Stay with me as we embark on this whirlwind tour of Budapest’s sizzling nightlife, and get ready for a stag party that ticks all the right boxes!

Clubs In Budapest – What You Need To Know Before Night Out

Hello, party-goers and international fun-lovers! Are you planning a magical night out in Budapest? Well, I’ve got your back. Budapest’s clubs are world-famous for their unique ambiance, exciting music, and the lively fun-loving crowd. But before you put on your highest heels and tightest jeans, I’ve put together some key tips to ensure a fun and safe night out:

  • Check the club’s schedule before heading out. Budapest’s nightlife is vibrant any day of the week, but some clubs have specific theme nights you might not want to miss or conversely might not be up your alley. A quick online review search can give you an idea of what to expect.
  • Don’t forget your ID. Seems obvious, right? But you’d be surprised! Many clubs in Budapest have strict age restrictions and won’t let you in without valid proof.
  • Plan your ride ahead. It’s essential to have your route back home (or to the next club) planned in advance. Budapest’s public transport slows down significantly after midnight, so consider arranging a taxi or download Bolt or Uber.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings. Budapest clubs are generally safe, but like any bustling party scene worldwide, it pays to be careful with your personal belongings.
  • Stay Hydrated. Amidst all that fun, it’s easy to forget to drink water. But keeping yourself hydrated is crucial. Many venues will provide free tap water if you ask.
There you have it – with these pointers in mind, you’re all set to dance the night away! Now let’s dive into the exciting world of Budapest’s top clubs.

The Best 19 Clubs in Budapest – Top Picks By a Local

As someone who’s spent countless nights exploring the vibrant nightlife in Budapest, I feel like I’ve got some pretty good insights to share. The city is teeming with eclectic clubs, each offering a unique experience that’s sure to complement your trip. But navigating this labyrinth of nightlife can be a bit daunting, so I’ve put together a list of the 19 best clubs in Budapest, straight from a local’s perspective.

So, throw on your dancing shoes, fellow night owls; by the end of this list, I guarantee you’ll have scrawled down a few must-visits on your Budapest club-exploration list. From the quirky, like Instant/Fogas and Romkert, to the hippy hangout of the Szimpla Kert, and the breathtaking beauty of the A38 Hajó floating club – we’re in for an exciting night tour! So let’s dive into this eclectic medley of Budapest’s nightlife, shall we?

1. Instant/Fogas

Imagine stepping into the pulsing heart of Budapest’s nightlife scene. Imagine a place where music, lights, and incredible vibes collide in a kaleidoscopic wonderland of fun and excitement. This isn’t the stuff of fairy tales – welcome to Instant/Fogas, Budapest’s mega-party complex! It’s a dizzying labyrinth of seven distinct clubs packed into one phenomenal space, guaranteeing you a night of non-stop action, right from twilight till dawn.

Now to spice things up a notch – do you see that uncanny blend of the modern and decrepit in the surroundings? That’s because Instant/Fogas is set among the ruins of the city, giving it that distinct, eccentric charm. And, to break the monotonous, there are also cozy gardens and terraces where you can relax when it’s time for a breather.

Perfect for Stag Parties

If you’re planning a stag night with the lads, Instant/Fogas has all the ingredients you need for a legendary farewell to bachelorhood. Here’s why:

  • Multiple Music Floors: With each club having its own special signature, there’s a different genre of music playing in every corner. Whether you’re into EDM, rock, or hip-hop, there’s something for everyone here!
  • Endless Dance Space: The dance floors are expansive, giving you all the room you need to let loose.
  • 18 Bars: Never run out of drinks with 18 fully stocked bars to serve you.

Location & Timings

Instant/Fogas is located at Akácfa utca 49-51 and is open from Monday to Sunday, from 6 pm to 6 am.


Let me tell you, when it comes to nightlife in Budapest, it doesn’t get much more vibrant than Cinema Hall Budapest! Think of this place as the heart of Budapest’s party scene, with an energy level that doesn’t just climb – it hurtles full-steam ahead!

The Crowd

Know what’s the best part? Well, Cinema Hall isn’t just a hit among the locals. It’s a definite magnet for globetrotters as well. And when it comes to peak hours, this place is off the charts after midnight. Yep, that’s right – after midnight is when the real party kicks into gear.

The Drinks

Plan to visit? be prepared for a seriously diverse drink menu that will take more than just one night to explore. Let’s just say you will not run out of liquid pleasure anytime soon here!

Stag Party Central

Oh, before I forget, fellas, if you’re brainstorming the best way to do your mate’s stag night big, Cinema Hall has your back. With available bottle service bookings to private event spaces, the ambiance at Cinema Hall cranks up a notch post midnight making it the perfect spot to bid adieu to a bachelor’s life.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where this hive of action is located, you can find Cinema Hall at Ajtósi Dürer sor 19 in Budapest. However, if you’re hoping to get the specific detail on entry fee, it doesn’t look like that info is available on their webpage. But trust me, it’s going to be worth every penny!


Get ready to dance the night away at ROMKERT, a club known for its sizzling energy and glamorous ambiance. Imagine this: you, settled in a lush lounge chair, a delicious cocktail in hand, mesmerized by a view that stands as one of the best in Budapest. The energy here is like none other, with infectious beats that make you move, and staff that prizes your comfort.

The VIP Experience

For the special occasion enthusiasts, ROMKERT is the place for throwing the best stag parties. Their VIP experience treats you like a star with an exclusive environment, personal bar space, and even special restrooms dedicated just for you.

Important Details

Location loves: Döbrentei tér 9.

There’s no need to worry about entrance fees if you’re reserving a VIP table as it’s already included. For others, tickets are affordable and start just at 3 euros. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal!


Set foot in the ever-energetic Yellow Budapest, quite possibly the most happening spot in Hungary’s lively capital city! From the delectably tantalizing BBQ to the creatively concocted cocktails, and the trance-inducing beats of music, Yellow isn’t your average bar. It’s a distinctive BarClub, expertly fusing an exquisite dining experience, novel drinking escapades, and unforgettable dance rage late into the night.

For Stag Parties

If you’re on a hunt for the perfect venue for a mind-blowing stag party, search no more. Yellow Budapest seals the deal with its unbeatable trio of spectacular BBQ, eclectic collection of booze, and heart-thumping beats. Trust us, it’s an entertainment-packed haven designed to keep the spirits high and the party going!

Location, Location, Location

Nestled conveniently at 1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 7-8, it’s a hotspot you can’t afford to miss.

What about the Entry Fee?

While the official website remains silent on the entry fee, fear not! You can always reach out to them directly to have all your queries answered.

5. Heaven

Welcome to the celestial playground, Club Heaven Budapest! This electric party hub ensures you have the time of your life, with unforgettable nights dancing till dawn under mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic lights. Open from Thursday to Saturday, 11 PM to 6 AM, it’s one of those must-visit spots for every party enthusiast hitting the heart of Budapest.

Perfect for your stag party dreams, this club guarantees non-stop fun and positively energetic vibes all around. So, if you’re all about grooving till the sun comes up, this is your go-to destination.

Here are the need-to-know details:

  • Entry Fee: Keep an eye out on their website for the latest information.

Remember, if Club Heaven is on your list, rest up well in advance – it’s going to be a long, exciting night!

6. Akvárium Klub

Now, let’s talk about a place that’s the beating heart of Budapest’s nightlife – the Akvárium Klub. Nestled snugly in the vibrant bustle of Erzsébet Square, this lively club is way more than just a cavernous bucket of sound. Akvárium Klub is the place where dance meets culture. It’s where Techno Yoga classes are held, and international bands resonate their music into the late hours. So, if you’re ready to swan dive into Budapest’s nightlife, head straight to Akvárium Klub. It’s your party rainbow’s pot of liquid gold.

Why Choose Akvárium for a Stag Party?

You might be asking yourself, “Why Akvárium Klub for a stag night?“. Picture this: An incredible mishmash of music genres, spacious rooms, and an atmosphere so electric you could probably light up a city with it. So, grab your mates, toast to the groom, and create fun-filled memories that will far outlast the hangovers.

Practical Information

Just to make things easier for you, here’s a bit more information:

  • The address of Akvárium Klub is 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12. Get this punched into your GPS, and you’re good to go.
  • About the entry fee, a quick glance at their website revealed that there isn’t a standard one. It seems to vary depending on the event. So, it might be a good idea to peek into it before planning your visit to avoid any surprises.
So there you have it! A bit about Akvárium Klub – be ready for an unforgettable night!

7. A38 Hajó

Ahoy, music and party lovers! Get ready to set sail on the coolest club-on-water in Budapest, the A38 Hajó! This floating fiesta offers an eclectic blend of genres—from Electronic and Rock to Pop—ensuring the beats keep rolling as you drift away on a cloud of good vibes.

Stag Party Destination

Why settle for a mundane bar crawl when you can party on a boat? With its diverse music line-up, high-energy atmosphere, and unique setting, A38 Hajó is the perfect venue to make your stag party a night to remember.


A38 Hajó Budapest
Petőfi híd, budai hídfő
Contact: (06 1) 464 39 40 (Info Desk)

Entry Fee

The web page did not provide specific information on entry fees, so I suggest checking their official website or contacting them directly for the most current pricing details. Trust me, your wallet will thank you!

8. Fogas Ház

Ready to unleash your wild side in the heart of Budapest? Say hello to Fogashaz Ruin Bar, a kaleidoscopic wonderland of creative chaos! Part ruin pub, part nightclub, and part community arts center, this psychedelic playground is truly one of Budapest’s not-to-be-missed night spots.

Why Choose For a Stag Party:

What could be more epic than a stag party wandering through a labyrinthine maze of dance floors, bars, and artsy alcoves? Fogas Ház is the perfect venue for unforgettable nights. With diverse music styles and roomy spaces, your squad won’t just be celebrating; you’ll be making memories for a lifetime.

Unique Features:

  • A stunning blend of 15 eclectic bars
  • Seven dance floors to groove your heart out
  • All-in-one entertainment: film screenings and theatre performances

Entry Fee:

Here’s another reason to celebrate. Fogas Ház is mostly free of charge for general admission. But do keep in mind, buddies, there might be some live concerts or festivals where tickets are required.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to conquer Budapest nightlife in Fogas Ház!

9. Szimpla Kert

Get ready to dive headfirst into the maze-like mystery of Szimpla Kert, also known as the heart of Budapest’s nightlife. Picture this: a backlash against mainstream clubs, which instead offers a dizzying mix of indie art, electrifying live music, and a farmer’s market – yes, you heard that right – all under one convertible roof!

An Eden for Stag Parties

Now gentlemen, if you’re on the hunt for that epic stag night out, look no further. This isn’t just any ol’ stag party with drinks and a bit of dancing – oh no. At Szimpla Kert, you’re not just tipping back shots; you’re diving headfirst into an alternate universe of hedonistic delight.

Location and Entry Details

  • Address: Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14, 1075 Hungary
  • Entry Fee: Absolutely free of charge! That’s right – save your cash for those craft beers, and jam away to concerts taking place regularly without even having to spare a penny for entry.
So, whether you’re a seasoned club-goer or a novice to the nightlife scene, Szimpla Kert is a magical haven promising you an unforgettable night of indulgence that will leave you wanting more Budapest nightlife!

10. Dürer Kert

Get ready for a thrilling ride of culture, music and non-stop entertainment at Dürer Kert in the heart-drenched city of Budapest. Known for its diverse line-up of events, right from BMX jams (bet you didn’t see that coming!) to throbbing live concerts by your favourite rock stars, this place literally emanates an energetic charm that is simply magnetic. Plus, it’s open virtually all day and night, and has the space to comfortably accommodate small, intimate gatherings to large, foot-stomping parties.

Why Dürer Kert makes an Unforgettable Stag Party Venue

Let’s face it, your big night before you tie the knot deserves more than a mundane party. And Dürer Kert manages to deliver just that. With a packed itinerary of varied events, enough room to accommodate all your lads, and jaw-dropping outdoor spaces that become the perfect stage for unforgettable memories, it’s made for epic celebrations. The best part? It’s open till the wee hours of the night, so your party only stops when you decide so.

Location, Location, Location

Find Dürer Kert nested cozy at Budapest, Öböl utca 1, 1117.

The Much-Asked About Entry Fee

While we couldn’t get specifics from their website (You know how it is, sometimes.), the entry fee probably varies depending on the event you’re attending. So, it’s best to check beforehand.

11. Központ

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable night out at Központ Budapest! Managed by the renowned No Vidra Crew, this club takes the downtown nightlife scene to new heights. It’s not your average club—boasting sophisticated design, spacious interiors, intimate booths and expansive window sills that are just begging to share in your memorable adventures.

The Perfect Venue for Stag Parties:

Központ is the place to let your hair down and go wild! Its vast rooms provide the perfect backdrop for a stag party, and the positively buzzing atmosphere breathes life into the celebration.

No party is quite like a party hosted at Központ, a venue meticulously put together by those at the very heart of the Budapest nightlife.

Need to Know:

  • Address: 1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 5.
  • Entry Fee: Please refer to the official Központ Budapest webpage for updated information on entry fees.
So, mark your calendars and dust off your dancing shoes—Központ is waiting to make your stag party an event for the ages!

12. Ötkert Club

Are you craving for a night filled with electrifying energy and pulsating beats? Well, then it’s time you discover ÖTKERT, truly the pulsating heart of Budapest’s nightlife. Over the last decade, from its inauguration in 2010, this club has gained quite the reputation, from throwing wild parties to hosting locally-acclaimed DJs that surely know how to rock the scene.

An amazing location

This buzzing venue is brilliantly positioned between quintessential landmarks like the Chain Bridge and Saint Stephen’s Basilica. The club is more like a maze, unfolding surprises across three different dance floors, injecting a new zest into every night. The variety of musical genres ensures that there’s something for just about everyone and turns an ordinary night into a clubbing adventure in the heart of the Hungarian capital.

The ultimate stag night destination

Stag parties can be quite a handful to plan. But worry not, because if you’re scouting around for the perfect location, ÖTKERT is it. With its three distinct dance floors, a mixed bag of music, and a nightlife energy that’s positively infectious, it’s ideal for a night that’ll go down in your memory lane.

Know before you go

  • Situated at 1051 Budapest, Zrínyi u. 4/A, you definitely cannot miss this spot in the heart of Budapest
  • While the official website does not specify an entry fee, it’s advisable to check in advance
  • Alternatively, arriving early might also bag you a free entry into the euphonious world of ÖTKERT—so it’s definitely worth a shot!
Remember, let the night surprise you in the beautifully enigmatic city of Budapest. So, put on your dancing shoes, and let loose at the ÖTKERT club. We promise, it’ll be a night to remember!

13. Morrison’s 2

Unleash your wild side at Morrison’s 2, the crème de la crème of Budapest’s vibrant nightlife scene! This club is so much more than your average nightspot. Imagine a giant playground for adults—a cavernous, seven-floor wonderland, to be precise. Whether you’re after the unique charm of a ruin pub or up for a clubbing experience like no other, Morrison’s 2 has got you covered! It offers optional open bar tickets, so you won’t have to constantly reach into your pocket when the thirst strikes.

The Perfect Stag Party Destination

Ready to bid farewell to singledom and unleash your inner party animal? Look no further than Morrison’s 2 for your stag party extravaganza. Call the squad, book the tickets (don’t forget the unlimited drinks option), and get ready to dance like there’s no tomorrow on numerous dance floors.


Location, Location, Location! It’s all about location. Morrison’s 2 is conveniently situated at 1055 Bp., Szent István körút. 11, Budapest. Easy to find, hard to leave!

Entry Fee

Not that it’s a deal breaker in most cases (I mean, who can put a price on fun?), but it’s always good to know the cost. Unfortunately, the webpage does not provide information on entry fees, so make sure you check ahead or bring some extra cash just in case. Meanwhile, just focus on the fun times ahead—you’re in for a treat!

14. Doboz

Step right in and prepare to be intrigued by Doboz, or as it’s known in English, “Box”. One of Budapest’s most mythical ruin pubs, this nightlife hotspot is a cocktail of dynamism, culture, history and, of course, crazy-fun parties. What makes it so special? Well, let me paint you a picture!

Doboz Club – An Explosion of All Things Awesome

Think about this: An open courtyard bustling with cheerful chatter, energetic bodies swaying to the rhythm on multiple dance floors that span no less than eight different music genres! The sultry aroma of delectable grills wafting in the air is sure to tantalize your taste buds as you sip on some unique, lip-smacking cocktails.

But hold on a moment, it ain’t just about grooving dances and seducing flavors. Doboz is also an artistic haven! The club’s walls serve as a canvas for young, promising Hungarian artists. And if you’re thinking this might make for some fantastic selfie backdrops, oh, you’re absolutely right!

Did I mention the emblematic 320-year-old tree hugged by a radiant-eyed gorilla? Well, there’s so much happening in this single space, it’s truly an electrifying blend of the past, the present, and everything exciting!

Ideal for Stag Parties

Planning a stag night? You’re in the right place. Doboz, with its wide variety of experiences, caters to every member of your gang. Be it music lovers, foodies, or art and culture enthusiasts, there’s something here to entertain everyone. So if rooftop conversations under the stars, or busting a move on the dance floor is your jam, then Doboz offers it all!

Quick Facts

  • Address: Budapest, Klauzál utca 10.
  • Entry Fee: No specific details are available on the official website, but I’d recommend reaching out to them directly for accurate information.
A night at Doboz? Buckle up, it’s going to be unforgettable!

15. 4bro Downtown

Say hello to the magic of Budapest nightlife at 4BRO Downtown – an oasis for those who live for music and socializing! Conveniently situated in the energetic Zsidónegyed district, this club is always buzzing with positive energy and offers a little something for everyone.

With a stylish architecture, multiple dance floors, and an electrifying mix of music genres, 4BRO Downtown ensures the party never dies down. Craving hip-hop beats? They are right here! Peckish for a juicy burger? Sure thing! Even if you just want to enjoy a good Champions League match on a giant screen, this spot won’t disappoint you.

Stag Party Favorite Spot: Wondering where to host an unforgettable stag party? Choose 4BRO Downtown! Thanks to the great music, reasonable prices, and a setting that’s both upscale and group-friendly, you can ensure your last bachelor night is truly unforgettable.

Location of this Gem: You can find 4BRO Downtown right in the heart of Budapest at Király u. 13, Hungary (At: Gozsdu Udvar).

Let’s Talk Entry Fee: Unfortunately, we don’t have exact details on the entry fee for 4BRO Downtown. However, with the amazing experiences it offers, it is undoubtedly a must-visit club in Budapest!

16. Story

Step into a world of glitz and glam at the epicenter of Budapest nightlife, at Story Budapest. This club was conceived with the idea of providing an extravagance like no other, and folks, they sure knew how to tell a story. In just a brief span of time, Story Budapest has gained a reputation as one of the most buzzing nightclubs in town – an awe-inspiring party hub that brings out the best in nightlife.

The Party to End All Parties: If you’re looking for a club that prioritizes luxury, class, and an excellent choice of spirits, then you’re in the right place. With top-class DJs, visual spectacle, and VIP treatment options, your night at Story is destined to be incredible.

Address: Ready for the adventure? Head to Dob utca 21, Budapest, Hungary. You’ll know you’re there when you hear the irresistible beat pumping from the speakers!

The Pricey Side Luxury comes at a cost, and Story Budapest is no exception. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get specific information on the entry fee, but this place is definitely on the pricier side. However, if you’re looking to indulge, you’re in for an extraordinary experience.

Some tips for first-timers: While reservations aren’t obligatory, they are highly recommended for a seamless experience, especially on the weekends.

17. Aether

Get ready to step into Aether, the throbbing heart of Budapest’s elemental underground nightlife scene. This club is legendary for its techno beats and house rhythms that dominate the night!

Immersive Club Experience

At Aether, you’re not just going for a night out, you’re in for an experience. This club boasts Funktion-One sound systems that blast out sweeping soundscapes, along with kaleidoscopic visuals that will make your senses pop. Here in this seemingly endless labyrinth of euphoria, the concept of time loses its meaning. Surrounded by a sea of friendly faces, prepare to dance yourself into rapture till dawn.

Stag Party Haven

Calling all the gents, if you’re looking for the perfect place to bid singlehood farewell to your buddy, then Aether is your go-to spot. The electric energy reverberates from wall to wall and the dance floor positively sizzles with activity until the wee hours. It’s not just a night out, it’s an unforgettable escapade!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Address: Budapest, Gozsdu Court, Király u. 13, 1075 Hungary
  • Entry: Event tickets start at a reasonable 8 Euros

So next time you’re in Budapest, don’t miss a chance to live it up at Aether. Because, some nights are just worth losing sleep over!


If you’ve got a thirst for night time adventure and a yearning for pulsating beats that reverberate right through your bones, mark DOJO BUDAPEST as your go-to destination on your clubbing map. Casting a vibrant spell on many with an eclectic mix of Funk, 80’s jams and disco, this local favourite even occasionally dives into the mystic realm of deep and oriental house music. It’s your one-stop destination to cut loose and dance the night away.

A Stag’s Night Haven

Thinking of hosting a stag party? DOJO BUDAPEST should be your top choice. This club really knows how to throw a party. The multi-genre music scene will keep the energy high and the good vibes flowing. VIP tables are available here too, so your party can make memories in high fashion.

Location is Key

When you’re ready for your night of revelry, point your ride to 1051 Budapest, Zrínyi u. 4/A. Here lies DOJO CLUB, awaiting to greet you with its flashy lights and sensational beats.

Entry Fee

While their web page doesn’t specify the entry fee, don’t let that curb your enthusiasm. Any good clubber knows that some experiences are priceless, and a night at DOJO CLUB promises to be just that.

19. Badhanna

Welcome to Club Badhanna, an iconic venue that brings the pulsating nightlife of Hong Kong right to the heart of Budapest. Picture this: neon lights twinkling in the alleyway-inspired interiors as the sounds of spicy tech funk, disco tech, and groovy house tunes fill the air. It’s a diverse musical palette that keeps both locals and intrepid globetrotters flocking to this hotspot from Friday night to Sunday dawn.

The Ultimate Stag Party Venue

If you happen to be the lucky one planning a memorable stag party, your search ends right here. Club Badhanna’s energetic atmosphere and line-up of reputed DJs make it the destination for an epic final fling before the ring.

Address and Entry Details

Club Badhanna is conveniently located on Hercegprímás Street, in the heart of downtown Budapest, right next to the stunning Basilica. As for the entry fee, well, it seems they like to keep a bit of mystery on that front – no specifics were found on their website.

So buckle up, night owls! Your next unforgettable night out in Budapest just might be at Club Badhanna.

Wrap Up

Wow, can you believe it? We have just undertaken a whirlwind tour of the 19 best clubs in Budapest – each with its own unique vibe and flavour! Let me tell you folks, if your feet aren’t itching to put on those dancing shoes and delve into one of each club’s unique atmospheres, you may need to go back and read this list again. From the immersive cultural heritage of Szimpla Kert to the edgy, hip feel of the Cinema Hall, each spot has its own spine-tingling story which demands to be experienced firsthand!

Just a little wrap up on what we’ve covered:

Unique atmospheres: Each club throws a different perspective, showing the cultural diversity right in the heart of the nightlife in Budapest.

Ranging Music Styles: From rock, pop, electronic to live music sessions, you’ll find a wide array of music genres that caters to every preference.

Age Is Not A Barrier: Remember this, guys – whether you’re 18 or 80, there’s a spot for you in Budapest’s lively club life.

Truth be told, we’ve only just scratched the surface, each club is like an onion, the more you peel back, the more layers you’ll find. So what are you waiting for? Slip on your party outfit, leave your worries at home and head on over to Budapest for an unforgettable night out. And remember, stay safe and party responsibly!

Veronika Tomasikova

Stag expert since 2019 Veronika has dedicated herself to exploring and sampling all the adrenaline-filled activities, bars and clubs to ensure only the best make the cut! With over 3100 Bachelor Parties organised her know-how guarantees an Epic trip!