Quad Biking

Real Boys, Time to experience the power and fun of quad driving! Hills, off-road terrain, and sand dunes are waiting for you. And if you'd like to get a big adrenaline shot, add the Hummer Driving, push the gas, and challenge the track!

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  • Quad & Hummer Driving

    • 20 min Quad driving time per person
    • Around 20 min Hummer driving time per person
    • Professional instructors, gloves & petrol
    • Fun area with sand dunes, hills and off-road terrain
  • Quad Experience

    • 30 Min Quad Driving per person
    • Challenging parcours
    • Helmets and gloves
    • Profesional instructors
    • 1 Quad per 3 people
    • Switch every 5 to 10 minutes to catch your breath

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