Stag Dinners

Getting together a group of guys to make a decision on a restaurant is always a tricky task! Let us take the weight off your shoulders and plan a delicious meal for you. Whether beer and burgers is up your street or you'd like a more sophisticated approach with a Steak and Strip, we've got something for everyone's rumbling tummies that with whip you back up into shape and ready for round two of drinking!

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  • Steak & Strip

    • Dinner at a gentleman’s club.
    • Reservation table
    • Three course dinner with prime fillet steak
    • One lager each
    • Erotic show
    • Return transfers
    • Fun & Professional local guide
  • Steak Dinner

    • Prime fillet steak dinner
    • Three course meal
    • One Beer per person
    • Return transfer
    • Fun & Professional local guide
  • Medieval Dinner

    • Medievally themed restaurant
    • Authentic rustic dishes.
    • Three course meal and one drink per person
    • Return transfer
    • Fun & Professional Local guide
  • Latvian Meal

    • 3 course meal
    • One beer per person
    • Traditional Latvian restaurant
    • Very welcoming and cosy atmosphere
    • Any special food requests, please let us know

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