Prague stag ideas: 13 tips for the groom’s best weekend


Needless to say, as a best man, it’s your duty to organize the stag do from start to end. But how would you make it happen without even knowing the possibilities? Alright, at least you already have picked the right destination, which makes you a little bit more comfortable. But somewhere deep inside there’s a voice saying you shouldn’t lean back, even though Prague is one of the greatest place to release the steam with the stag.

If you guys are fond of fascinating cityscapes, there is no better place to go to the capital of Czech Republic. But supposedly, the landscape is not the only reason you’re organizing this stag party in Prague, aren’t you? Once you enter the first Czech pub, you’ll realize that the price of the beers are ridiculously cheap, while they taste better than anything you’ve ever tried before. Then normally, you wouldn’t stop the party after a few beers, but start looking for some clubs to shake off the dizziness. Well, for your best luck there’s no lack of nightclubs either.

In spite of all the numerous and fun opportunities the programme should be well planned, otherwise the whole weekend could go wrong. For instance, imagine some of your friends begin to argue whether to do more sport activities, while the others would keep up drinking until the end... It’s also possible that you all agree on doing one particular thing, but due to the short opening hours you need to skip the program. Besides, you might be up for making some dirty joke with the groom, which requires some preliminary preparation. The point is, don’t miss the chance to take some actions in advance.

In order to help you with the planning we listed 13 exceptional ideas, which definitely worth a try. Don’t panic, even if you do only the half of it, you’ll be probably mentioned as the greatest best man of the planet.

1. Beers first: special pubs in Prague

So you landed at the airport are about to begin your insane stag weekend in Prague. From there you either take one of the airport shuttles or order your private shuttle - just to speed up the process, and finally find yourself in the streets of Prague. The first thing is to grab some snacks and drink your well-deserved traditional czech, cold beer after the long ride. Before, you get frustrated which one to choose among the hundreds of bars, we gathered some of the best for you.

If you guys are into railways and beers, don’t go further than Vytopna. This restaurant is located at Wenceslas Square and offers delicious food and drinks at reasonable prices. The 400m miniature railway makes the place absolutely unique, which constantly runs around the whole restaurant with 20 km/h speed. The trains pass through sculptured rock formations and hoist bridges as they would do in real life. However, they are not rolling for nothing, they deliver beers right to your table.

Vzorkovna is completely a different kind of bar due to its grundy and hipster atmosphere. This alternative jumble is in the heart of the city, offering a wide selection of beers with ever-changing local snacks. Live jam sessions are held at almost every evening, making your time even more enjoyable. Don’t be surprised when you arrive to the entrance, since there is no light. Start walking slowly down slowly until you glimpse the weird wolfhound at the door, say hi then enjoy your night!

2. Party party and party: you cannot miss it!

The nightlife in Prague is quite extraordinary. The style of the clubs are diverse allowing you to pick the perfect place that matches your needs. Ranging from chillout house, calm jazz music to heavy metal you’ll find everything here. Besides, you’ll get the answer - if you ever wondered - have good it’d be to party in the eighties or ease out for some hip hop rhythm.

Lucerna Music Bar is on the top of the list when it comes to clubbing. That’s the spot, where even the mostly peaceful Czechs become party animals. Occasionally there are live gigs performed by both Czech and foreign bands, adding up even more diversity to the place. Even some of the widely-known rock, blues and jazz musicians have played on stage already. If you’d be worried where to go on a Friday or Saturday night, the doors of Lucerna Music Bar are always open for you!

Let’s say you’re looking for something more up-to-date, perhaps an insane house or exalted R'n'B party. In this case, you should visit Radost FX, where awesome mood and awesome music are guaranteed. Since the very beginning, the club has invited top quality DJs such as Paul Van Dyk and Carl Cox, which habit has been kept up until nowadays. Another uniqueness of the club is that the nights are built around a specific theme, so you’ll not only receive musical gratification, but will feel like as part of the performance as well.

If you don’t get embarrassed by showing up in an exclusive nightclub then Duplex is for you. The club is on the top of the building at the Wenceslas Square. From Wednesday to Saturday Duplex features international DJs as well as local favorites. Bigger groups easily can get lost in the two-storey club and - in a good case - meet up again in the early morning.

3. One of the most relaxing Prague stag do ideas: having a bath in beer!

So, you’ve had a tough night and suffer from headache. We all know there’s nothing better than taking a nice, refreshing bath in a big tub of beer. What? Sounds absurd, right?

Enjoy the health benefits of bathing in beer while relaxing in handmade royal oak. The high content of hop silicates contributes to opening-up of skin pores, while the vitamin B completely revitalize your skin. Hop sauna sessions are also available here, which should be followed by a long nap in one of the wheat straw beds. Of course, when the hangover is gone and you feel like filling up again, just shout out and moisturize with a perfectly draught Krušovice.

4. Escape rooms: perfect for small teams!

Are you a Sherlock Holmes type of group, up for challenges and keen on solving riddles? Tired of drinking hard and wish to use your brain as well during the stag weekend?

Well, going down to one of the escape rooms could be an interesting option for you. The game is normally designed for 4-5 people and is about decoding puzzles and interpreting weird signs. By solving all the tasks you’ll find your way out of the room and will be added to the ranking list. The games are set in fictional locations such as space stations, old basements and pirate caves. You have one hour to escape, hurry up!

5. Private river cruises on the Vlata

Supposedly, you wouldn’t have too much time on sightseeing and even less time for visiting the museums. Taking a private boat, on one hand enables to see the main attractions at least from outside. But that’s not the biggest deal about it. You’re the only ones on the boat - unless you have extra wishes... Put your fav music on, fill up the glasses and prepare for the night while having an incredible “moving” panorama.

6. Water zorbing: water running without getting wet

Okay, water zorbing might need some clarification. There is a huge ball or at least a ball-shaped plastic thing on the water situated close to Smetanovo riverbank. You climb into it, then start walking. First you fall, then stand up. After some minutes passing by and you’re literally running on the water, however you’re not getting wet, but sweaty, probably. Water zorbing is suitable for all ages and highly recommended for sporty guys. Great fun and a little bit different activity than lap dancing. Of course, the two things don’t exclude each other!

7. Rafting, the adrenaline stroke

Including some sport programmes could definitely shake up the stag weekend. Especially, if the selected sport is rafting. Starting the stag do with this extreme sport brings you in a good mood and strengthens the team spirit. Even without being the mostly pumped-up men on earth, you’ll survive, believe me. All you have to do is paddling, bypassing the rocks and staying on board.

Before you put it on the list, don’t forget to ask the groom whether he’s ready for such a crazy experience!

8. The secret and hidden side of Prague

Let’s assume you just can’t reduce the adrenaline in your blood whatever sport you do. Well, what’s left there to solve this issue? You either don’t care and keep up the level or try to calm down somehow else. Whatever the case is, Prague still features some great possibilities to let the steam off: bar crawls, nightclubs and casinos by name. The order of this lovely journey is up to you, though!

If you’d be very purposeful in terms of visiting some strippers, then here’s a small hint: most of the lap dancing clubs are located around the Wenceslas Square, so lead the team into that direction! Some of the most expensive and well-known clubs are Goldfingers Night Club, Darling Cabaret and Hot Peppers. All of these places offers lap dancing, private strip shows and even more upon your request....There’s a gossip, jelly wrestling sessions are also held in some of these places!

Among all, Goldfinger is one of the best known in Prague located in the Ambassador Hotel. Whether you’d enjoy a long dirty show with 15 hot girls on stage or dedicate only one sexy lady to the groom in private, Goldfinger is the best option. However, when it’s about paying for the memorable service and the tasty drinks, don’t be too surprised. Probably Darling Cabaret is the only other club, which is even more exclusive and pricy. The club is just off the Wenceslas Square, so if you get bored and feel like meeting other beautiful girls playing with interesting toys that’s not more than a 5 minutes walking from Goldfinger.

Once you’re done with the strip clubs, you deserve some (more) drinks. Choose a guided pub crawl and drink unlimited amount of alcohol for 2,5 hours! Don’t worry, at the end of the crawl you’ll enter into a disco for free where you’ll be able to dance out the booze.

9. Absinthe and beer: sightseeing as you wouldn’t think of!

Despite of the wild nights, you have to take a long walk around Prague’s Old Town, it’s a real gem. First of all, you cannot bypass the Charles Bridge, which is a cultural and tourist hotspot. Entertainers and merchants make this tiny bridge continuously crowded.

The most popular attraction of the Old Town is the Orloj. The astronomical clock is located on the facade of the old town hall. The clockwork has a very complex structure that displays time, the current seasons, stars as well as the Moon’s position.

Turning back to drinks, Absintherie is a hidden little bar in the middle of the Old Town with dozens of Absinthes to choose from. Depending on your taste, you can either have it in a cocktail or can drink it traditionally as a shot. If you get thirsty again, continue your journey directly to the Beer Museum, where you can both consume culture and insanely delicious beer. The beer list is even longer than a menu in some restaurants. In order to help you with the decision, each of every beer has its own detailed description.

10. Battue: paintball and shooting

Why not doing something fun with guns that don’t actually hurt you. Okay, it hurts sometimes. Paintball is another exciting stag activity in Prague where you guys are running around the shooting range and aiming at each other. Feels like you’re on a battlefield, but compared to real fights it’s so releasing and of course, safe.

To spice up the game you could also set up different scenarios. Capture the flag is one of the these for instance, in which each team has a flag and the goal is to capture the enemy’s flag and deliver back to the base.

11. Czech beers straight out of the brewer!

Saying that Prague is the capital of beers wouldn’t be a exaggeration, since Czechs are not only good at brewing beer, but they’re on top of the list when it comes to consumption as well. First time visitors might have problems with deciding which brand to try out. Take our advice, having a pitcher from all the kinds is not a solution here…Let’s see then, which beers you definitely need to taste.

Probably the most famous lager is Pilsner Urquell with its soft and creamy taste. Once you take a sip, you just can’t stop drinking it. Kozel is similarly a good choice if you’re up for a nice lager. Last, but not least Bernard is another good one with light and even dark beer selection.. One more thing guys, watch out, because you have to pay a fairly low price for this high quality beer!

So you know what to drink, but you’re still lack the greatest pubs and beer gardens, where actually the magic happens. Believe us, U Fleku is just the most unique brewery you shouldn’t miss. They serve ridiculously delicious dark beer in eight halls and in one garden area. And here’s a fun fact as well: this is the only one brewery which has brewing constantly for 500 years in Central Europe.

Letná Beer Garden is another perfect choice, not only because of its beers, but because its unmatched location. Image your stag team drinking fresh, cold beer while having the most stunning view over the Vltava River. Well, that’s what Letná Beer Garden can give you.

12. Go Kart: hit the pedal!

Would you pump up your adrenaline with a rush? Then book a Go Kart timeslot for the groom’s team. It’s also a popular stag activity and doesn’t even require driving license. Good news is, even the worst drivers can become masters quickly.

If you bother about the final result of the race, try to limit sliding in the turns by finding the razor's edge of where the tires are about to lose grip. Besides, use the break in the right time and right place, otherwise you lose a lot of time and find yourself in among the losers.

13. Make fun of the groom: stag do pranks

Preparing with foolish, personalised programmes is necessary, no question about that. Since, you’re the best man, you probably know what scares and what pleases the groom. Anyway, we listed some options to make your life easier.

Police kidnapping sounds quite brutal for first, and it really is. In this play, your bro will be handcuffed and seized into a black car. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up filling his pants, so be aware. What else could be better than being handcuffed by the police? Obviously, it’s being handcuffed by a dwarf. An extra hour of chatting is included, in case they get along well.

No offense, a simple question list with some less provocative challenges may also do the job, but keep in mind there are other possibilities.

The Prague stag ideas article gave you a hint about the unlimited stag activities in Prague you could put on your stag do list. The cheap, tasty beers and hidden Absintherie shot bars in hand with the historical attractions such as the Prague castle, Charles Bridge and Orloj will make your time memorable. Whatever programmes you choose, though, always make sure the groom also likes the idea. By doing so you’ll well deserve the coolest best man award.