A Stag Do and a Strip Club: Bratislava’s Perfect Combination


There are very few things out there that can overload your senses as much as a visit to a strip club. Bratislava can offer quite a lot in this regard so it is a great destination if you think some titillating entertainment is in order. And if there is one event which calls for scantily-clad dancers, it is a stag do.

Now, not every stag do needs to include a visit to a strip club. But, many people consider it a rite of passage. The booming music coming out of the speakers, the gleaming lights, the strong fragrance of perfume that fills the air, and the beautiful women in provocative poses – it may be the only true way to bid farewell to unmarried life. Couple it with some other surprises of the erotic nature and you have a recipe for a stag do you and the rest of the guys won’t soon forget.

Basic Information about Strip Clubs in Bratislava

If this kind of entertainment sounds right up your alley, there are some things you should know. For one, most strip clubs in Bratislava use the so-called “Champagne system”. This means the customers buy drinks for the ladies and these drinks cost more than what they pay for their own. That is because they are paying for the girl’s time too. There are also private shows that cost extra.

Also, most girls who are not Slovakian come from the neighboring countries. In particular, there are a lot of Czech ladies. The clubs offer various types of shows and cater to different tastes. And even though you need to be extremely careful about it and ask in advance, there are circumstances when it’s okay to touch the girls.

And finally, all clubs have their specific rules. Some implied, others explicit. And because these can get somewhat fuzzy, it’s best to ask. This includes the touching policy, what each service implies, etc. There are also things you should never do. Disrespecting the girls, verbally or physically, being chief among them. You also can’t get too drunk – become unruly and someone will show you the door.

Where to Go When You Want to Visit a Strip Club: Bratislava’s Top Choices

After you’ve decided that you want to spice up your night, it’s time to pick a place to visit. Due to the nature of this business, it is very important to only go to reputable night clubs. This will ensure you avoid any unpleasantness and have an experience you’ll remember fondly. If you want to see some of the very best exotic entertainment Bratislava has to offer, the following four establishments are all fine choices.

Angel´s Cabaret Club

You can find this amazing club in the vicinity of the famous Michael’s Gate, one of Bratislava’s better-known landmarks. At Angel’s club, you can enjoy various shows in the company of beautiful girls. The club also rotates which drinks it has on offer, to make sure things stay fresh and there’s something for everyone.

The club makes a point to create a friendly atmosphere and respect each visitor. This means people who are new to this scene do not need to feel intimidated. No one will force you into anything, and you are free to take things at your own pace.

Carat Club

Right in the heart of Bratislava lies the spectacular Carat Club. With a glamorous interior and top-notch bartenders, you’ll immediately know you’ll party in style. The club pays extra attention to stag dos and offers special deals. You have several packages to choose from, and they all include strippers, go-go dancers, and bottle service. As a bonus, you can even choose which costumes the girls will wear, to make sure everything is to the groom’s personal tastes.

Devil’s Strip Club

The address of the Devil’s Strip Club is Baštová 3, and this is the home of some of Bratislava’s hottest entertainment. Whether you want to watch the show on the stage or enjoy some lap dances, the Devil’s Club has you covered. In addition, the well-stocked bar will ensure your glass is never dry.

As a quality of life feature, the club offers vouchers in different values. This is a great option if you don’t want to carry too much cash on you. When you know you’re going to drink, this can be a very smart move.

Red Cat Cabaret Club

Ending the list on a somewhat different note, the Red Cat is a proper cabaret club. This means that even though it has plenty of salacious content, it comes in the form of cabaret performances and burlesque shows. Located at Obchodná 17, this club welcomes artists from various areas.

Furthermore, the Red Cat also features an extraordinary vintage bar with excellent wines and tall drinks. An establishment with a unique atmosphere, it can provide a truly unforgettable night.

Spice up Your Stag Do with Special Programs

Visiting a strip club is great, but the erotic entertainment does not need to end there. There are many other ways to give the groom a surprise he’ll never forget. With Stagmadness, you can truly take your stag do to the next level. And since you’re leaving the organizing to the professionals, you know everything will go off without a hitch. All you need to do is choose which of the following activities to include.

Steak & Strip/Steak & Lesbian

You can’t party on an empty stomach, but that doesn’t mean your meal needs to be ordinary. With this offer, you get a table reservation, a delicious rib eye steak dinner, and a show to remember. You just need to pick between “regular” and lesbian.

Lap Dance Club Tour

If you want the best experience when visiting lap dancing clubs, you need a proper program. With Stagmadness, a guide will show you three of the finest spots in Bratislava and make sure you get nothing but the best. Your tables will be waiting for you, and all you need to do is savor the moment.

Sexy Striptease

No matter what you’re doing, it’s always better if you throw in some striptease. And now, you can do just that. You can add a 15-minute show to many other activities organized by Stagmadness and give everyone a surprise for the ages.

Wake-up Maid Stripper

There is nothing unusual about a maid in a hotel. But this wake-up service is anything but ordinary. The groom will get a special 15-minute show and start off the day in the best way possible.

Mud Wrestling

When it’s time to get dirty, nothing beats mud wrestling. A guide will escort you to the location and make sure you have everything you require. All that’s left is to decide if the girls will be wearing bikinis or if those garments would just get in the way.

Final Words

If there ever is a time to pull out all the stops, it’s a stag do. And it doesn’t get much more exciting than strip clubs and similar erotic programs.

It is truly a fitting way to celebrate someone’s last days before tying the knot. You do not to these activities often, so they will really make the occasion stand out. It is exciting and naughty, a perfect combination for a stag do. After all, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself and your friends to a guilty pleasure or two – a momentous event calls for special entertainment.