Beer Bike

After a night of drinking there's no doubt that you'll be needing some extra TLC, and what better way to take care of yourself than with some exercise! Of course a stag do is no place to be sober, lucky for you the two combined give you the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon in the city with your mates.

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  • BeerBike

    • 2 hours beer bike tour through Berlin
    • 10 litres beer (further drinks or snacks can be requested)
    • Sober driver
    • Soundsystem included on the pedalbal
    Stags choice
  • Mini bike

    • Beer or Prosecco Bike
    • max. 6 people
    • 1 hour private rental
    • You can order Beer or Prosecco with the bike
    • If you would like to do a 1,5 hour rental please let us know

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