District, Budapest
  • Drinks: Cocktails inspired by the seven deadly sins
  • Setting: Luxurious and historic surroundings

White Raven Skybar & Lounge is ideal for stag parties that appreciate unique cocktails in an opulent setting.

Roxy Rooftop Lounge

Located in the Hard Rock Hotel Budapest, Roxy Rooftop Lounge promises an experience that is both vibrant and luxurious. With panoramic views of key landmarks like St. Stephen’s Basilica, this bar offers an extensive gin and tonic menu featuring 36 different gins and 14 unique tonics. Live music amplifies the lively atmosphere.

  • Location: Hard Rock Hotel Budapest, Top Floor, Nagymező utca 38, 1065 Hungary
  • Timings: 4:00 pm to midnight
  • Drink Options: Extensive selection of gins and tonics

Roxy Rooftop Lounge is perfect for stag parties looking for a lively atmosphere, extensive drink options, and panoramic views.


Budapest, with its dynamic nightlife, offers an array of awesome rooftop bars that are perfect for stag parties. Whether you fancy the ultra-chic style of Cortile Sky Bar & Pool, the captivating 360-degree views at 360 Bar, or the hidden charm of Liebling, there’s something for every taste here.

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• Enjoy a lavish night out
• Sip on quality drinks
• Marvellous panoramic views
• Unforgettable memories
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