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Finding the right bars and clubs to go to can be a hassle in any foreign country, but when you're organising a stag do you need to make sure your night out in Bratislava is spot on. These pub crawls will make sure "tonights gonna be a good good night" . Here's to an amazing night you'll probably never remember.

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  • Lap Dance Club Tour

    • Fun & Professional Guide
    • Entrance fee with the best reserved tables into 3 Lap Dance Clubs
    • 3 hour Tour
  • Pub Crawl Inclusive

    • Fun & Professional Guide
    • 4 hour private guided pub crawl
    • 5 beers Included
    • (Great Choice if you don't want to carry too much cash and have drinks paid ahead of time)
  • Bratislava All Nighter

    • Fun & Professional Guide for 5 hours
    • Night club entrance
    • Lap dance entrance
    • 1st beer on the pub crawl included
  • Beer & Crawl

    • Fun & Professional Guide
    • 4 hour guided pub crawl
    • Unlimited beer for 1st hour in the first pub
  • Absinthe Night

    • Fun & Professional Guide
    • 2 shots of absinthe
    • 1 soft drink
    • (Add this to your Pub Crawl of Choice)
  • VIP Casino

    • Fun & Professional Guide
    • VIP Pre Membership Card
    • 2 Beers per person
    • €20 in Chips included
    • (please bring ID card)
  • Lap Dance Entrance

    • Fun & Professional Guide
    • Entrance fee to Strip Club with the best reserved tables

Autres informations

Please note: Participants of the Pub Crawls should not consume too much alcohol before the start of the pub crawl. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to refuse to allow groups or individuals to participate in the tour if they are already deemed unfit to take part at the beginning of the tour. In this case, there is no entitlement to reimbursement.

Admission to bars and clubs will depend on the degree of alcoholisation, clothing style and appearance . The bouncers at each location reserve the right to deny entrance. There is no entitlement to reimbursement if the entrant is denied admission due to excessive alcohol, clothing or behaviour. The organisers recommend a responsible handling of alcohol to all participants.

We require all participants to treat our guides with respect and any aggressive, disrespectful or offensive behaviour toward the guide will result in immediate cancellation of the tour and we have the right to deny further activities. In these cases there is no entitlement to reimbursement.

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