Brewery and Beer Tours

You are in Germany, your on a stag do, and beer is the main ingredient of both. Might as well learn something that all will want to hear in the pub right?! These tours could also be call the "Useful knowledge" tours.

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  • Tourism with Beer

    • The best kind of tourism!
    • 3 hours sight-beering tour of the city
    • Beer related stories
    • 3 Beers per person
    • Stop in local pubs
    • Dress code: Comfortable clothes, walking shoes

    Total activity duration: 3 hours

  • Micro Brewery Tour

    • 1 hour guided Brewery tour
    • Historical and other interesting facts
    • 3 different craft beers to try out
    • Family owned brewery
    • Stunning venue with beer garden near the center
    • Other info:
      • Available only on Saturdays
      • Please enquire to add minivans to and from venue
    • Dress code: Comfortable clothes

    Total activity duration: 3 hours

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