Riverboat Cruise

Boat rides are quickly becoming the favourite Stag-Do activity abroad. Combine culture, beer and girls and you've got the perfect stag do activity! Check out the sights of the city while enjoying the luxury of having a private boat with the lads. Available with and without strippers, we'll tailor the cruise to your desires with some juicy extras!

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  • Stag do Party Boat

    This Cruise has it all. The privacy, the beauty of the city, the beauty of her and all the drinks you can drink.


    • Private Cruise 1 hour
    • Strip show for Stag (15 min)
    • Unlimited drinks 1 hour
    Stags choice
  • Booze N' Cruise

    • Private 1 hour boat cruise
    • Unlimited drinks for 1 hour Beer, Softdrinks, Hot wine, Special beers, Cider, Longdrinks (without champagne)
    • Music on board
    • Fun & professional Guide
  • Strip Cruise

    This Cruise gives you the best of all sights both of the city and the gorgeous stripper that is lets just say "no sight for sore eyes" either.

    • 1,5 hour harbour round trip
    • Cash bar on board
    • Sexy Strip show at the end of the cruise
    • Sundeck- dancefloor- bad weather options (rooftop can be closed)
  • Private River Cruise

    • Exclusive boat tour 1 hour
    • Skipper & Soundsystem
    • Cash bar on board
    • Fun & professional Guide
  • River Cruise BBQ

    This River barbecue is unusual for Stagdos around the world so when in Berlin take advantage of one of the greatest ideas ever. Relaxing, drinking and grilling on the river, this will probably be the highlight of your weekend.

    • 2 hours donut boat tour with BBQ
    • Grill equipment, 1 pack of beer (alcohol free), 3l softdrinks, 10 pork or chicken steaks, 10 sausages, 5 pasta/potatoe salads, 2 baguettes
    • Max. 10 people per boat

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