Riverboat Cruise

Although stag do s used to be just about booze and girls in recent years adding moments that give the stag something to remember for the rest of life has become vital. What better way to also see the city and enjoy time with the boys than on on a private cruise down the river. And if you think it needs spicing up add a strip show + drinks for a Cruise a la Stag do!

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  • Stag do Cruise

    This Cruise has it all. The privacy, the beauty of the city, the beauty of her and all the drinks you can drink.

    Includes: - Private Cruise 1 hour - Strip show for Stag (15 min) - Unlimited drinks 1 hour

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  • Party Boat

    Looking for something relaxing to do after a night of partying hard? This 4 hour partyboat is just the place to relax with the boys, drink a few and relax before the sun goes down and the night lights of Hamburg City turn on and with that another legendary night of Partying begins! This is the Cruise before lots of booze!

    • 4 hours tour
    • Skipper
    • 1 pack of beer and 6L soft drinks
  • Strip Cruise

    Hamburg is know as the city of bridges and for its amazing Harbour. This Cruise gives you the best of all sights both of the city and the gorgeous stripper that is lets just say "no sight for sore eyes" either.

    • 1 hour harbour round trip
    • Cash bar on board
    • Sexy Strip show at the end of the cruise
    • Sundeck- dancefloor- bad weather options (rooftop can be closed)
  • Booze N' Cruise

    Want some time with the boys to just relax cruise and get a few drinks in? This cruise through Hamburg will show you all the best sights and get you going on some drinks before you drift into the night.

    • Private 1 hour boat cruise
    • Unlimited drinks for 1 hour
    • Music on board
  • Private River Cruise

    • See the beautiful sights of Hamburg with this Cruise on the Elbe.
    • 1 hour boat drive through the elbe river
    • Skipper
    • Music

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