Stag Dinner

The "last meal" is an important part of the stag do. While we know eating can be cheating oftentimes, dinners are the only opportunity for your entire group to be together and semi-sober. And Czech food is really good!

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  • Medieval banquet

    • Live music, professional dancers, fire shows, sword fights and small theatrical shows featuring pirates during your Dinner
    • Dinner 5-courses and drinks all inclusive
    • Show included
    • Located in the city centre
    • Fun & Professional local Guide
  • Steak and Lesbian Show

    • Steak and French Fries
    • 2 large beers
    • 15 min Lesbian strip show
    • Fun & Professional local Guide
  • Steak and Strip Dinner

    • Steak and French Fries
    • 2 large beers
    • 15min strip show
    • Fun & Professional local Guide
  • Dinner at a Strip Club

    • Table reservation at strip club for 2 hours
    • Steak + chips dinner
    • 3 beers
    • strip show afterwards
    Stags choice
  • Dinner at Hooters

    • Table reservation for 2 hours
    • Massive burger&chips
    • 3 large beers per person
    • Fun & Professional local Guide
  • Traditional Dinner

    • Table reservation at a Traditional restaurant
    • 2 courses traditional dinner
    • 2 large beers
    • Fun & Professional local Guide

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