Aircraft Simulator

Experience the adventure of flying, you never felt anything like this before. Choose from three machines: a Boeing 737 NG, and a Cessna 172. All three machines in size, in instrumentation and design are accurate to the real. A landscape projected over 210 degrees of circular wall results the perfect 3 dimensional of the visual world. Go from the high alpine mountains of the Alps to the cities of the world meanwhile all kinds of weather conditions can be simulated. It is worth experiencing how our pilots react when they landing the fifty-tonne plane with 30 knot side edge.

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  • Aircraft Simulator

    • Optional Airbus A320, Boeing 737 NG or Cessna 172 aircraft
    • Basic training on machine equipment
    • Optional flight location, time and weather conditions,
    • Behind the driver, another 8 passengers can fit in the travel compartment, which is open with the cockpit, can be exchanged for pilots.
    • Fun & professional local guide
    • Private Transfer to and from your accommodation

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