Stag Dinners

This "last meal" or as we call it the “lads supper”, is an important part of the stag do. While we know the main focus is drinks and babes, - food - especially in Hungary, plays a central role. Oftentimes, dinners are the only opportunity for your entire group to be together and semi-sober... Hungarian food is also really good.

There is of course no reason not to make it extraordinary, with some food for the eyes as well. Having two or even four Lap Dancers come in and perform a show for the stag, makes for a slightly more memorable Stag Dinner experience.

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  • Steak & Lesbi Show

    • Delicious steak dinner
    • A Memorable Lesbian Show
    • 2 rounds of beer
    • 1 shot of Palinka
    • Fun & local English-speaking guide
  • Medieval Feast

    • 3-course dinner at an authentic renaissance restaurant
    • Different shows provided by the restaurant such as belly dance show or fire swallower
    • 1 round of beer or soft drink or 0,25 l mineral water
    • Coffee
  • Steak Dinner at Brewery

    • Elegant, authentic rustic venue
    • Delicious Steak Dinner
    • Two rounds of beer
    • A Shot of Palinka
  • Stag Dinner Delight

    • 2-course dinner (Goulash soup, Steak with garnitures)
    • A Memorable Strip Show
    • 2 rounds of beer per person
    • 1 shot of Palinka
  • Burger Beer & Bar Tour

    • Burger & French Fries
    • Entry to a VIP Strip Club
    • Entry and queue jumping to a top Club
    • Fun & local English-speaking guide for 5 hours
    • 1 hour unlimited beer
    • 2 Welcome shots
  • Steak & Strip Dinner

    • Delicious steak dinner
    • Memorable Strip Show with erotic stripper
    • 2 rounds of beer
    • 1 shot of Palinka
  • Traditional dinner

    • Elegant, authentic rustic venue
    • 2 course dinner: Goulash-Soup (vegetarian option: Vegetable soup) and pork knuckle (vegetarian option: grill camembert)
    • Two rounds of beer
    • A shot of Palinka
  • Strip Club Dinner

    • 3-course dinner
    • Free Lap Dance for the Stag
    • 2 rounds of beer
    • 1 shot of Palinka
    Stags choice
  • Burger Dinner at Brewery

    • Elegant, authentic rustic venue
    • Burger, steak potato and coleslaw
    • Unlimited beer consumption for 1 hour
  • The Lads Supper

    • 2-course meal(Goulash soup, Steak with garnitures)
    • 2 rounds of beer per person
    • 1 Shot of Palinka

Other Information

  • Available all year round

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