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Busted in Budapest Bar Tour

During the Bar Tour something might go wrong during the night as suddenly 2 policemen show up and search the Stag. Low and behold they might find some "powder" in the Stags pocket and just have to "arrest him". But all ends well when the police woman "comforts" the Stag with a mesmerising dance.

  • Stag Arrest with strip show
  • One Beer each
  • VIP entry and Queue jumping to a Top Club
  • Ruin pubs, bars and club Tour for 5 hours


The Stitched Up Night

"Tonight, you're mine!" During the pub + bar crawl when the Stag is dancing away enjoying the night, suddenly pure shock will be written all over his face as he will look to see he is handcuffed to a Dwarf or a Fat Lady in the middle of a bar- with no where to go! Better be best buddies fast, cuz now you are joined together in Holy Baloney!

  • Stag Handcuff 1 hour with fat lady or a dwarf
  • 1 Beer each
  • VIP entry and Queue jumping to a Top Club
  • Ruin pubs, bars and club Tour for 5 hours


Liquid Courage
Bar & Club Tour

In Chemistry class we were taught "alcohol is a solution" and with the liquid courage bars and clubs tour, you will be given all the courage you need to guarantee a Hangover. No need to handle cash at clubs- pay for it in advance. Its the safe way to Party hard.

  • 4 rounds of large beers
  • Shot of Hungarian Palinka
  • VIP entry and Queue jumping to a Top Club
  • 4 hours Tour Ruin pubs,Bars, and Clubs


Ruin pub & Bar Crawl

  • Fun English-speaking guide for 4 hours
  • Visiting real local pubs and clubs (as many as you want), with free entry
  • One round of Beer per person


It is true, not all pub crawls are created equal, which is why if you’re going to do it, you need to do it right. Moderation is not a word often associated with Budapest Madness Pub Crawls, be it pertaining to amounts we drink or bars and clubs we go.

Our privately guided pub crawls, will take you to the best pubs, ruin bars, and clubs Budapest has to offer. If you know the right places the Nightlife is amazing.

Don’t get grouped together with others you don’t know, or only get taken to places where commission is given to the organisers.

All packages include

  • Fun English-speaking guide for 4-5 hours
  • VIP strip club entry
  • Strip show for the Stag
  • 50% Discounts for drinks at Strip club

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