Police Kidnapping

This hardcore police kidnapping will is not for the weak hearted! It could end in filling his pants! Two policemen will bust the Stag in the middle of the party. Your mate will be handcuffed and seized into a black toned Mercedes. After a long way through labyrinths, lifts, etc, the stag will get as a reward a gorgeous stripper to make him feel like a man again!

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  • Police Kidnapping

    • 2 Police kidnap the stag

    • Handcuffed and thrown into a black toned Mercedes

    • Walk through a labyrinth and elevator shaft

    • 15 min Liberating Strip show at the end

    • Fun & local English-speaking guide

    • Public transport : your guide will take you on foot or by tram

    • Dress-code: Comfortable clothes

      Total activity duration: 1 hour

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