Ever wondered if it really is that easy to shoot a real weapon? You're in for a surprise! One thing's for sure there are few things in life that get your adrenaline going as firing guns. It's definitely an activity to try that you'll be talking about for years to come!

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  • Shooting Full Experience

    35 Shots - 5 x Revolver Kaliber 357 Magnum - 10 x Pistole 9mm - 10 x Kaliber 223 Remington - 5 x Kaliber 223 Kalashnikov, - 5 x Shotgun Kaliber 12/70, - Personalised target, stand rental, insurance, - Professional instructor

    Stags choice
  • Pistols-Machine-Shotgun

    27 shots

    • 5 x Revolver
    • 10 x Pistole 9mm
    • 10 x MP40
    • 2 x double barrel Shotgun
    • Personalised target, stand rental, insurance
    • Professional Instructor
  • Shooting MP40

    • 25 Bullets
    • 5 x Pistole 45 Automatic,
    • 10 x Pistole 9mm,
    • 10 x MP40,
    • Personalized target, stand rental, insurance,
    • Professional instructor
  • Shooting in Berlin

    • 20 bullets (10xPistol & 10xRevolver)
    • Professional instructor and safety briefing
    • Fun & local English-speaking guide
    • Other info: For safety purposes, you must be sober during the activity
    • Dress code: Comfortable clothes

      Activity duration: 2 hours

  • AK 47 Shooting

    • 25 x Semi-Automatic Rifle AK 47,
    • Personalised target, stand rental, insurance,
    • Professional instructor

Other Information

Available all year round but closed on Sundays.

All participants must be be sober and over 18 years old + bring their passport (or ID for EU citizens).

Safety first, so no funny dresses or costumes allowed.

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