Sexy Extras

Let’s face it, a stag-do is for nothing less than enjoying a weekend with the lads, and what better way to do that than indulging in a few guilty pleasures? You decide the mix of erotic strip shows, embarrassing wake up calls by a sexy maid, hilarious transvestite shows or nerve wrecking interrogations by the "strip police".

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  • Lesbian Show

    • 20 minutes lesbian show
    • 2 sexy strippers
    Stags choice
  • Naked Indulgence

    • 25 minute show
    • 10 min strip then 15 mins on table
    • Fresh Fruit + Cream
    • Need we say more!!!
  • Police Arrest

    • Fake arrest of stag
    • Short interrogation
    • Stripper rescue!
  • Wake Up Maid Stripper

    • There is a knock at the door and the cleaning maid walks in. How surprised the Stag will be when suddenly he awakes in this Glorious morning.

    • Female Stripper

    • 15 minute show
  • Hitch Hiker Stripper

    Oh no we are slowing down whats happened did the bus brake down? Who is that poor hitch hiker who needs a ride? Oh boy is she stripping? And you'll be singing "Ride with me...Ride with me"!

    • Hitchhiker Stripper
    • 15 minute Sexy Strip show
    • Add it to your airport transfers!
  • Sexy Striptease

    • One female stripper
    • 15 minute show
    • can add to almost any activity

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