So, gather the groomsmen and get ready for an epic outdoor stag do filled with excitement, adventure, and unforgettable memories.

Perks of outdoor stag do activities

Outdoor activities are a great way for the stag party to let loose and have a great time. Not only does being outdoors mean an excellent range of stag do activities but it also lets the stags have freedom, fresh air and a bonding experience in the outdoors. 

Choosing the Perfect European Adventure Hubs


One of the best European locations for outdoor adventures is Bratislava. Offering several epic day activities you can do outdoors such as paintballing, clay pigeon shooting and quad biking.


Hungary not only does it offer the best budget with affordable restaurants and accommodation, but it’s only a 2 hours flight away from the UK. It offers an array of outdoor activities such as a hike with spectacular views and a segway tour in the cities.


Although the prices are higher in Austria, it still offers an excellent bachelor party with plenty of choice of outdoor activities. For those with a competitive streak, they can have a thrilling experience with mountain biking or even go ice skating.


Poland offers plenty of excellent activities for the ultimate stag, with daytime activities including go-karting, shooting and paintballing. 

Czech Republic

You could also go to the Czech Republic for the ultimate stag weekend. The beautiful destination has plenty of beautiful golf courses. There is also the opportunity to try their luck on a race course or even go paintballing.

PRO TIP:Create a WhatsApp or group chat to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Top 13 Outdoor Stag Do Activities

1. White-water rafting

White-water rafting is one of the ultimate activities for adrenaline junkies and the stags will all enjoy having a go. A great group activity, everyone will have a paddle and will be paddled through rapids where the water goes in all types of directions. 

From Croatia to Austria, there are plenty of places where you can all go white-water rafting in amazing locations. The popular activity is a blast in these areas which makes for the ultimate stag night.

 2. Mad Jet on Danube

As one of the longest rivers in Europe, the Danube River is a great place to get a speedboat and enjoy the brilliant views while going at top speeds in Budapest. The Mad Jet is a great choice and everyone will love the thrilling activity. 

When you choose to go on the Mad Jet, you should get all the protective gear you need to keep the whole gang safe and sound while going at amazing speeds.

3. Paintballing

A trusty favourite activity for the whole gang, paintballing is an epic activity. You just need to get enough paintballs so that everyone gets a fair go and remember to split into teams. Choose a fun location with plenty of hiding places and go for a specific theme.

Some of the best places to go paintballing include Poland, Latvia and Berlin for the ultimate experience of paintballing and a favourite tipple after. 

4. Zorbing

Zorbing is a great activity for rolling downwards inside a ball made of plastic. You will love rolling down the slope and it’s a great adrenaline-filled activity. Choose a great location and you will have a whale of a time.

Pick an area where you get amazing views while rolling for the ultimate experience while zorbing. You can make it more competitive by betting on who will get down the fastest.

stag do games bubble football

5. Quad biking

Quad biking is one of those stag weekend ideas that everyone will love. There are trails across the world for all skill levels so if there are beginners in the group, they can pace themselves.

You should ensure you get all the right essential gear before you head out on your quad bikes.

TRAVEL TIP:Always carry a photocopy of your important documents, such as your passport and visa, and keep them separate from the originals.

6. Tank Driving

A great activity that is a lot of fun for the party is tank driving. Everyone gets a chance to drive one and it’s a thrilling experience. You get to choose a great terrain to try your best at driving the tank and can even do target practice.

It’s important to listen to the instructors and feel safe before taking part in the activity, especially if you are doing a tank battle.

 7. Rock climbing and abseiling

Both indoor and outdoor rock climbing is a must for a thrilling stag. Indoor is a popular choice as it’s better for all weather and is less daunting. But for a truly thrilling experience, go outdoors and experience amazing views and breathtaking cliff drops.

There are some amazing climbing spots worldwide from Kalyymnos in Greece to Dolomites in Italy.

8. Coasteering

A great activity that is worth trying during the stag is coasteering. A thrilling activity, the stag party will become daredevils as they rock hop across the rugged coastline.

There are many amazing places to take part in this activity including beautiful Wales or in Pembrokeshire.

9. Clay pigeon shooting

Another great activity for the stags is clay pigeon shooting. The instructor will go through all the basics with you to make the experience more worthwhile and as fun as possible for everyone.

Clay pigeon shooting is a perfect activity in Bratislava or Poland. A great activity for stag groups, they will love trying out the sport.

10. Go-kart racing

There is nothing better than heading out on a brilliant race track with your nearest and dearest on your stag. Hunt down a fun track in the world and get go-karting.

Keep your speed at a steady pace and don’t be too adventurous with corners for a start.

11. Canyoning

Canyoning can be a wonderful experience while also offering a thrilling activity for everyone. Choose a river that offers challenges with great views for the groom.

The lake district is a beautiful and thrilling place for canyoning. From the Czech Republic to Hungary, there are some beloved canyoning spots.

12. Survival Skills Weekend

A great chance to get some survival skills before marriage, these weekends let the groom and the gang learn everything from lighting fires to building their very own shelter.

Pick a location where camping will be epic with stunning surroundings and fun activities close by.

13. Riding a Roller as Batmen in Budapest

A great activity for Budapest, riding a roller makes biking even more fun and thrilling, especially when paired with an epic location.

Making the groom ride as Batman will provide many a good photo but do ensure he has a safety helmet before hitting the town of Budapest.

Planning and Budgeting outdoor stags

When planning and budgeting for outdoor stags, setting a clear budget is essential. Know the costs of each activity to allocate funds appropriately. Consider dividing costs among participants for transparency, and explore cheap stag do ideas if needed. To maximize savings, book early for the best deals and take advantage of group discounts wherever possible. Proper planning ensures a fantastic outdoor stag do without breaking the bank.

Setting a budget

Make sure you set a budget so that you know how much you can spend on outdoor stags. You need to know exactly how much each activity will cost so you can budget accordingly. 

FUN FACT:Stag dos are typically organised by the best man or close friends of the groom.

Dividing costs among participants

You should consider individual payments so that everyone knows exactly what they need to pay for the stag do and if you need cheap stag do ideas.

Snagging deals and discounts

Booking as early as possible will ensure the best deal and also get a group discount where possible with the activities.


Outdoor stag dos will help make lifetime memories with the groom-to-be. He will always remember the fun and challenging activities that took place during his stag. A great way to embrace nature for an unforgettable stag do. Arrange the fun outdoor activities through stag companies such as Stagmadness and ensure your outdoor stag do activities are out of this world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the ideal time of year for an outdoor stag?

The best time of the year is in the spring and summer months, especially if you are planning to camp during the stag weekend.

How many activities should we plan for a weekend?

It depends on the activity. Some activities will be short and then several can be arranged in one day but if it’s a long activity, you will only want a couple across the weekend.

What if the weather turns sour during our stag do?

There are some activities such as rock climbing you can do indoors instead if the weather turns sour.

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