The Stag Party: A Rite of Passage

What is a stag party? Here’s what you see: a bunch of guys stumbling around in funny costumes, drinking, and checking out the local strip clubs. Some people think they are obnoxious.

But they don’t have to be terrible or tacky.

Instead, you could plan an absolutely unforgettable stag do for the groom. You can include lots of adventure, games, camaraderie-boosting activities, and still have time for a good ole’ pub crawl or two. That’s what we’ll show you in this article. Let’s get into what a stag party is and how to get it right for your friend’s last night of freedom.

What is a Stag Party? – A Brief History

Stag Party has been around for centuries (But practiced the old-fashioned way).

Its history is traceable to ancient Sparta, where soldiers would gather and celebrate the groom’s last night as a bachelor with dinner and drinks. The party became more mainstream around the 1960s, with movies and television shows portraying raucous bachelor parties.

What is a Stag Party? - A Brief History

Today, the party became popular as a way for men to have a final night of freedom before getting married.

The fun tradition spread to other parts of the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom, and has transformed into more elaborate celebrations, involving drinking, partying, and sometimes even strippers.

FUN FACT:The tradition of stag parties dates back to ancient times, when the Spartans would hold a dinner and toast for the groom on the eve of his wedding. The term “stag” comes from the Old Norse word “steggi”, meaning a male animal with horns or antlers.

Brotherhood, Banter, and Bonding

At the heart of every stag party lies the bond between the groom and his best mates. It’s all about the camaraderie, shared memories, and brotherly love that make this event so special. So, when the question of “What happens at a stag party?” arises, the answer is simple: it’s a time for the guys to let loose, have a blast, and strengthen their friendships before the big day.

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How is it different from a Bachelor Party?

The stag party and the bachelor party are essentially the same, except that it has a different name from across the word. In the US, the term “bachelor party” is more prevalent, while people in the United Kingdom and Australia call it “stag party”.

Essentially, the stag party and the bachelor party are the same, just called a different name in different regions.

Expectations for the Groom-to-be

As a groom-to-be, the crowd expects a certain behavioral pattern from you.

It’s your day! Remember that the goal is to have fun and celebrate with your pals, so try to be a good sport and join in whatever activities have been planned for your last gasps of freedom before the hard work of married life.

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Of course, don’t overdo it! Like every groom to be, it’s natural to want to let loose and have a good time, try to pace yourself. Steer clear of excessive drinking or behavior that could get out of hand.

How to make it special for him

It’s his day. You want to make this once- in-a lifetime experience special for him.

Personalize the party: Consider his interests and personality when planning the party. Is he a sports fan? Plan a day at a game or a golf outing.

How to make it special Stag Do party? Personalize the party: Consider his interests and personality when planning the party.

Involve his closest friends: Be sure to include the groom’s closest friends in the celebration. They know him best and can help make the party special.

Keep it a surprise: Everyone loves surprises! Keep some aspect of the party a surprise for the groom-to-be. This will add excitement and anticipation to the celebration.

Party Planning

Traditionally, the best man or a close friend of the groom plans the stag party.

However, anyone who knows the groom to the core and knows his interests and preferences can plan the party too.

Who plans the party? Checking accommodation on airbnb.

Communicate with the groom throughout the planning process. Remember the goal is to ensure that the party reflects his personality and interests. He can provide input and stag do ideas to help make the party special for him.

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What are the logistics of planning a Stag Party?

When planning a stag do or bachelor party, consider the following logistics:

  • Budget: Determine a budget for the party and stick to it. Consider how much the groom and his friends are willing to spend, and factor in important costs such as transportation, accommodations, activities, and food and drinks.

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  • Guest list: Decide the number of guests you want to invite to the party and ensure that everyone is on board with the planned stag do activities.
  • Location: Choose a location that’ll be convenient for everyone attending the party. Consider transportation options, such as renting a bus or arranging for carpooling.
  • Safety: ensure everyone stays safe throughout the party. Arrange for designated drivers or transportation services, and avoid dangerous or illegal activities.
TRAVEL TIP:If you’re planning a stag party abroad, make sure you check the travel restrictions and requirements of your destination country, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. You may need to show proof of vaccination, a negative test result, or quarantine upon arrival. You can find the latest travel advice on the website.

Stag Party Shenanigans

When it comes to the activities that take place during a stag party, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. However, there are a few crowd pleasers that often make an appearance:

  1. Paintball: Nothing says “bonding” like a friendly game of paintball, where the guys can channel their competitive energy and have a blast.
  2. Pub crawls: A classic stag party staple, pub crawls involve hopping from one bar to the next, sampling drinks, and soaking up the local nightlife.
  3. Outdoor adventures: From whitewater rafting to ziplining, outdoor activities are a great way to get the adrenaline pumping and create lasting memories.
  4. Gambling: Hitting the casino can be a thrilling way to spend the evening, with high-stakes games, bright lights, and the chance to win big (or lose it all).

Pranks and Antics

While the main event is crucial, it’s often the smaller moments that make a stag party unforgettable. Pranks and antics are par for the course, with the groom usually being the target of some good-natured ribbing. From dressing him up in a ridiculous outfit to playing practical jokes, it’s all in the name of fun and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Dress Code and Etiquette

Dress code and etiquette are important considerations for a stag party. In fact, these could make or break the whole event. A great costume, theme, and plan could make a truly epic stag weekend. On the other hand, an out-of-control mess could bring a lot of stress to the groom and his bride just before their wedding. So, let’s look at a few quick things to remember when you’re sorting it all out.

What to wear

  • Informal attire: Stag parties are casual events, so you can dress comfortably in informal attire such as jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Dress for the activity: If the party involves a specific activity, such as golfing or a fancy dinner, dress accordingly.
  • Theme parties: If the party has a theme, follow the dress code for the theme.

How to behave

Etiquette is key when attending a stag party. The party is being thrown in honor of the groom-to-be, so treat him with respect and consideration. While it’s natural to want to have a good time, avoid excessive drinking or behavior that could be embarrassing.

The Stag Party: A Rite of Passage. Playing Beerpong.

Remember that there may be people at the party who don’t know each other well, so be welcoming and friendly. If the party involves specific rules or guidelines, be sure to follow them.

Transportation and Accommodation

When planning a stag party or bachelor party, transportation and accommodation are important considerations

How to get around

Plan ahead: Determine how you will get around before the party. Consider renting a bus, hiring a driver, or arranging for carpooling.

Don’t drink and drive: If you plan on drinking, make sure that you have a designated driver or arrange for transportation services.

The Stag Party: A Rite of Passage. How to get around. Transportation services.

Be safe: If you plan on walking or using public transportation, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and stay with the group.

Where to stay

Choose accommodations that are convenient for the planned activities and are in a safe and accessible area. Determine the group’s budget and choose accommodations that are within the group’s means with cheap stag do ideas. Consider the amenities that the group will need, such as Wi-Fi, parking, and breakfast. And lastly, be sure to book accommodations well in advance of the party to ensure availability and to get the best rates.

Most Frequent Questions about Stag Parties Answered

How long does a stag party last?

Stag parties can last anywhere from one night to an entire weekend. It all depends on the group’s preferences and budget.

Who should be invited to the stag party?

The guest list typically includes the groom’s close friends, male family members, and wedding party members. Ultimately, it’s up to the groom and the best man to decide who makes the cut.

What’s the role of the best man in a stag party?

The best man plays a pivotal role in planning and organizing the stag party. He’s responsible for coordinating with the other attendees, arranging activities, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. In short, he’s the go-to guy for all things stag party-related.

How much should a stag party cost?

The cost of a stag party can vary greatly depending on the chosen activities, accommodations, and location. It’s important for the group to discuss their budget and preferences beforehand to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Are there any etiquette rules to follow during a stag party?

While stag parties are all about having a good time, it’s essential to keep a few etiquette rules in mind. Respect the groom’s wishes, ensure everyone stays safe, and avoid crossing any lines that might lead to uncomfortable situations or regrets.

Stag Party Survival Tips

Now that you know what happens on stag party, here are a few tips to help you make the most of the experience:

  • Plan ahead: Give yourself ample time to plan and organize the event, ensuring that everyone is on board with the chosen activities and budget.
  • Be inclusive: Make sure to consider the interests of all the attendees when planning activities, so everyone has a great time.
  • Stay safe: While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, remember to keep an eye on each other and make safety a priority.
  • Capture the memories: Don’t forget to take plenty of photos and videos to document the fun and create lasting memories. …. But don’t forget, in some cases what happens on a stag party, it stays there, so discuss it with others before….
  • Have a backup plan: Be prepared for any unexpected hiccups by having a backup plan in place, whether it’s an alternate activity or a designated driver.


So, what happens at a stag party? In a nutshell, it’s a whirlwind of excitement, laughter, and bonding among the groom and his closest mates. From adrenaline-pumping activities to hilarious pranks, stag parties are a time-honored tradition that celebrates friendship and the end of an era. Embrace the spirit of the stag party, and you’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. Now go forth and plan the ultimate celebration for the groom-to-be! Whether you’re planning a Stag Party or attending one, refer back to this guide for tips and tricks on how to have a great time.

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