Gambling on a Stag Do: Everything About Casinos in Prague


A trip to Vegas might be out of your budget, but you still want to organize a gambling getaway where all guests from the groom’s list feel comfortable with the idea? There’s nothing left but finding a city famed for its lively nightlife and beautiful scenery. Prague is one of the most popular party cities in Europe and home to over twenty Casinos. Of course, the Czech capital offers many more activities such sports betting, slot machines, drinking, and sightseeing: so whether you win or lose on Poker, the glamorous world of Prague will still outperform your expectations. Are you in?

A little gambling won’t hurt anybody

So your friend asked you to be his best man? You feel the pressure since you’re the one who’s in charge of creating memories worth remembering. Instead of actively encouraging the groom to ruin his relationship even before he’s tied the knot, you’re wondering about doing something extraordinary. Why not do it as gentlemen do: Casinos are the perfect excuse to get dressed, increase your pulse rate and double (or lose) your salary. So let’s all suit up and spend the stag-night by playing card- and table games. It’s time to try your luck on roulette, wear a poker face, grab some cocktails and enjoy yourself while gambling with the groom’s squad.

What to expect from the Casinos in Prague?

Detailed planning means half success. Many Casinos are open around the clock, but you should get the gang ready for gaming from 10 pm to 2 am, you’ll get the most out of your night at these peak times. Entry is usually free of charge. However, you need to show up your passport or ID card. Don’t forget to pack some elegant clothes, because in the majority of the Casinos the dress code is smart casual. Drinks are often free while you’re playing, however, don’t be surprised if the bartender asks for some money after you beat the slot machines. Most of the venues offer delicious meals to keep you going all night but don’t wait too long with your order.

What are the do’s and don’ts? Quite simple: never sneak into with alcohol that was purchased outside of the Casino. Although once you’re in, feel free to have a drink or two - as mentioned in some places it’s on the bar. You better not get too drunk in these fancy venues, though, because you might find yourself out quite soon.

Blackjack, poker or roulette - a quick guide for beginners

Slot machines are the most popular attractions of the Casinos. However, they mostly function to get you in the gambling mood. If you prefer strategy to table games are the ones that will excite you the most. Those who have never been to a Casino before should try Blackjack or Roulette. Observe the table for a couple of rounds, ask the dealer for an explanation, then you’re ready to go. Believe us; Blackjack is the easiest to play. Just look for a number that beats the dealer’s number without going over 21. Easy, right? It’s time to move on to Roulette, also called the game of chances Similarly to Blackjack, it’s straightforward to understand, not surprisingly it ranks on the top of the most played gambling games. Basically, you either bet on a number or color. For advanced players the colour and number combinations offer plenty of options: you may place a bet on individual numbers or groups of numbers while the ball keeps on spinning until the dealer announces ’no more bets.’ Before the spinning wheel gives you the feeling of easy money winning, you may want to remind yourselves: the simpler a game is the higher the house margin is.

Which casino is for you?

Prague offers many options when it comes to Casinos. If this is the first time when you visit one, you better prepare for an overwhelming experience. After all, you’re on a stag do, and the number one goal is to have a great time with your groom’s team. Here comes a shortlist of the most relaxed and atmospheric Casinos which definitely worth a try.

Ambassador Casino

It’s not only the most famous one but probably the best choice if you’re a beginner. They offer several beginner packages here, so you also have the option to play for fun instead of real money. This enables to learn the rules while playing some games for free. Their website is impressive and contains loads of information, so if you’re interested, visit it to get detailed descriptions of the games they offer. This historic place has friendly staff and players from all around the world, who come together to enjoy this vibrating place. No particular dress code is needed, just keep your standards high. And don't forget, no photos, please – privacy is above everything. Basic non-alcoholic refreshment is free of charge; while meals are offered at the Hotel Ambassador’s renewed restaurant next to the Casino.

Casino Atrium

Casino Atrium is another very popular Casino, not only due to the free snacks and drinks but also because of its location in a 5* luxury hotel, namely the famous Hilton Prague itself. You’ll be treated like a king here, no question about that. It’s open every day from 4 pm to 6 am, awaiting the ones who fancy experiencing American Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Pontoon, Caribbean Poker and VHP machines connected to jackpot. Euros (EUR) and Czech Crowns (CZK) are both accepted. Get dressed in smart casual, but avoid wearing sporty clothes like shorts or trainers. To avoid address issues, ask the taxi driver to drop you at the original Prague Hilton (operated as Atrium Hotel in the past, close to metro Florenc), not at the Hilton Old Town.

Millenium Casino

This non-stop venue is one of the newer ones, located in the Marriott Hotel. A little bit further from the center, but close to Republic Square metro station (Namesti Republiky). It might be a bit far from the Old Town, but if you like to combine dinner with gambling, this is the perfect spot to choose for the stag-do night. Not only a free buffet is available during the evening hours, but you can choose Á La Carte service as well. All the main games and slot machines are operating from 3 pm to 4 - 5 am, depending on the day. Dress code is smart casual.

Hotel President (Casino President)

Be aware; this one is definitely for expert players, so, you might be risking to lose a significant amount of money in a minute. American Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Poker, to mention a few: all the other popular games can be played in the Casino President, which is located on the riverfront at Marie Curieovych. Due to the fancy atmosphere and the pro players, the dress code is treated more strictly here: no jeans, t-shirts or trainers are allowed. You can play in Euros (EUR) and Czech Crowns (CZK), too.

Banco Casino

Let’s finish the list with the biggest and most popular Casino of the Czech capital, which is located in Na Příkopě, the busiest street in Prague. Banco Casino is right at the border of the New and Old Town. It is easy to get dazzled by its elegant and stylish atmosphere. Similarly to the other Casinos it also offers American Roulette, Blackjack, Pontoon, Banco Poker and Texas Hold’em. Moreover, there is a room specifically for V.I.P members. Drinks are free for players, and the dress code is surprisingly casual, but again no shorts or sportswear.

Fruity and flashy? Try out the slot machines

Casinos are fun, but there’s something else what you can spend your money on. Slot machines are placed here and there in the city, but most often they can be found in Amusement arcades, Herna Bars, and Casinos. Based on the local’s opinions, the chances of winning is reduced by the owners, which is why arcades’ popularity is quite low in Prague. However, if you feel like playing for fun, you won’t be disappointed. Besides slot machines, shooting and gaming games are also available in the arcades.

Herna bars: to go or not to go?

With their bright neon signs and endlessly glowing lights, Herna bars seem to be inviting. Whenever you feel like going for some drinks and dropping your coins in slot machines, you’re at a right place. Herna Bars are open for 24 hours, ensuring an ever-welcoming atmosphere for party animals and locals - especially for those who work overnight. Although these bars offer some food such as pizza and burger, don’t expect anything fancy. Generally speaking, Herna Bars don’t have a reputation for safety and peace. If you’re looking for adventure and excitement, feel free to visit, but be careful. Otherwise stay away from here.

happy crowd around the best casinos in the streets of Prague

Three tips related to Prague Casinos

You can choose from more than 20 Casinos, so find the one that suits to most to the groom. Before you enter any of the Casinos, consider the groups’ budget. Be prepared for dress code requirements: pack a suit and a shirt in your luggage. You can be high rollers or Vegas virgins, don’t need to worry - Prague will make you all feel lucky either way, remember, gambling is for fun - and winning is a bonus.