Limo Tour - Hummer H2

Feel the exclusiveness while rolling in the glossy black hummer limo. This time you are the VIP of the city. In this 37-feet long luxury car for 16 people, you can certainly feel the pleasure you are looking for, and even with the smallest group there is still enough room in the H2 limo for a few strip girls...

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  • Limo Tour - Hummer H2

    • 1 hour Hummer H2 Limo City Tour
    • Drinks: Bubbly
    • Max. 16 people in the limo including extras and guide
    • Fun & local English-speaking guide
    • Other info: Add strippers to your limo for extra spice

Other Information

  • stag.duration
  • 4 LCD TV + DVD
  • Mood lights
  • Air-conditioned
  • Leather and wood interior
  • Mini-bar
  • 11 meters long

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