Top Places to Visit in Prague: Have a Stag Do and See the Sights


If you want to elevate the stag do you’re planning to another level by hosting it in a foreign city, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better location than Prague. In addition to being the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is, without a doubt, also one of the beer capitals of Europe. Add to that an amazingly vibrant nightlife and you have a recipe for a spectacular time.

But with a nickname like the “City of a 100 Spires”, it is clear that Prague also has some wonderful architectural sights to offer to any traveller. And that includes people on a stag do. Just because you’re here to party doesn’t mean you should miss out on the opportunity to take in some sights that’ll surely stay with you for the rest of your life. You can make your stag do a much more uplifting experience, and there is also the simple fact that you can’t party nonstop. You’re going to have to take a break either way so why not do it while admiring breathtakingly beautiful landmarks.

But because the city has so many tourist attractions, it’s impossible to see everything during such a short stay. For that reason, here is a list of the 10 top places to visit in Prague.

1. Charles Bridge

It is really not easy to pick the most recognizable landmark of Prague, but Charles Bridge is certainly up there. King Charles IV commissioned its construction in 1357, and it remains one of Europe’s most famous old bridges. This stone bridge is over 500m long and features 30 imposing statues as decorations.

This location will be absolutely swarming with tourists and for good reason. It offers some spectacular views that you should not miss, despite the crowds. And as a bonus, you will often find artists on the bridge who can draw your portrait, giving you a lasting memento of your stag do.

The fact is, you’ll probably cross Charles Bridge on your way to a venue you plan to visit during your stag do. For example, the massive Karlovy Lazne nightclub is very close to it. So since you’ll be on the bridge either way, make sure to set aside some time to truly appreciate it in all its splendour.

2. Jewish Quarter

Also going by the name of Josefov, the Jewish Quarter in Prague has overcome a tumultuous history to become one of Prague’s premier destinations. Around the turn of the 20th century, city authorities tore down large sections of it and replaced them with Art Nouveau edifices. Fortunately, a number of historical buildings has survived, preserving the legacy of the Jewish People in Prague. The district contains six synagogues, including the Old New Synagogue and the magnificent Spanish Synagogue.

But once you’re done admiring the history, this quarter still has plenty to offer. For example, Tretter’s New York Bar is close to the aforementioned Spanish Synagogue. It is one of Prague’s leading bars, and stags will surely appreciate the amazing cocktails they serve up. This area also has excellent restaurants for when you need to refuel on your stag do.

3. Petrin Hill and Eiffel Tower

One of the ways you can get a really nice view of the city is to climb the Petrin Hill. Petrin is on the left bank of the Vltava and features a lot of green spaces. It makes for a pleasant stroll, and you can even have a picnic if you need some relaxation after a night of partying. If you’d rather not walk, there is a funicular you can ride.

Once you get to the top, you will find the Petrin Lookout Tower. Although people usually call it the “Little/Prague Eiffel Tower” because of its design. Climb its 299 steps and you’ll be treated to a stunning vista. This is a great opportunity to snap some photos to remember your Prague stag do by.

4. Orloj

Better known as the Prague Astronomical Clock, the Orloj is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Located on the south side of the Old Town Hall, you’ll have no trouble finding this site if you come just before the turn of an hour. You’ll recognize it by the throngs of people flocking to see the mechanical spectacle.

Every hour, the figures on the clock spring to life to the roar of the crowd. The Astronomical Clock dates back to the 15th century and represents an amazing piece of history you should not miss while you’re in town. Due to its central location, you’ll probably come near the Orloj either way. This means all you need to do is mind the timing. You can witness this unique show and then continue on your way to your pub of choice.

5. John Lennon Wall

While most tourist attractions celebrate the architectural achievements of Prague, the Lennon Wall salutes the spirit of its denizens. After Lennon’s murder in 1980, a run-of-the-mill wall near Charles Bridge became a touching tribute to the artist and his work. Fans covered the wall in graffiti, including pictures of Lennon and his lyrics.

In the years to come, the symbolism of the wall grew to include universal ideals such as peace. Painted and repainted many times over, the wall has endured to become a lasting fixture. Now, it is home to a variety of messages.

And because visitors are free to add to the wall, this gives you a unique opportunity. You can write (or spray) a note about your stag do and leave a lasting mark on Prague, small though it may be.

6. Prague Castle

Among the biggest castles in the world, this momentous stronghold is perhaps the most well-known landmark in all of Prague. And considering everything this city has to offer, that is no mean feat.

The castle complex includes a number of notable locations such as the Old Royal Palace, the Golden Lane, and the iconic St. Vitus Cathedral. Due to its size, it would take a considerable amount of time see the castle in its entirety. You probably won’t have that time on a stag do, but you should definitely see at least certain parts of it. The castle has always been a seat of power and it is a great way to add a sense of grandeur to your stag do.

As a bonus, the park surrounding it is very well kept. It’s a great spot if you need to catch your breath, and taking a walk in the shadow of such an imposing construct is an experience to remember.

7. KGB Museum

When you think about a museum, you assume there’s a large organization attached to it. But in this particular case, the KGB Museum in Prague is just one, rather eccentric, person’s collection of memorabilia. And it is an impressive array of all things connected to one of the most notorious security agencies of all time. From weapons and uniforms to “interrogation” instruments and spy cameras, there’s something to capture anyone’s attention.

When you visit, you can get a personal tour by the owner himself. And the man is enthusiastic, to say the least. It’s a unique experience and that makes it an ideal addition to a stag do. It can be a welcome break from all the bars and pubs and it offers variety. Plus, you get to try on army hats and take pictures with a bunch of guns – what better way to immortalize a stag do?

8. Mala Strana

When you’ve had your fill of the Prague Castle, go downhill and you’ll find yourself in the Mala Strana neighbourhood (or the Lesser Town). Take a walk down its cobbled streets, gaze upon the Baroque buildings, and it’ll seem like you’ve stepped back in time.

The area has both palaces and churches, making it a prime spot for tourists. The most striking landmarks are the magnificent Wallenstein Palace and the St. Nicholas Church.

The area is also famous for its restaurants and pubs. Both the type of establishment a stag will need and know how to appreciate. In addition, you will find quite a few of them in the immediate vicinity of the town square. This means you do not need to travel far to enjoy the best of Mala Strana.

9. Old Town

The Old Town is the historic centre of Prague and the city’s beating heart. Here is where you can find the Old Town Square and notable landmarks like the aforementioned Astronomical Clock or the Church of Our Lady before Týn. It would take too long to explain the full significance of the Old Town, so it is enough to say it should be your first stop in Prague. Stag do or no, the Old Town is a site you do not miss under any circumstances.

And when it comes to the actual stag do, the Old Town houses some of Prague’s best clubs. To name but one, this is where the well-known Chapeau Rouge is located. There are countless other venues, and you will never run out of things to do in the Old Town.

Neighbouring this area is the New Town of Prague, which features another must-see landmark - Wenceslas Square.

10. Zizkov TV Tower

Coming in at 216m, the Zizkov TV Tower pierces Prague’s skyline. Due to its height and futuristic design, it is one of the city’s most eye-catching constructions.

The tower is open to the public, and visitors can ride elevators to the observatory for an amazing view of Prague. There is also a restaurant, which means your stag do can include an unforgettable meal high above the ground.

In a rather strange turn of events, one can see 10 sculptures of babies crawling up the pillars. This was a temporary addition at first but was made permanent following public support.

For stags who are not afraid of heights, a visit to the Zizkov TV Tower can be a great activity. You’ll get to see the city from a different perspective and feel the rush of adrenaline.

Final Words on the Places to Visit in Prague

Prague is a truly stunning city. From churches and palaces to non-traditional buildings like the Dancing House, it is sure to leave a lasting impression.

That’s why you should not miss out on the chance to see some of its landmarks when you visit it for a stag do. You can do plenty of partying and still find the time to learn a bit about Prague’s rich culture and history. After all, you need to take at least a few breaks from all the drinking you’re going to be doing. And because you are in Prague, it doesn’t matter where you go – a place that serves great beer is just around the corner and you can get right back to it as soon as you are done sightseeing. Therefore, make sure you see the Old Town, Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle – those memories will last a lifetime.