Glide down the only Olympic-standard bobsleigh track in the Baltic’s, home of national team. This insane track with fourteen twists and turns and even a bridge will keep you holding on for your lives down the iced track. Only available in the Winter months when it's cold enough. But for Summer, no worries, we have a solution too with the summer bob!

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  • Olympic Bobsleigh

    • 1 run in a Olympic-standard bobsleigh track
    • 3 people per run
    • Bob is piloted by ex-Olympic team member
    • Return transfer
    • Fun & Professional local guide
    • Available winter in only (Approx. November till March)
  • Winter Team Bobsleigh

    • Soft-shell version of bobsleigh
    • 5 participants at a time
    • Two rides per participant
    • Available from November till March
    • Return transfers
    • Fun & Professional local guide
  • Summer Team Bobsleigh

    • Olympic-standard bobsleigh track
    • 2 Rides per person
    • Bob on wheels
    • Bob piloted by Olympic team instructor
    • Available from May till September
    • Return Transfers
    • Fun & Professional local guide

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