Strip Club Open Bar

Enjoy the company of some of the most beautiful Hungarian ladies in an exclusive strip bar in Budapest. These girls will make sure that you have fun during your stay at their club, which is, by the way, exclusively yours, so that their attention is undivided. Ladies are performing non-stop on the stage and drinks come for free. What more could you need? A free show for the stag? You got it.

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  • Strip Club Open Bar

    • Entry fee
    • *Free transfer to the strip bar (one way only)
    • 2-hour exclusive venue rental between 7 and 9 PM
    • exclusive area in venue
    • 1.5 h open bar
    • Free show for the stag
    • Beautiful strippers performing non-stop
    • Fun & professional local guide for 2 hours

    *In case the pickup location is in the further districts of the city, to more than 15 minutes drive from the center there is an extra charge for the transfer to the club

Other Information

  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Available from 7 PM till 9 PM all year round.

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