From classic games with a boozy twist to new and inventive games you’ve never heard of before, there’s something for everyone in this list and Stagmadness can help you find the perfect setting. So let’s dive into the world of stag do drinking games that will make you the ultimate party host!

Why Include Drinking Games in Your Stag Do?

Who says a stag do needs to be ordinary? Sprinkle in some drinking games, and you’ve got a recipe for a night of exhilarating laughs, heartwarming bonds, and unforgettable stories. Ideal for breaking the ice, these games guarantee a lively interaction among all. Now, let’s explore this a little more!

Adding an Exciting Element to the Festivities

With some fun games, it makes drinking that pint of beer even more exciting. It’s a great way to add some laughter and a fun element to that cheap stag do. Drinking on its own can be boring but adding a party game will make the whole event more memorable.

Bonding and Creating Lasting Memories

You want everyone to come away from the entire stag weekend with lasting memories and a tale or two to tell. With games, they offer some hilarious moments that you will all never forget and that will bond the group together.

Breaking the Ice and Enhancing Social Interaction

You will find that everyone may be a bit subdued at the start of the stag, especially if they don’t know each other. Games break the ice and ensure everyone bonds very quickly. It’s a great way to get everyone interacting.

PRO TIP:Delegate tasks to trusted friends to help with planning and logistics.

Planning the Perfect Stag Do Drinking Games

Setting the stage for the perfect stag do drinking games starts with, well, the stage itself! Choosing a venue that fosters fun and excitement is key to getting those beer pong balls bouncing. And of course, you’ll want to tailor the games to your attendees – considering their energy levels, drink preferences, and even those who prefer the soda to the stout. But remember, fun doesn’t mean forgetting responsibility – setting some ground rules can ensure everyone has a blast without overdoing it. Finally, you wouldn’t go to a knight’s duel without a sword, so don’t forget to gather your supplies for the epic beer-filled battles ahead!

Choosing the Right Venue and Setting the Mood

You need the games to take place somewhere that will set the mood. For instance, if you are going to do beer pong, you want a venue which has plenty of space and a fun atmosphere. The venue can make or break the stag party weekend.

Considering the Guest List and Preferences

You want to plan the games to suit the guest list. So if there are members of the group that are less active, you want to consider them and if they could do a beer-drinking relay race. Also, remember to think about the non-drinkers too.

Setting Ground Rules for Responsible Drinking

You want to ensure everyone has a memorable time but that they stay safe too. Therefore, decide some ground rules on the amount of beer you will all consume during the stag weekend. Having a number in mind keeps everyone safe and healthy.

Gathering the Necessary Supplies and Equipment

You need everything in place so that you can play the games effectively during the stag weekend. From pint glass to a table tennis ball, get everything ready so that you can have a fantastic stag weekend.

Classic Stag Do Drinking Games

1. Beer Pong: A Competitive Classic

How to Set Up the Beer Pong Table

For the classic stag game of beer pong, you need to find a suitable table and give it a good clean. Then arrange 10 cups on both sides of the table and put them in a triangle formation. You then need to fill them with the chosen drink and set a midline on the table. 

beer pong

Rules and Gameplay Tips for Maximum Fun

Split the group into teams and why not add some prizes for the winners and dares for the losers? Add some elements of distraction from one team to another and remember to remove the cups once the ball has landed in it and has been drunk.

TRAVEL TIP:Pack a small first aid kit with essential medications and supplies.

2. Flip Cup: Cheers to Team Spirit

Assembling Teams and Cups

Choose the teams from the stag do gang and then arrange the cups, usually 10 per team at the end of the table. You can then fill them with the chosen beverage and then decide on a starting point.

Step-by-Step Guide to Flip Cup Success

 To play flip cup, you want one member of each team to drink the entire contents of their cup as quickly as they can then turn it upside down and then use only their fingers to flip it back to the right side up. The next player then goes and this continues until the whole team has completed the game. You can do this multiple times to find the ultimate team to win.

3. Kings: A Royal Drinking Game

The Deck of Cards Setup

The first thing you need to do is set up the game of Kings. You need a standard deck of cards, you can then place them facedown or stack them. Remember to give each card a specific action or rule that the player needs to complete.

You could play a version where everyone starts drinking until the person who has drawn the card stops drinking. You could also play it where the person who drew the card then picks who is next to have a drink. You could also get the person who drew the card to take a drink. It will soon get everyone tipsy.

Creative and Unique Stag Do Drinking Games

4. Drunk Jenga: Building Tipsy Towers

Customizing Your Jenga Blocks

When you start assembling the Jenga. Why not add a rule or action on each piece? For instance, having to drink if you pull out a particular one. It makes the game much more interesting and gets everyone tipsy.

Gameplay Instructions and Twists

While the main game is taking them out slowly from the tower without knocking down the whole thing, make this drunk jenga more fun by getting the person playing to have a drink first and then ensure they do the challenge or action directed by the piece.

5. Shot Roulette: Spinning the Wheel of Shots

Preparing the Roulette Wheel

You need to get the shot glasses ready and fill them with a beverage of your choice. Remember to find a makeshift wheel if you don’t have a ready-made roulette wheel and ensure you have the bottles ready to refill.

Exciting Shot Selection Ideas

You could always add in surprise elements like the person who it lands on could choose for someone else. Remember to choose as many different drinks as possible to make it more interesting.

6. Drunk Waiter: A Hilarious Test of Balance

Materials Required and Setup Instructions

To play the hilarious game of drunk waiter, you need to get some drinks and a tray for the chosen waiter. Ensure the tray is big enough to carry the drinks. You may want to make an obstacle course which makes it even more hilarious for them to tackle the route while drunk.

Rules and Variations for Maximum Laughter

You could set up a time trial so they only have a specific amount of time to tackle being the waiter. You could also offer a drinking penalty if they do spill any on the way.  And why not get the player to be blindfolded to make it extra funny?

FUN FACT:The most popular stag do destinations include Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Prague, and Ibiza.

Outdoor Stag Do Drinking Games

7. Beer Olympics: Compete for Stag Glory

Selecting Olympic Events and Teams

You can use different Olympic events and add a beer twist. For instance, why not put on a relay race with the gang split into teams? Get them to have some cans of beer to make it funny. Or get them to run 100 metres holding a pint of beer to have a real laugh.

12 Stag Do Drinking Games. Beer Olympics: Compete for Stag Glory

Medals, Prizes, and Post-Game Celebrations

Prizes and medals will make the Olympics even funnier and ensure everyone gets their competitive spirit to take part.

8. Water Balloon Fights: Wet and Wild Fun

Setting Up the Battlefield

Having a water balloon fight is a fun stag activity, especially if you have hot weather during the stag. Set up the battlefield by choosing where each team will be able to go and get all the balloons ready to go

Incorporating Drinking Challenges for Added Excitement

You can add a drinking challenge into the game by getting the player who gets hit with the water balloon to sip their drink. You could also get the loser at the end who has been hit by the most water balloons to have to drink a specific beverage of your choosing.

9. Lawn Darts: A Targeted Drinking Game

Creating Safe and Fun Dart Zones

You want to ensure safety is the priority so make sure the data zones have lots of space around them. You want them to vary in difficulty and ensure there is a good, safe place for the other members of the team to stand while they play. You could even use inflatable darts instead.

Rules and Variations for Outdoor Stag Fun

You can customise the game so that depending on what they land on with the dart, they have to take a different drink. Or choose someone else to have a drink if they land on the bullseye.

Drinking Games for Themed Stag Parties

10. Casino Night: Bets, Booze, and Bravado

You can host a casino night with a drinking twist. You could play blackjack where every time a player busts (goes over 21), they take a drink. Or you could play roulette where the number it lands on the player has that specific drink.

Casino Night: Bets, Booze, and Bravado. Popular Casino Games with Drinking Twists.

Dressing the Part and Creating a Casino Atmosphere

Make sure everyone gets suited and booted so that they feel like they are in las vegas. You can even get a live singer and set the tone with moody lighting. Hire some casino boards to make it feel realistic. 

11. Pub Crawl Challenges: Explore, Drink, and Conquer

Pub Crawl Itinerary and Route Planning

You can also get the gang to take part in a pub crawl along with some fun games. Planning a stag do route involves choosing which pubs you want to visit. Get someone in charge of the sat nav and then you can tick off when you have been to the pub and what you all had.


Engaging Challenges to Complete at Each Venue

Choose a specific craft beer or wine the venue is known for and tries their signature drink at each of the bars. You could also play a game where someone picks a drink for another member of the group and they have to drink it. Blindfold them and make them guess the drink.

Sports Spectacular: Combining Sports and Sips

Tailoring Drinking Games to Different Sports

You can play some drinking games while playing or watching some sports to make it more fun. For instance, you could have a shot every time scores a goal or you could even choose a specific horse and then if they win, you get to have a drink.

Hosting a Sports-Watching Party with a Boozy Twist

Watching sports with a boozy twist is a fun way to make stags more exciting. For instance, you could watch football and take a shot every time there is a corner or a yellow card. You could also make a bet on who will get the first goal or win and the winner chooses whose round is next.


Drinking games are a great way to add some fun and laughter to stag dos. Whether you fancy some beer pong, a game of flip cups or Kings, you can make the stay unforgettable. Just find the perfect venue which can be arranged through stag do companies like Stagmadness and you could even combine the drinking games with activity. Just remember to stay safe and ensure everyone doesn’t overdrink, but have a brilliant stag do.

Drinking games are a great way to add some fun and laughter to stag dos. Whether you fancy some beer pong, a game of flip cups or Kings, you can make the stay unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I include non-alcoholic options in the drinking games?

Of course, it’s possible to include non-alcoholic drinks in the games you play. Just choose some fun cordials or fizzy drinks that they have to sip during the game. 

How can I ensure responsible drinking during the stag?

Ensure everyone knows what the limit is when it comes to drinking games. You don’t want anyone to be ill when they are meant to be enjoying the luxury stag do.

Can I modify the rules of classic drinking games?

Feel free to add different elements to classic drinking games to make them more fun or appropriate for your stag gang. For instance, why not get people to swap teams halfway through beer pong to spice it up?

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