This game will test your limits! You will go through real life scenarios where you clear the room, shoot terrorists, and rescue hostages in a Full Combat game with real audio and visual effects. With guns such as the AK-47, in a 1 or 2-hour private game with unlimited bullets you will find yourself live in the middle of a computer game!

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  • Airsoft CS Live

    • Airsoft Counterstrike Real life game
    • 4 different guns (Glock 17, AK-47, M4A1, MP5)
    • Special equipment
    • Scenario with bomb and hostages
    • Unlimited BBs
    • Public transport
    Stags choice
  • Indoor Airsoft

    • Indoor airsoft venue
    • 2 hours game
    • All equipment included AK - 47, M4A, etc.
    • 900 pieces of BBs
    • Fun & Professional local guide
    • Public transport
  • Airsoft Shooting Range

    • Airsoft shooting range
    • Unlimited bullets
    • 1 hours game
    • Several option of guns
    • Fun & Professional local guide
    • Public transfer

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