Riverboat Cruise

Boat rides are quickly becoming the favourite Stag-Do activity abroad. Combine culture, beer and girls and you've got the perfect stag do activity! Check out the sights of the city while enjoying the luxury of having a private boat with the lads. Available with and without strippers, we'll tailor the cruise to your desires with some juicy extras!

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  • Zeit River Cruise & BBQ

    • 3 hours Boat Tour through Berlin
    • Skipper
    • Swimbreaks possible
    • Sun Deck
    • Soundsystem
    • Karaoke
    • Shower
  • Stag do Party Boat

    • Private Cruise 1 hour
    • Strip show for Stag (15 min)
    • Unlimited drinks 1 hour
    Stags choice
  • Booze N' Cruise

    • Private 1 hour boat cruise
    • Unlimited drinks for 1 hour Beer, Softdrinks, Hot wine, Special beers, Cider, Longdrinks (without champagne)
    • Music on board
  • Strip Cruise

    • 1,5 hour harbour round trip
    • Cash bar on board
    • Sexy Strip show at the end of the cruise
    • Sundeck- dancefloor- bad weather options (rooftop can be closed)
  • Little River BBQ Cruise

    • 2 hour boat rental
    • Grill equipment
    • 1 pack of beer (alcohol free)
    • 3l softdrinks
    • 10 pork or chicken steaks
    • 10 sausages
    • 5 pasta/potato salads
    • 2 baguettes
    • Maximum 10 people per boat
  • Little River Cruise

    • 2 hour boat rental
    • 5 bottles sparkling wine
    • 3L softdrinks, water, apple juice
    • Pretzel snacks
    • Maximum 10 people per boat
  • Private River Cruise

    • Exclusive boat tour 1 hour
    • Skipper & Soundsystem
    • Cash bar on board

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