Lancer de hache

Try the new trend sweeping the world! Let your arms flex as you squeeze the handle, and your steely eyes lock on the target as you ready your arm and throw. Experience the rush of axe throwing while slinging axes side by side in a tournament with the lads, hitting bullseyes and cheering on your mates! Definitely a unique experience to try at least once!

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  • Lancer de hache

    • Expérience de lancer de hache pendant 1 heure

    • Instructeurs professionnels

    • Guide locale Fun & Professionnelle

    • Le guide vous rencontrera sur place

    • Transfert : Non inclus

    • Autres info: Il y a un bar payant sur le site

    • Code vestimentaire: Des vêtements confortables

      Durée de l'activité : 1 heures

    Top EVG

Autres informations

Provider reserves the right to refuse service if you are unfit to handle the axe safely (ex. if a member of group is too drunk or hungover)

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