So, grab a drink and get ready to have some fun, because these stag do challenges are not for the faint of heart!

Classic Challenges

Pub Crawl 

A good pub crawl is one of the most standard challenges you could think of for a stag party. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring or outdated. With a little thought, you could spice up your pub crawl with a theme or set of goals.

1. Design your ale trail: Visit craft breweries and pubs

An ale trail is a fun stag party challenge that will help boost the group. You can visit craft breweries or pubs in a city such as Budapest.

Pub Crawl: Design your ale trail: Visit craft breweries and pubs.

2. Film & TV-themed night: Dress up as characters from your favourite movies or shows.

You can ensure the groom has the ultimate stag by getting the gang to all dress up as their favourite characters. It will make for legendary nights with hilarious pictures.

Film & TV-themed night: Dress up as characters from your favourite movies or shows.

3. Sports-themed pub crawl: Visit sports bars and compete in pub games

You can organise a sports-themed pub crawl. With fun games such as darts or pool, your group can make their way across the sports bars in the city.

Playing darts: Sports-themed pub crawl: Visit sports bars and compete in pub games. You can organise a sports-themed pub crawl.

4.  Cocktail crawl: Sample signature cocktails at each bar

Why not organise a cocktail crawl for the gang? Make a list of stag cocktails they must try at each bar you visit.

Cocktail crawl: Sample signature cocktails at each bar.
TRAVEL TIP:Inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid any issues with your credit or debit cards.

Stag Do Pranks

Challenge? What about a kidnapping or a flash mob? Turn your challenge into a prank and enjoy some laughs at the groom’s expense. Just remember to make sure it’s actually funny!

5. Kidnap the groom: Stage a fake kidnapping

One of those classic stag pranks is to stage a fake kidnapping of the groom and take them to a location that has been decided beforehand by the group.

6. Fake celebrity encounter: Hire an impersonator to surprise the groom with a “VIP” encounter

You can also pull off a hilarious prank where someone pretends to be a celebrity. 

7. Surprise flash mob: Organise a group of dancers to perform a choreographed routine

You can impress the groom by organising a flash mob to perform a choreographed act for the stags. It would make a brilliant stag do surprised and he will be touched by the effort.

8. Faux newspaper article: Create a fake news story about the groom

You can pull off the ultimate prank where you create a news story about the groom, good or bad, and everyone has to pretend it’s real. 

Costume Stag Do Challenges

Marvel vs DC? Dress everyone up for a costume-themed party. This kind of challenge is great for making memories and Instagram worthy photos, too.

9. Heroes vs. Villains: Split the group into two teams, dressing as iconic heroes and villains

Everyone loves a good dress-up challenge and the groom will love the idea of everyone in heroes or villain outfits.

10. Decade dress-up: Choose a specific decade and dress accordingly

Whether the groom is mad on the 80s or is a huge fan of the 90s, you can choose a fancy dress from any era.

11. Movie mashup: Each participant dresses as a character from a different movie

You could all choose a different film if you fancy a night to remember. 

12.  Wild West: Dress up for a Western-themed party

Go to the wild wild west with some cowboys, sheriffs and outlaws outfits. 

Adventure & Sports Stag Do Challenges

Active grooms and groomsmen might enjoy an adventurous challenge for the stag do. These go really well before a night of partying, but maybe not so great if everyone is hungover!

Paintball Wars

13. Capture the flag: Set up a paintball battle 

Incorporate a battle element into paintballing with a fun capture-the-flag game.

14. Protect the President

The groom plays the president in this fun, adventurous game which sees one group try and kill him and the others protect him. 

 15. Last man standing: A free-for-all paintball match

You can make paintballing even more fun during the stag with a challenge to see who will be the last standing at the end of the game.

16. Paintball assassin: Each player receives a target to eliminate

Paintball Assassin is a fun way to make paintballing extra fun for the stag do.

PRO TIP:Consider booking accommodation that can comfortably accommodate the entire group.

Go-Kart Racing

Go-kart. Time trial challenge: Each participant races individually, aiming for the best lap time. You can make go-karting even more fun by incorporating a fun time trail challenge.

17. Relay race: Split the group into teams, and each member takes turns racing around the track

A fun stag do activity which sees all of the group getting a go while racing.

18. Time trial challenge: Each participant races individually, aiming for the best lap time

You can make go-karting even more fun by incorporating a fun time trail challenge.

19. Blindfolded racing: One person drives while the other navigates

Go blind while go-karting. Split the group into pairs and see which one wins the race.

20. Mario Kart-themed race: Dress up as Mario Kart characters 

For all those Mario fans, get the whole group to dress as the characters and compete to see who wins.

Tank Driving

Tank Driving.

21. Tank & Weapon

You can have some fun when tank driving by having a tank and weapon challenge to make it a lot more fun for the whole group.

22. Tank Rodeo

Pull off a rodeo while tank driving to give the activity a challenging edge for the groom and his stags.

23. Kidnapping & Tank

Kidnap the groom while tank driving with guns and blank bullets included in the ultimate prank.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting.

24. Battle of the rafts: Two rafts compete to see which can navigate rapids the fastest

While you are white water rafting, have some friendly competition to see who is the fastest.

25. Raft flip challenge: Attempt to flip the raft and recover

Make white water rafting even more challenging by staging a flip-over and recovering working altogether.

26. Wildlife spotting: Turn the rafting adventure into a wildlife-spotting competition

Keep your eyes out for wildlife while you are white water rafting with your group. 

27. Raft building: Split the group into teams and construct your rafts

Why not make your rafts to make it even more of a challenge for the group? You can then fight it out for the winning spot.

Unique and Unusual Stag Do Challenges

Know a groom who has been there and done that? That’s okay! Your stag do challenges can be as unique and quirky as you want. Try out an escape room or dodge the zombie hordes. The sky is the limit!

Escape Room Madness

Unique and Unusual Stag Do Challenges: Escape rooms

28. House of Escobar

Take on a fun mission during the House of Escobar escape room. The thrilling game sees the group take on various puzzles.

29. Deadland

Work together with the gang to see if you can survive the apocalypse in the fun escape room of Deadland.

30. Project Heisenberg

A cool and fun escape room, fans of the show will love trying to escape this modern escape room.

31. Bunker Heist

With only an hour to finish the job, will the group be able to survive the challenge of escaping the Bunker Heist?

Stag Do Treasure Hunt

32. Citywide scavenger hunt: Hide items across the city

You can go on the ultimate treasure hunt where you hide items across the city and work together to find the list of items.

33. Bar crawl treasure hunt: Combine a pub crawl with hidden items and riddles in each pub

Make a drink in the city extra fun by combining the pub crawl with a treasure hunt.

FUN FACT:They often involve activities such as drinking, games and pranks.

34. Digital treasure hunt: Use a smartphone app to guide you

You can also make a digital treasure hunt. Everyone in the group can use their phones to go on a modern treasure hunt.

35. Photo challenge hunt: Complete various photo challenges at different locations throughout the city

Get proof with the shot that the stags made it to the location.

Stag Do Olympics

36. Beer pong tournament: Set up a bracket-style competition 

Beer Pong is the ultimate stag do activity and you can have a bracket-style competition.

Beer pong tournament: Set up a bracket-style competition.

37. Inflatable obstacle course: Rent an inflatable course

Test out everyone’s skills while having a hilarious time with an inflatable course.

38. Wacky sports day: Organise a day of unconventional sports

Why not put on some fun sports day challenges for the group? Is anyone up for the egg and spoon race?

39. Drunken Jenga: Play Jenga with rules written on each block

Jenga is fun but add in the element of drink and it’s a hilarious stag do activity. 

Skill-Based Stag Do Challenges

You might want to change things up and build your stag do around particular skills. For example, you could go with a poker night if everyone knows the game. Or everyone could learn something new, like cocktail mixing.

Poker Night

Poker Night.

40. Texas Hold’em tournament: Host a friendly poker tournament 

Poker is a brilliant activity and you can host the ultimate tournament with the winner taking all.

41. Dealer’s choice: Rotate the dealer and let them choose the poker variation

You can let everyone have a go at being the dealer and they can choose the poker variation.

42. Poker relay: Pair up and take turns playing poker, with the highest combined score winning

You could pair up the group and see what the highest score they can get in their twosomes.

43. Bluff master: Award points for successful bluffs 

Who can make the most bluffs during the poker game? Time to test their skills.

Cocktail Masterclass

44. Cocktail roulette: Each participant creates a mystery cocktail 

Why not make a mystery cocktail and let the others at the stag party guess which one?

45. Signature cocktail competition: Craft a unique cocktail and have the group vote 

You can see who the best is at making cocktails with a competitive cocktail competition.

46. Blindfolded mix-off: Compete to create the best cocktail

Add a fun twist to cocktail making by making the person wear a blindfold for the challenge.

47. Speed mixing challenge: Race against the clock to mix a series of cocktails 

You can make cocktail-making extra challenging by setting it against the time 

Cook-Off Challenge

48. Chopped-style competition: Provide mystery ingredients and challenge participants to create a dish 

Using ingredients of your choosing, make a dish using them and compete with the other stags.

49. Themed cook-off: Select a specific cuisine and have each participant prepare a dish 

A themed cook-off is a great challenge. Whether you go for Chinese or Italian, make a dish of your dreams.

50. Bake-off challenge: Whip up delicious baked goods and have everyone vote 

Tickle those taste buds with a bake-off challenge to get everyone making some delicious treats.

51. Street food showdown: Compete to make the best street food-inspired dish

Go street-food crazy with a showdown on who can make the best grub.

Bonus Stag Do Challenges

Quiz Night

52. Trivia showdown: Organise a quiz night 

You can pull off the ultimate quiz night by testing the group’s knowledge of everything from music to film.

53.  Battle of the mates: Split the group into teams and compete in a quiz 

You can also do a ‘Who knows the groom best’ quiz with the group split into teams to find the winning group.

54. Picture round: Include a picture round

Picture rounds are a fun challenge with photos of various areas or celebrities to discover. 

Outdoor Stag Do Ideas

55. Zorbing: Roll down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball for a thrilling experience

Get adventurous with the challenge of zorbing. 

Zorbing: Roll down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball for a thrilling experience

Get adventurous with the challenge of zorbing.

56. High ropes course: Test your agility and courage on a high ropes course

You can head on a high ropes course which will test the group’s courage and agility at great heights.

57. Mountain biking: Hit the trails and enjoy a day of off-road cycling

Mountain biking is a lot of fun especially when off-road. Find the best trails for everyone to have a great challenge.

58. Canyoning: Explore canyons and swim through rock pools

You can take part in canyoning which is a fun challenge during the stag do.


A stag challenge is a great way to add an extra element of fun and thrill to the stag do. Whether you want to do something exciting and adventurous or a challenge which is more tasking and energetic, the choice is yours for the stag. Remember you can arrange the activities with stag do packages through Stagmadness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose the right challenges for my group?

Consider the abilities of the group and their favourite interests before you book anything for the stag do.

How can I ensure everyone stays safe during the stag do?

Ensure they listen to instructions and only take part in challenges that are acceptable for their health.

Can I mix and match challenges from different categories?

If you are going to a stag weekend, spread the challenges across the time away to ensure everyone puts their wits to the test.

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