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Stag Do!

Stag Do coming up? The pressure is on: you are now organizing the most important party ever, for your best friend.

Where should we go? When are we doing what? How do we make it unusual? What are the best party places at night? How many bullets do we need? What about accommodation? And how are we going to prank the stag, be original and yet memorable? So many questions. Can be nerve wrecking- but that’s where we come in.

We know the challenge and the responsibility you have. We have organized thousands of stag parties over the years and have real experience in: putting together crazy mad stag dos, and we work with guides who will make your weekend a blast.

You can either let us know in detail what you have already come up with, or if you just have a general direction and want to leave your weekend up to us- no matter how you decide- your in for a great weekend and the planning will be very simple! Oh and we’ll make sure you get better prices so you have more budget for beer.


In some cases, we believe that less is more. We’re specialized in paradise cities where the “nights are mean and the girls are pretty”. These are the most famous stag destination now:

  • Budapest


    Europe’s nr 1. stag destination since 2014, thanks to the renown huge indoor outdoor party quarters and ruin bars, hot Hungarian beauties and of course the prices. Not to mention the city is legendary, and your day activities will be just as amazing as the pub and bar crawls.

  • Prag


    For years it has been one of the most popular destinations for stag do’s. Its amazing beers, 80% Absinthe and young gorgeous girls have awarded its position. The inner city is full of the coolest bars and pubs, which we can’t wait to show you.


Being located in the city with updated information on the action is irreplaceable when deciding the quality of your weekend. In every destination we work with professionals and experienced people who have been living in that city for decades.


We started with Budapest in 2005, made our quality standards and now branched to Prague. For us quality means making sure the programs, the equipment their state areis always top quality. Our guides and service providers must always be well informed, so that the planning and execution goes smoothly. Our goal is to make sure the stress is taken off our clients and that our programs include everything that you will need.

We have a lot of own activities & programs, all other of our activities are self-tried too, some we even survived to tell you about. All jokes aside, we are the best at what we do, because the best man needs the Stagmaddest partner to conspire with.

Obviously Stag Dos involve lots of drinking, strippers, more drinking and more strippers and we would never discouragesdiscourage any of these, but you can do even better. Why not get a little creative and make sure you create memories that you will laugh at for years to come.? Consider some of these:

The Flow

  • 1. Get quote
    send us your ideas

  • 2. We organize
    your stag weekend

  • 3. Pay
    the rest

  • 4. Your guide
    awaits you at the airport

  • 5. Transfer to
    your accommodation

  • 6. Live
    in the hardest party life in Europe

  • 7. Enjoy
    the coolest programs

  • 8. Cure the hangover
    in spas / with lunch

  • 9. We take you back
    to the airport

Have Fun with Confidence

We are a Swiss company, with Swiss precision. Our financial partner is the trustable and user-friendly Six. Numerous satisfied clients can attest to our guaranteed high quality programs and have confidence in our transparent approach.

Read all about us on Trustpilot, over 7500 guests a year must be on to something.

Last Minute Stag Do Organizing

Do you have a Stag do coming up real soon and need to get something organized fast? No problem, we are local so you don’t have to wait for a middle agency. We are fast & flexible and will make you look like the genius you are. Just send a mail / enquiry or call us!

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