In this article, we’ll give you 9 great ideas for stag do pranks that are sure to get the groom-to-be laughing. You can arrange the stag activities through stag do companies like Stagmadness.  From harmless practical jokes to more elaborate schemes, we’ve got you covered for the ultimate stag party.

Understanding Stag Do Pranks

Stag do pranks, also known as bachelor party pranks, are playful tricks played on the groom during the stag weekend. These light-hearted practical jokes add a touch of humor and create lasting memories as the groom bids farewell to single life. Let’s delve into the role of these pranks in stag do traditions and how they bring fun and laughter to the celebration.

Defining stag do pranks

So what are the stag do pranks? Also known as bachelor party pranks, these are practical jokes that are played on the groom during the stag. Most of the time, these are light-hearted tricks which are played during the organised activities during the stag weekend. They are meant to be memorable for the groom and a way of marking their last night of freedom with some laughter. 

The Role of Pranks in stag do traditions

Pranks have been a long-standing part of stag dos for many decades. The stag party pranks bring fun and laughter to the stag do. It’s also a rite of passage for the groom with his fellow stags having their stag night pranks at their stag do.

PRO TIP:Include some surprises or challenges throughout the stag do to keep it exciting.

Planning the Perfect Stag Do Prank

Planning the perfect stag do prank requires a fine balance of humour, respect for the groom’s comfort, and the consent of all involved. In navigating this delicate operation, understanding the groom’s personality, setting boundaries, and finding the right balance between fun and embarrassment are all essential steps.

Considering the groom’s personality and preferences

When you are planning the stag pranks, you need to consider what the groom would prefer. You don’t want to offend him or upset him on his last night of freedom. It’s worth considering what he might find funny and what he may find is a hilarious stag prank before you arrange anything with the gang.

Another thing you need to do when planning the perfect stag do prank is ensure you know the boundaries you can go to. For instance, the groom may not be up for a female stripper at the stag. And while you want an unsuspecting stag, you want his consent if you are arranging anything that he may find inappropriate.

Finding the right balance: Fun vs. embarrassment

A fantastic stag party prank sets the right balance between fun and embarrassment. You want the groom to have the night of his life and the gang to find the stag do memorable and hilarious. But you also want to tread the fine line carefully so that it doesn’t lead to embarrassment for the groom.

Classic Stag Do Pranks

1. The hilarious fake arrest

A fake arrest prank is one of those iconic, favourite stag pranks that leave the groom in a funny situation. This prank sees the person ‘arrested’ by the police as a joke. It’s best to find someone to pretend to be a police officer and do it in a place that wouldn’t cause harm or worry to those around you. You need to decide what to arrest the groom for and where you will take them. Remember to obtain everyone’s consent and don’t leave the joke to run for too long.

You want the arrest to feel real to the groom. So you need the right props and costumes to pull off an epic stag prank. You first need to high a costume for the person pretending to be law enforcement to wear. It would be a good idea to get some handcuffs, a barton and maybe a pretend inflatable jar to put him in.

2. The ultimate dress-up challenge

A fancy dress is always a favourite for a stag and can pull off a fantastic stag. The more outrageous the better. The ultimate dress-up challenge sees everyone tricked into wearing the most outrageous. From animals to superheroes, the ’80s to ’90s, choose a theme and watch everyone get it spot on.

You could also do a prank where the groom doesn’t know someone is attending the stag as they go incognito. Choose a great disguise that is comfortable yet surprising and remember to decide when they shout out themselves to the others. Go total Masked Singer for the biggest shock.

3. The epic lost-in-translation ordeal

One of the funniest pranks, you can create a humorous language barrier prank which involves the stag party facing language barriers when trying to go around the foreign country. Whether one person tells people the right thing to say which is wrong, this can add comedic value to the prank.

Why not plan activities that embrace cultural differences but in a hilarious setting? For instance, by getting them to try different foods that are popular in the culture or even trying to engage in exchanges in the language, funny memories are to be had. 

Creative Stag Do Pranks

4. Switching the groom’s personal belongings

It’s always funny to see the groom finding personal belongings that don’t belong to him. Get others from the group to choose one item they can swap and then do it sneakily such as at the hotel or when you are out during the day. Distract him and one of you can make your move.

Remember when he pulls out something that doesn’t belong to him in broad daylight, grab the hilarious reaction with a photo or video. It will create memories you will look back on in the future and laugh all together.

TRAVEL TIP:Stay hydrated and carry a reusable water bottle to save money and reduce plastic waste.

5. The unforgettable photo bomb

Conduct this prank when the groom least expects it. Whether you do it at the start of the stag, the middle or the end, it will leave him gobsmacked. You could get someone in disguise to photobomb during the shot and then only show up when the groom looks at the photo later. Or you could even get a celebrity, or at least a lookalike, to photo-bomb the picture.

Planning the perfect surprise photoshoot.

Reveal the surprise at the last minute or even when the photo has been taken. Just remember to take a photo or video when they notice the surprise. That way, you can show the others back home in years to come.

6. The unexpected guest

It’s always funny to arrange a surprise appearance as the ultimate prank for the groom.  Whether it’s a family member they haven’t seen for years, a friend from abroad or even a celebrity guest, it’s always a fun prank.

The unexpected guest. Arranging a surprise appearance.

Make contact with the person in good time so they have time to plan the trip and book transport. They need to know where they should turn up and when. Also, you should ensure it’s kept secret until the big moment. 

Outdoor Adventure Stag Do Pranks

7. The challenging obstacle course

Why not make an adventurous activity even more fun with a challenging obstacle course? Whether you are meant to be going paintballing, go karting or climbing wall, add a challenging obstacle course to make it a whole new level of awesomeness.

The challenging obstacle course: outdoor wall climbing.

You should plan it with the organisers to make sure whatever obstacle course you create is safe for all the stags. You want to keep it a surprise for the gang but also want something fun and exciting. 

8. The wild treasure hunt

You could also do a wild treasure hunt for the groom and the gang as this is fun and a chance to surprise and shock the groom. Why not do clues and challenges that are related to the groom? For instance, where he first got drunk? Or where he had his first kiss. The challenges are always worth planning with the gang.

When they think they have found a clue why not mix it up by giving them a dare to do before making the next move? Or perhaps you could add a twist of needing to go to a different town or city to find the next clue. Surprise and excite them with this wild goose chase.

FUN FACT:Destinations for stag dos can range from local bars and clubs to exotic locations abroad.

9.  The mysterious trail of clues

To create the ultimate scavenger hunt, make sure you plan exactly what clues you want to have to keep everyone engaged and having fun. It may be the case you want to incorporate puzzles and riddles into the hunt. Getting them right will then help you to progress along the trail. Surprise encounters always make a scavenger hunt even more exciting for everyone. That could be even someone the groom knows to give the gang a clue.

You also want to make sure everyone enjoys the hunt so make sure there are surprises on the way. Whether it’s funny things to find in a way that relates to the groom such as a pair of his underpants or a poster from his room growing up, he will be in for the ultimate surprise and have an amazing time.


You want everyone to have an epic time on the luxury stag do and with some of these pranks, they will remember the stag forever. Of course, you need to ensure the stag pranks are appropriate for the groom and the gang. You don’t want to offend and should be respectable with any pranks you organise. But you also want to ensure they are hilarious and an amazing time for everyone. You can organise the ultimate Stag Do through Stagmadness which has the best pranks possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some important considerations when planning stag do pranks?

Consider what the groom may enjoy when planning a stag do pranks. Remember to choose pranks that are possible to plan and work with the location, timing and people attending the stag do.

Are there any boundaries I should be aware of when pulling off pranks?

 Discuss with the groom anything not appropriate that he wouldn’t want to occur during the stag do. You don’t want to do anything potentially unsafe or could offend during the stag.

What are some memorable prank ideas that are safe and enjoyable?

You could pretend to kidnap the groom and take him to an unknown destination. Just make sure you don’t keep up the prank for too long. You could also make him dance on stage in front of everyone at the bar or club. 

How can I involve everyone in the prank without ruining the surprise?

You want everyone’s input but also want them to have a wonderful time. Ask for their stag do ideas at the beginning and then surprise them with pranks on the day.

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