Pub Crawl

The High & Mighty Nightlife in Amsterdam needs no introduction. Infamous for its Red light district, legalised joints and scandalous nightclubs with no taboos or limits this is a crazy city! As the organiser, especially in this city of crazyness, make sure you get a guide to help you keep everyone together. Now you too can enjoy everything Amsterdam has to offer!

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  • Damn Crazy Amsterdam

    • Entrance fee to the famous Banana Bar
      • Drinks: 1 hour unlimited spirits at Banana bar
    • Vip Table in the Famous Luxury Nightclub Jimmy Woo
      • Personal VIP host for the night at the Club
      • Bottle Service: 2 bottles for 6-8 people, 3 bottles for 9-11 people, 4 bottles for 12-14 people
    • Transfer: Not included
    • Dress Code: Business Casual (Jeans + Shirt)
    Stags choice
  • The Smurfette Pub Crawl

    • Private Bar Tour based on your preference
    • Drinks: Free welcome shots in each bar
    • Smurfette Handcuff
    • Fun & local English-speaking guide for 3 hours
    • Transfer: Not included
    • Dress Code: Business Casual (Jeans + Shirt)
  • Red Light Pub Crawl

    • 4 hours Pub Crawl in the Red Light District
    • Unlimited Vodka shots from 20:00h - 20:30h
    • 5 bars, pubs and a club
    • Free Jäger, Vodka, Sambuca or Apple Sour Shot at every venue
    • Free entrance to all venues
    • Drink specials
    • Fun & Professional local guide
  • Lap Dance Club

    • Guest List Entry
    • Tickets provided to you on arrival
    • Stay as long as you like
    • Transfer: Not included
    • Dress code: Business Casual (Jeans + Shirt)

Other Information

Please note: Participants of the Pub Crawls should not consume too much alcohol before the start of the pub crawl. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to refuse to allow groups or individuals to participate in the tour if they are already deemed unfit to take part at the beginning of the tour. In this case, there is no entitlement to reimbursement.

Admission to bars and clubs will depend on the degree of alcoholisation, clothing style and appearance . The bouncers at each location reserve the right to deny entrance. There is no entitlement to reimbursement if the entrant is denied admission due to excessive alcohol, clothing or behaviour. The organisers recommend a responsible handling of alcohol to all participants.

We require all participants to treat our guides with respect and any aggressive, disrespectful or offensive behaviour toward the guide will result in immediate cancellation of the tour and we have the right to deny further activities. In these cases there is no entitlement to reimbursement.

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