Are you the Best man and need to come up with ideas for a Stag do? One that doesn’t involve scantily dressed women? Well maybe except for the Stag. May we suggest you dress your groom up in something ridiculous and anything but subtle? We wouldn’t want to loose site of him on the fields right? – Oh I feel so bad for him already…

At these paintball grounds several locations (old Russian barracks, trenches, forest, vehicles, etc.) and types of game can be tried (protect the VIP, capture the flag, etc.).

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All packages include

  • Transfer to and from the hotel
  • Fun English-speaking guide
  • Overalls, masks and guns are included
  • Indoor AND Outdoor fields
  • Professional instructors
  • A free round of beer after the program

Other Information

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Available all year round
  • Comfortable sport shoes are required
  • Price calculated for a group of 8 people

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