Are you up to the challenge of a little pain? If there is a city you'll want to play Paintball in its Bratislava, not only is the game do you have great options for indoor and outdoor fields, but at the end on the way back from the outdoor paintball you can add the best prank ever where the stag gets kidnapped by men in masks and its so real it will scare the crap out of the stag.

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  • Paintball 400

    • Indoor/Outdoor Field
    • All necessary equipment
    • 400 balls
    • Fun & Professional Guide
    • Transfers to and from Venue
  • Paintball 200

    • Indoor/Outdoor field
    • All necessary equipment
    • 200 balls
    • Enquire for optional BBQ
    • Fun & Professional Guide
    • Transfers to and from Venue

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