What to do in Prague during a stag do?


There is no doubt about the fact, that when your best friend is getting married, you have to make the perfect stag do for the groom. There are endless options where you can have it: you can stay at home and go somewhere, but a few days abroad is also a superb idea! Whichever you choose the point for everyone to enjoy it, to be together and to make it memorable for a lifetime.

If you decide to go with the traveling to another country, then your best choice of destination is Prague. Cheap and delicious beer, beautiful city, gorgeous girls and of course incredible nightlife! The versatility of the capital city in Bohemia offers a place for every kind of people: whether you are looking for a stream of parties, constant drinking, sports programs, discovering a new culture or just chilling and resting for a weekend.

Okay, so you've got the location, and you know that the Czech Republic is an excellent destination, what to do then in Prague? Here are some ideas and essential information, places to visit and what to drink: so basically the core of the stag do why it will be memorable even when you are a grandparent!

Breathtaking panorama with a beer from the Metronome!

You know the feeling when you are just hanging around and checking the city from above with a beer? This is just the feeling what you can experience at the Metronome above Prague. The nearly 25 meters high metronome is a memorial of the Soviet area and occupation for the people: this new symbol was built after the end of the “Iron Curtain” on the spot of a previous communist statue in the Letná Park.

The green area of the park is almost untouched which gives you the feel of being outside the city. The view is also amazing. From above you can see the Charles Bridge, Vltava, and the whole old town: during sunset, it is breath catching how the whole of Prague looks like. Luckily the public transportation of the city is perfect, with the trams you can get anywhere. The Metronome can be reached from the two sides: if you are okay with a bit of stair climbing, then from the side of Vltava it is just a few hundred steps to reach the hill.

The Letná Park is perfect to start the night: a few beers outside in the open with the beautiful panorama behind you is an incredible and real treat of Prague. It is good to know, that you can take up your own beer, but you can also buy it at a bar - keep in mind that you might have to wait in the line if it is a busy night. Occasionally there are movie nights, people are skating there, and if you get there during the time of beautiful weather, you might catch a festival also. The amount of people in the park is insane, from Czech people to travelers so you won't stand out for sure.

A little culture is always right: creepy babies and Freud in the air

If you are visiting a foreign country for your stag do, it is definitely worth to pay attention while walking through the streets - not only in the nightclubs. The Bohemian capital has a lot of outstanding and provoking statues which are entirely out of the usual comfort, and just because of this, spend a few minutes for these when you are sightseeing. These are the work of David Cerny, contemporary artist. The bohemian artist started his working in the ‘80s and accomplished it to be a made man in the ‘90s with his works that makes everyone wonder about it, and this was the time when he became internationally recognized also.

If you happen to have a day for your hangover, take a walk to the babies next to the Kampa Museum. The huge, on all fours, naked babies are actually faceless. Cerny's same babies which are on the Zizkov TV Tower are the same, but these are going up on it.

While going around in the old town don't be afraid if you see a man hanging up high holding himself with one hand. The statue can be deceptive, because of that it is not surprising that the police has been called several times. The truth is, it is just another Cerny art: the hanging man is the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. As you can see it is more than worth it to pay attention as you go around in the city because you can see exciting things everywhere: the Embryo is a work of art that takes place in a drain, it is an embryo stuck in a pipe. This piece has interesting lighting at night and symbolizes the people's misunderstanding of the world, and how narrow-minded they are towards art.

Next, to the Quadrio shopping center, you can find the installation of the significant bohemian figure, from the 20th century's literary world: Franz Kafka ‘s face statue.

If sightseeing is not for your taste during the stag do, it is still worth to check out the installation of Cerny, because he is reflecting on the world in a very interesting, a little bit scary, but fascinating way. In the first one or two days it can also be a good topic for the group to get to know each other during the nights: like, who has never tried to change the world while getting a bit drunk during a night out?

Unlimited beer everywhere

So, if Prague, then beer. Czech beer is flowing everywhere, and sometimes you can get a pint of beer way cheaper than a bottle of water. Bohemians are the masters of beer brewing since the 10th century: a lot of brands, tastes, price categories and strengths in alcohol amount - which are only waiting for you to try out during the stag party! There are countless breweries in Prague where you can taste the various draft beers and can learn about the ways of beer brewing. Because of that, definitely take some time for a traditional brewery visit and tour during the stag do.

No doubt about it, the little trip to Prague is going to be a beer tour. It is essential to give a try for every beer - even if you tried it before at home - because they taste entirely different and the quality is not the same in Bohemia. No one knows why, but a Kozel tastes entirely different there than the one you can get at home.

Let’s see which 3 beers are a must to order when you are at a bar!

  1. The Pilsner Urquell which is one of the most famous Czech beers: the brewery in Plzeňben is still brewing with the old traditional techniques. The alcohol amount is around 5% in this perfect gold colored beer; the perfect quality is thanks to the refreshing taste and smell of hop.
  2. The previously mentioned Kozel (which means male goat) is brewing 4 different types of beers, but when you order it in a bar, you will get the 4% brown beer. Craggy and robust taste, not so sweet and the draft one is marvelous!
  3. The Bernard beers are never going to disappoint you. There are a lot of variations you can choose from: their lagers are famous, but the IPA or the flavored beers also deserve a try. These are beers with a little and robust bit bitter taste.

Czech people are very strict with their beer culture, and that is why you also have to keep their "rules". It is a must to use a beermat if it is prepared at the bar, but it is a nice gesture to put it down before the waiter/waitress brings it to your table. If you want to be loyal towards Czech tradition, use "Na zdraví" as a toast which means: Cheers! Also don't forget to keep eye contact while toasting - if you accidentally don't do it accept the consequences: 7 years of bad sex. Have to admit it, this is just a superstition, but still, you don't want to miss the eye contact.

If you need something stronger....

Good news for those who do not like beer! Bohemians are not only good with beers but also with spirits: especially with local spirits so if you want to try them out, you can go for it while you also taste the beers!

The Becherovka is a unique world of flavor, with aniseed, cinnamon and around 30 different herbs used as seasoning. A real bitters, which contains 38% alcohol and is a real punch during the stag do. If the taste of herbs is a bit strong, it is a good idea to mix it with tonic. Gin and Vodka are also made in the Czech Republic. The local drinks are really intense and hot so they will give you a really nice experience.

If you are the really tough guys, then the Slivovice is your drink. It is an extraction of plum which is drunk as a spirit. It is said that it is also good for curing sickness. Be careful about which you buy: a homemade one or lower quality one can be a really bad - or exactly not - memory.

Bohemians are also really good on the field of absinthe. The little bit dangerous and fiery, high alcohol containing drink is only for the brave ones and those who are not totally drunk. It is not the best way of having fun when you are rushing to the emergency because one of your friend's arm is on fire from the spilled burning alcohol. In the old town, there is a really authentic place, the Absintherie you can try out the different types of absinthes. If you drink absinthe, start here!

Prepare your stomach for the night!

During your travel, it is essential to get some food in your body along, before and after the massive amount of drinks. Good to keep in mind that the Czech cuisine is preparing some heavy dishes, but super tasefull. At least you are not starting the night with empty stomachs.

Pork is a really typical meat in the Czech cuisine, the crispy and tender kolena (trotters) with salad is one of the most popular dishes. Sometimes they make it in brown beer, giving it a more juicy taste. Along with meat, salads are also a very typical bohemian dish. Marinated cheese is like heaven: a soft and perfectly seasoned Camembert, in oil and garlic with chili is more than a perfect appetizer.

Video disco with 80’s and 90’s hits

The nightlife of Prague is a real treasure box for stag parties. In the city center, there are bars in an endless amount, further on clubs with different audiences and different music genres: alternative, jazz, retro, anything can be found, what you want. It is important to know that a few years ago smoking inside bars and clubs have been forbidden. Pay attention to this, since you do not want any kind of conflicts. The nighttime public transportation is a dream came to life, the trams run quite often and you can get to the outskirts of the city relatively fast.

Near the Wenceslas Square, you can find the Lucerna, where you can enjoy the best retro parties: Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, ABBA - the most memorable songs from your childhood! The experience is going to be the best since while the party is on you can see the clip of the song from the 80-90s on a huge screen, all this surrounded by an even bigger dance field.

Central Europe's biggest and best equipped nightclub can be found in Prague, the Karlovy Lázne: different music style on all 5 floors, surprises and opportunities are waiting for all of you. The best spot for electro-house lovers is the Retro where more than 1200 person can party together. The unique and special place has multiple floors and dance fields to choose from. They have an extraordinary sound and lighting system so it will not be a quiet music experience while dancing.

Can you smoke weed or not?

So the big always asked question: is it allowed to smoke weed in Prague? Bohemians are pretty liberal about this since 2010 for personal use it is legal to possess narcotics: local people can have 15 grams of marijuana with them or can grow 5 plants on their property. It is crucial that using marijuana for fun is still illegal, using it for medical intentions it is fully legal.

Keep in mind, that officially you can’t buy it anywhere - so it is not another Amsterdam what we are talking about when it comes to Prague. For sure: going down the streets the smell of weed is going to hit you quite often in Prague.

Make use of the early hours!

There are countless ways to do some sightseeing during the stag do: you can just get lost in the old town checking out the main points of interest, you can participate in tours, or you can come up with a plan to get around in the city with some games for the groom’s group.

If you want to get a taste of the bohemian lifestyle, but you don't want to get lost in the Czech culture it is worth to go around in the early hours - maybe on the way home from a party - go into the central, take a walk in the Charles Bridge and check out the sunrise. Along with the beautiful view, you will also avoid the big group of tourists and can have a calm and quite session of Prague.

However, if you want sightseeing during the day, definitely go to the hearth of the city and check out the Wenceslas Square. You will find the best shops, restaurants and beer bars there. The peculiar clockwork, the Orloj is also something you can't miss, it has been on the main square of the old town for centuries - it is one of the most important symbol of Prague, worth to at least make a selfie with it. In the castle of Prague, you will find the Golden Lane, the legend says that the alchemists in the 16th century tried to create gold in these streets. The story is obviously not totally true, since the alchemists were not even living there, but this is not something that can keep the people from spreading the legend. Anyway, it is a nice and pleasant walk, but be prepared for the crowd!

So what should you do in Prague?

In short: Lot of opportunities for you to discover if you choose Prague as your destination. Not just the endless parties, bars, and beers are waiting for you, but the exciting history and culture of the city. You can put your plans together to get a superb program, but you can also ask for help from us!

Here is the list of must do things you can’t leave out from the program:

  • Don't let the groom be sober: try as many beers as you can!
  • Since you are abroad, go for a short but meaningful sightseeing!
  • Taste the local food!
  • Get the most out of the night: try a new place every night!
  • Enjoy the green areas with a beer!