• Get Ready for Action: VR adventures, zombie survival, mediaeval jousting… step out of the ordinary and into the thrilling!
  • Embrace the Brainpower: Solve mind-bending puzzles in escape rooms, channel your inner codebreaker, or build your own robot.
  • Go Retro: Dust off those old consoles and host a retro game night, or visit Comic-Con for total fan immersion.

Ready for your geek stag do quest? Let the adventure begin!

Introduction to Geek-Themed Stag Dos

When it comes to celebrating the final days of bachelorhood, the typical night out might not be enough for the true geek at heart. Geek-themed stag dos are all about transforming the party into an extraordinary adventure that taps into those beloved fandoms, the latest tech, and the thrill of a good brain-teaser.

  • Celebrate What He Loves: Geek stag dos let the groom dive headfirst into his passions and interests – think battling zombies, cracking codes, or embracing the virtual world.
  • More Than Just Fun: These events resonate with guys who get a kick out of unique experiences and quirky adventures.
  • Unforgettable Experiences: From high-tech simulations to nostalgic blasts from the past with retro gaming, a geek stag do promises a celebration the groom won’t soon forget!

Planning a Stag Do with a geek best man friend can be loads of fun! Let’s get into some of the great ideas we’ve got for you.
List of 22 Geek Stag Do Ideas

A geek stag party can be a brilliant alternative stag weekend. There are loads of fun activities and unusual stag ideas to create something truly legendary. We’ve got 22 ideas to get you started.

1. VR Gaming Experience

Step into the future of gaming with a virtual reality session. Explore fantastical worlds, battle aliens, or solve mind-bending puzzles together. This immersive experience is perfect for the tech-savvy groom and will leave everyone wanting more.

  • How to Make it Happen: Find an arcade or VR-specific venue in your area, or rent VR equipment for a thrilling night at home.

2. Game of Thrones Tour

If Westeros is his happy place, a ‘Game of Thrones’ themed tour is a must! See the real-life filming locations, dress up as your favourite characters, and participate in a thrilling archery contest. There are loads of stag do party ideas to create the ultimate experience for die-hard fans of the series.

  • How to Make it Happen: Research specialised tour companies in areas used for filming (Northern Ireland, Croatia, etc.), or plan a road trip to key locations if travel is feasible.

3. Zombie Survival Camp

Get your heart racing! Learn zombie survival tactics like archery and combat, then put them to the test in a realistic zombie survival simulation. This adrenaline-pumping adventure is perfect for horror buffs and lovers of the undead.

  • How to Make it Happen: Look for companies specialising in zombie experiences, including overnight camps or multi-hour events with staged scenarios.

4. Mediaeval Jousting Experience

Fifteenth century knight in jousting helm with crest


Travel back in time and experience the thrill of a mediaeval jousting tournament. Learn this ancient sport with professional instructors, and don the armour before charging at your fellow stags. What’s more fun than jousting? Jousting on a Segway, that’s what!

  • How to Make it Happen: Search for historical sites offering jousting experiences, or connect with companies specialising in mediaeval-themed events.

5. Escape Room Challenges

Escape Room Challenges
Hudson Bloom, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Put your teamwork and puzzle-solving skills to the test in a themed escape room. Choose from sci-fi, fantasy, or historical scenarios and race against the clock to break free. This is a fantastic choice for smaller groups who love a mental challenge with their stag activities.

  • How to Make it Happen: Explore escape room options in your town–themes are endless! Book with enough time in advance, as slots fill up quickly.

6. Segway Polo or Jousting

Segway Polo or Jousting
kowitz [1], CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

What’s better than a classic sport? A classic sport on wheels! Imagine the hilarious chaos of polo or jousting while trying to master those Segways. This unexpected twist promises a day of laughter and epic competition.

  • How to Make it Happen: Companies specialising in these experiences might be harder to find, so online research is crucial. Look for sporting centres or activity venues in your area.

7. Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator

Take to the skies! Experience the thrill of piloting a plane in a realistic flight simulator. It’s a fantastic option for aviation enthusiasts, but no experience is needed – just the thirst for some friendly competition.

  • How to Make it Happen: Search for dedicated flight simulation centres near you – these often offer group experiences perfect for a stag do event.

8. Zero Gravity Experience


You might not get all the way to space. But you definitely will experience zero gravity. Hop on a simulation flight for the ultimate spaceman trip (minus the rocketship).

  • How to Make it Happen: This requires specialized companies that offer these unique experiences. Research thoroughly in advance, as availability and the cost might be huge.

9. Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing

Tasnim News Agency, CC BY 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Mind and body collide in this unique sport! Chess boxing alternates between rounds of speed chess and actual boxing matches. It’s the ultimate test of strategy AND stamina. These fun events offer a hilarious and unusual stag do experience.

  • How to Make it Happen: Some gyms or specialised studios offer courses in chess boxing. Enquire in advance, as training might be needed for a full-on competition!

10. Cocktails & Codebreakers

Cocktails & Codebreakers

Channel your inner Sherlock! Dive into puzzles, riddles, and codebreaking challenges while sipping delicious cocktails. It’s like an escape room meets a swanky bar – ideal for the groom who loves a good mystery.

  • How to Make it Happen: Find bars or companies hosting codebreaking nights. Or, get creative and design a challenge yourself, adding a cocktail-making competition!

11. Sci-Fi Themed Pub Crawl

Embrace your inner Star Wars or Star Trek fan with a fully themed pub crawl. Dress up, enjoy themed drinks, and test your sci-fi knowledge for a night of intergalactic fun.

  • How to Make it Happen: Select a neighbourhood with quirky bars and pubs open to your theme. Designate someone as the “quiz master” for trivia along the way.

12. Comic-Con Visit

Nothing beats the energy and immersion of a major Comic-Con event! Dress as your favourite characters, meet celebrities, and enjoy the ultimate celebration of all things superheroes, fantasy, and comics.

  • How to Make it Happen: Major Comic-Con events might require travel. Book tickets and accommodation far in advance, and plan your costumes well ahead of time!

13. Board Game Marathon

Board Game Marathon

Forget video games for the night! Dive into a marathon of classic and modern board games. From ‘Risk’ and ‘Catan’ to crazy ones like ‘Exploding Kittens,’ there’s a game for everyone. Perfect for a low-key night with buddies who love a bit of strategy.

  • How to Make it Happen: Stock up on your favourite board games or borrow a bunch from friends. Snacks and drinks are a must to fuel those competitive streaks!

14. DIY Robotics Workshop

DIY Robotics Workshop

Get your hands dirty and your brain buzzing in a DIY robotics workshop! Build and program your own robots, then see whose creation comes out on top in fun challenges. This is a winner for the techies and tinkerers in the group.

  • How to Make it Happen: Find local makerspaces or tech hubs that offer robotics workshops. Some even have specific stag do packages.

15. Laser Tag in a Sci-Fi Arena

Laser Tag in a Sci-Fi Arena

Forget paintball; it’s laser tag time, baby! Battle it out with your mates in a neon-lit, futuristic arena that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. This one’s perfect for injecting some action and a little bit of healthy competition into the weekend.

  • How to Make it Happen: Laser tag venues are usually easy to find. Book in advance, as stag do groups can take over the whole place!

16. Anime and Cosplay Night

Anime and Cosplay Night

Manga and anime more your thing? Host an epic anime screening night paired with a cosplay competition for the ultimate Japanese-themed experience. Don’t forget to stock up on Pocky and Ramune soda for extra authenticity.

  • How to Make it Happen: Plan an evening of your favourite anime episodes and encourage your guests to go all out on their cosplay – the more elaborate, the better.

17. Retro Video Game Night

Retro Video Game Night

Tap into the nostalgia! Dig out those old consoles and cartridges from the attic. Prepare for some serious throwbacks with games like ‘Super Mario’, ‘Sonic’, and ‘Street Fighter.’ Perfect for the groom who grew up with a controller in hand.

  • How to Make it Happen: Dust off your Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, or whatever old consoles you’ve got lying around. Set up a multi-screen battle station for maximum fun.

18. Star Wars Movie Marathon and Trivia

Star Wars Movie Marathon and Trivia

Is the Force strong with this one? If so, a Star Wars marathon is a must! Watch the groom’s favourite episodes back-to-back, complete with themed snacks, drinks, and a lightsaber duel or two, of course. Make it even more special with a proper cinema setup. Rent a small hall for your event if you can. Or stay closer to home for a cheap stag do.

  • How to Make it Happen: Choose your trilogy, plan your snacks (blue milk, anyone?), and settle in for a trip a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

19. Fantasy Literature Club

Fantasy Literature Club

For the book-loving groom, a fantasy literature discussion is just the ticket. Whether he’s into ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ or something totally obscure, debate theories, share favourite passages, and maybe even have a themed feast.

  • How to Make it Happen: Choose a book, invite the inner circle of fellow bookworms, and set a date for a deep-dive discussion. Bonus points for costumes!

20. Science Museum Private Tour

Science Museum Private Tour

Ditch the crowds and geek out hard with a private tour of a science museum. Focus on his favourite topic—space, dinosaurs, robots, whatever floats his boat. Maybe even snag a peek at what’s usually behind-the-scenes for the ultimate science buff experience.

  • How to Make it Happen: Many museums offer private group tours off-hours. Contact your local science museum to enquire about options.

21. Hacker Hostel Experience

Hacker Hostel Experience

Embrace your inner tech guru! A weekend at a hacker hostel is all about learning to code, participating in hackathons, or getting deep into cybersecurity workshops. It’s perfect for the curious mind who wants to challenge themselves.

  • How to Make it Happen: Hacker hostels are a growing trend. Research to find ones near you or perfect for a destination stag do.

22. DIY Filmmaking Workshop

DIY Filmmaking Workshop

Lights, camera, action! Script, film, and edit your own short movie or spoof in a filmmaking workshop. Channel your inner Spielberg and use professional gear to create a lasting memory of the stag weekend.

  • How to Make it Happen: Look for film schools or creative spaces that offer crash courses in filmmaking. Many have dedicated stag do weekend packages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some unique geek stag do ideas?

  • Virtual Reality Adventures: Explore fantastic worlds, battle aliens, or solve puzzles in an immersive VR gaming experience.
  • Science Museum Private Tour: Get exclusive access to exhibits on space, technology, or natural history.
  • Zero-Gravity Flight: Experience the sensation of weightlessness in a specialised zero-gravity flight simulator.

How to plan a geek-themed stag do?

  1. Know His Geek: Does he love gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, or tech? This will guide your activity choices.
  2. Seek Out Niche Venues: Look for VR arcades, escape rooms with themed scenarios, or science museums catering to his interests.
  3. Logistics Matter: Factor in location accessibility, budget, and whether activities are physically or mentally challenging to ensure everyone has a great time.


A geek-themed stag do is a fantastic way to celebrate the groom’s last days before marriage in a way that’s totally personalised to his awesome interests. Whether his squad wants to battle zombies, explore virtual worlds, or crack codes, these off-the-wall adventures ensure a not so typical stag do that no one will ever forget.

If planning the perfect geek stag sounds like a daunting task, never fear! StagMadness is here to help. We specialise in creating unique and unforgettable stag weekends that tap into all things sci-fi, fantasy, and tech. From finding the perfect venues to organising epic activities, we take care of all the details, leaving you free to focus on celebrating your mate. Ready to make his stag do legendary? Get in touch with StagMadness today!

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